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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#695497 11/02/2017 6:46 PM
by Anonymous414141

I think parents need to watch this.
I'm a referee and a parent of two boys. We've had so many games not covered due to shortages.
Sometimes referees are travelling 30 miles or more to cover your U9 game.
Some of us are doing 5-6 games a day because we are asked to and because we do actually care regardless of what you may think.

Its time to think about what you are saying and how you are saying it.

Some of the referees out there are just teenagers. And the incoming refs quit before we even get a chance to really teach them.
Just remember that screaming and throwing insults will never help your cause and that the children feed off of your emotions.

I'm not sure Larry will approve this, but I think we all need to take a good look at how we behave on and off the pitch.

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by Larry Miller
Larry Miller
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Refs don't even have to terminate matches... simply eject the offenders. They won't leave? The game won't restart until they do. Still won't leave, ok, call the game.

Refs are the ONLY ones with the power to do something about it at the time the abuse is happening. Other parents can't do it. The coach can't do it (all they can do is yell at the parents to shut up). The club can't do it. The CR can take immediate action. If the CR isn't willing to do it, why should anyone?
Not a bad idea. Go even further, refs should be paid at the END of the game. Full match= full pay Terminated match= pro rated pay

I totally disagree with your payment thoughts. If the parents create an atmosphere where the game has to be called the ref should not be penilized. Take that idea to the toilet with you and flush it down with the friends you just dropped off at the pool!!
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by LIRef77
Thanks CJ we appreciate your support! I would add to the previous poster that if you say we get in trouble for saying too much then why say no comments from the sidelines?

Never engage the parents, that could only lead to trouble. Even misbehaving adults watch what you actually DO not what you would even SAY to a Coach.

I start by trying to be very friendly and business like before the game using good body language, just don’t confuse my friendliness with weakness because you will quickly discover that my tolerance for rudeness or misbehavior will show you that I will not tolerate it. I like being friendly with the players and being respectful to them because the game is all about them. I want them to have fun and they appreciate when the environment is good and the adults behave well.
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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
If I see you for one of MY games - you will find out first hand. I love to put wise guys in their place - which is exactly what I will do to you!

to answer your question - it has worked out really well. I encourage all refs to grow a set just like me. What I see is more and more refs taking that position. See you soon!
You wouldn't know if I was at your game or not. I'm "Anonymous". Have you thrown people out? Eh, probably. For simply opening their mouths? Simply saying "come on" or "Bad call". Nope. Don't believe it for one second. It's easy for you to spout your claims on an Anonymous message board. Highly doubt you carry it out.

Different ref here - I wouldn't toss you for saying one thing like "bad call" or "come on" to me - if you said anything to one of my ARs (especially the younger ones) that was in any way derogatory or caused them to feel uncomfortable then yes I would call the coach over and instruct him/her to remove you immediately.

If you continued to offer dissent by word or action to me I wouldn't hesitate to toss you if it was warranted. I rarely get put in this situation and I have been doing this for a decade but as an AR I have seen some of my fellow officials tolerate levels I wouldn't.

Their whistle, their call but I think if more refs had less tolerance we wouldn't have as bad a problem. That's not to say the refs are to blame - the coaches/players/spectators are fully responsible for what comes out of their mouths and for the consequences of their words/actions. Parents should cheer, pay and drive. Coaches should coach and players should play.
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