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Looks like the MLS has been reading this forum and is taking our advice. Ha!


Hopefully they’ll follow full FIFA rules and training compensation payments will be made all the way down to the U12 developer. This has huge implications with the DA eliminating U12 - foreseeably spreading the rewards to non-DA clubs as well. What a great incentive to develop for all clubs in the ladder.

Sounds like Bullcrap, if they cared they would stop importing so many players. They will do whatever is in their cash interests. Which is why no promotion/relegation, can not have a stadium investment empty because I can not run a football club, blah, blah blah. Lastly the best thing for them with their apparent increase in South American imports is to rename the league. My suggestions are as follow ( in no particular order)

1) Mexico Football League North
2) Honduras Football League North
3) Guatemala Football League North
AND as a parting cheap shot at US Soccer ........ Trinidad and Tobago Football League North