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In Response To: "Re: Questioning again, SUSA ECNL DOC JR's Conduct"
Larry Miller
Larry Miller
Have you read the story (See Story here) from Newsday where 5 former students from the Babylon School District for sexual misconduct? That is why it is so important for you folks playing with or are around JR, and one of the other questionable coach at SUSA who harrassed an adult woman, to be vigilant and demand documented answers.

Originally Posted by Larry Miller
In light of the recent revelations regarding Paul Riley and other touchy-feely youth & professional soccer coaches, BOTN wants to share what we feel may be a red flag that has been ignored or buried by John R. Balzarini (JR) the current girls SUSA ECNL DOC.

What goes through your mind when you find out a teacher has been relieved of his/her teaching position? Rarely, if ever, school administrators and board members make it known or even comment what the exact and/or real circumstances were surrounding their decision. Truly, that is a personnel matter.

Now, what if that teacher is also your child's soccer trainer, and/or interacts with your child? What if the head of the training organization that the trainer works for turns deaf, dumb, and blind to any serious allegation? Don't you, as the parent, care and want to know?

In the beginning, BOTN was introduced to JR when BOTN was inundated with numerous weird, and questionable player and training solicitation posts. So much so that BOTN had to notify JR to stop, and when he didn't, we then blocked his access. Unfortunately, JR didn't get that no means no, and that the intended "message" of blockage did not stop JR.

Even after being blocked, the posts for players and training superiority for multiple Smithtown SC teams (Hotspur, Spirit, Firebirds, Cosmos, Panthers) continued. While JR continued to unsuccessfully deluge BOTN with unacceptable posts, this time from his workplace, the Miller Place School District, it is at this point where the "As the Soccer Ball Turns" soap opera starts....

While BOTN tried unsuccessfully to keep up with, and block the various school district IP addresses our thought was to contact the school district and request that access to BOTN be blocked from the source, the Miller Place School District server

You can read BOTN''s initial letter to the school district to try and enlist their assistance. You can read that letter here

You can also read the district's reply to our letter here

At the time of these initial writings, JR was a trainer with the LIPS group of trainers all whom were also educators. (see it here) All of this transpired prior to JR joining SUSA.

Since joining SUSA, in past years BOTN had frequently brought this matter up with Moussa Sy only to have him pivot away from any meaningful discussions on this matter.

Fast forward to this past Summer where once again there have been parents posting complaints on BOTN about JR's behavior, language, and general treatment toward SUSA ECNL players and other players. JR is currently the SUSA Girls ECNL DOC.

Yes, all of the above is old news, kinda, but JR's behavior is still current news and therefore doesn’t change the issue at hand. As an aside, BOTN also wants to point out that just last week an employee in the Babylon School District was put on paid leave for allegations he was involved with a student(s). Babylon SD Employee

We don’t know if the teacher in the Babylon School District was tenured, but JR was a tenured teacher. Tenure letter 1
Tenure letter 2

What does it mean when a teacher is granted tenure you ask?

Once a teacher is granted tenure - a right that must be earned after three years or more of service, oversight and evaluation - a teacher cannot be fired without a fair hearing. Tenure protects teachers from political, personal or non-work related firing, including false accusations. Schools cannot fire older teachers to hire younger teachers for lower salaries. Teachers can teach controversial subject matter like evolution without fear of reprisals.

What can get a teacher fired?
To terminate a teacher, usually one of the following must be proven: immoral conduct, incompetence, neglect of duty, substantial noncompliance with school laws, conviction of a crime, insubordination, fraud or misrepresentation.

Can you get fired if you have tenure?

No matter how egregious the reasons may be, a tenured faculty member has the right to a hearing before being fired. Tenure, by definition, is an indefinite academic appointment, and tenured faculty can only be dismissed under extraordinary circumstances like financial exigency or program discontinuation.

In fairness to JR, he claims he resigned and was not fired, JR resignation letter and as noted and linked below, sent BOTN his positive evaluations, but still his claiming personal reasons for his resignation does not make sense, at least it didn't to BOTN or to acquaintances of ours that are teachers. Personal reasons didn't stop his soccer training and coaching, did it?. (If there are negative personnel reviews or comments we will never know since a person's personnel file is not subject to FOIL. We can only show the files JR chose to share with BOTN)

Upon reading these reviews, BOTN's opinion was more concerning due to what JR presented was truly a bright future as a teacher and educator. In our opinion, JR scored big time!! You can make up your own mind after seeing what he gave up to be a trainer/coach at SUSA, and unless SUSA is offering JR and their other trainers what JR claims he willingly gave up, it makes no sense to resign for a nondescript personal reason.

See JR's teacher's salary history here,

Miller Place SD average teacher salary here,

JR's average base annual earnings as of today if he was still teaching here, & and his

union rights of employment and full benefits here.

Is he getting all that money & benefits from SUSA? We don't think so.

Does Susa or any other club or academy offer their coaches and trainers the same or some of these amenities, i.e., job protection, health and other benefits and a comparable salary as a tenured teacher in the Miller Place School district? I don'’'t think so!! Oh, and teachers only work 180 days a year and they have Christmas week, Winter break, Easter/Passover week, and July & August off.

The inability to get to the documented truth makes these concerns all the more relevant in light of the current downfall within girls & women's soccer thanks to Paul Riley and others.

JR, your teaching career appeared to be trending upward, a bright future, and then you crashed it? WTF?

I have made numerous requests to Moussa at SUSA to get an answer and obviously he has side-stepped it all these years and without question we will never know if Moussa or Glenn know, or ever asked, or was given some BS reason by JR. Besides, SUSA does not want to rock the ECNL gravy boat.

Our best guess is the only folks that know the full story are JR, and the Miller Place School District and they rightfully can't say, and JR knows that!!.

In closing, the reality is none of the parents of the players playing under the guidance of JR will never know what’s truly behind the JR teacher's curtain.


* JR's email containing his reviews & evaluations

BOTN does not know if every job review was sent or if they were selectively chosen by JR. Those performance reviews and the remainder of JR’s personnel file are not subject to FOIL so BOTN has no way to determine that all were included, or if they were chosen selectively?

PLEASE READ: Any posts containing any claims of fact pro or con to what is posted above is welcome. Just make sure that you are a registered user and logged in, and that you have support documentation. Opinions and comments are welcome, but your post needs to be attributable to you and not anonymous.

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