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I agree with this completely and it is a sad state when we have to spell out the rules of common courtesy. That being said there needs to be some accountability for the referees as well. I have seen to many games, 11 v 11, where the referee never leaves the middle of the field, I have seen to many games where the referee thinks he is the only one that knows the rules of the game, I have seen to many games where the referee loses control of a game because he refuses to make a call and in the worst case I have ever seen an AR told a trainer that if he were "any good" he wouldn't be training girls. Where is the accountability for these types of t referees?

On the other hand I have also seen my fair share of outstanding referees. Referees willing to explain to a player why a foul was being called, referees who take control of a game before it even starts, referees who aren't afraid to ask an AR for help or say "I missed that one", "I had a bad angle and didn't see it".

A majority of the refereeing is good, just like a majority of parents are at the field to cheer for their children and their team. We need a way to get rid of the bad on both sides, unfortunately I don't see that happening anytime soon.

If a Coach or trainer observes the conduct from a referee they should report the issues. Don't make it about complaining. Cite examples and be specific. The referee will be asked and if necessary evaluated. A complaint from coach that is not specific will be ignored.