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Makes sense of SUSA joins MLS league. SUSA clearly has best facilities around and a solid coaching staff. They have no top level boys program. They currently teaming with Albertson for boys ECNL. Works for now but why wouldn't I want to own my own top level boys program? Personally I thought SUSA would try and find a way to get boys ECNL 100% under their own umbrella.

Really? Did you think EMSC would be happy about that or work to block? My money is on worked to block.

Yes, they would try to block as it directly threatens them. I can see SUSA breaking away from Albertson and running ECNL as solely SUSA. No more partnership. Yes, Albertson currently hold the rights to the ECNL name. However, this merger has proved that Albertson cannot survive without SUSA. They went from last place in almost all ECNL age groups to all of a sudden very competitive in every age group. That is because of the addition of the SUSA players and using the SUSA coaching staff. Add to that a new outdoor facility and indoor facilities to provide for quality year round training. So, what does SUSA need with Albertson anymore?