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I hate to say it, but doesn’t this seem premature and optimistic in light of the absolute explosion of covid cases across the country? NYS is bound to see cases rise again due to out-of-state visitors.

Your concerns are justified. NYS has been slow to open up and we are, despite many missteps, the model for the nation. That being said, yes, it's all premature. It's all rather silly to be honest. Our response nationwide, and even statewide has been pitiful in comparison to other nations.

We are still in the 1st wave. People don't realize that we've already had 1 shut down. There will be at least 1 more, if not 2.

It would be wiser to just hold off and wait it out until there's a better treatment plan that doesn't require ICU hospitalizations and intubation. As well as the hope for a viable vaccine.

But this is America, we're gonna make the mistakes bigger and badder than every other nation. That's how we roll.

The model for the nation had a steepest curve, the highest rates of infection, hospitalization, death ratios in the WORLD by a WIDE margin (check John Hopkins stats) - yes - we are going to teach them...