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Its all coming to an end soon. MLS youth academies have no interest in the current structure and they realize MLS pulled off a public relations stunt when they agreed to take over the DA. They have made that clear to the league office and there is no way the MLS is going to keep funding a league for non MLS for free. The free ride is coming to an end next season.

As the world gets back to normal, they will restructure and come up with a Division 1 and Division 2 structure or simply drop the non MLS clubs altogether. At this point the MLS youth academies are plugged into the local market and they can find the talent. In terms of needing them to play games, NYCFC and Red Bull kept scrimmaging all season long so anybody who thinks they need to keep them for games, you are dreaming.

As a father of a kid in an MLS academy I can tell you this is correct based on conversations with coaches here. Their aim is to keep playing their academy teams up against 2+ age groups non-MLS teams for practice. For all you dads dreaming of your boys being scouted vs MLS teams you're wasting your time. The scouting network for MLS teams is very good now, so they have identified all the local talent and there is a constant stream of boys invited to training sessions.