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NYCFC 2004-5 lost to BWG 2004 on Saturday, 4-3.

BWG 2004 finished in last place with no wins in 7 games, scoring only 5 goals all season: https://system.gotsport.com/org_event/events/1271/schedules?group=8365


NYCFC almost last place with 2 losses and 1 tie is pretty embarrassing. Who is the coach for the 2004?

My son's team played this NYCFC team. They have no 04s. They are all 05s and 06s. They are using their games as development against bigger, stronger and faster kids. This pressure makes the NYCFC kids think and react faster and so they develop. Meanwhile dumbass parents think because they lose they have a problem. Idiots.

You're the idiot and you need some facts.

NYCFC have 2 04's, both of which were on the field against BWG. The rest of the team were 05's - supposedly one of the best teams in the country.

Meanwhile the BWG 04's have been one of the worst teams in the country going back a couple of years into the DA.

If you're a great U16 team and you want to play "bigger, stronger, and faster" opposition for a challenge, you don't play against a winless U17 team (and lose). You play against a decent U19 team.

Sounds like you think your kid did really, really well when they lost to this NYCFC team.