Just want to put this question out there because I truly don’t know if what is being asked of me is reasonable and our family like many has been subject to pay cuts, etc due to COVID so we don’t have $$ to throw away at this time.
Local club travel registration cost for fall 2019/Spring 2020 was $360. Obviously spring season was cancelled, but the club only offered a $50 credit because they claimed they needed to cover other expenses, league fees (Long Island Junior), etc.
Now registration is open for Fall 2020/Spring 2021. The club is asking for the full registration fee upfront minus the $50 credit so total $310. They are not providing any guarantee that we will receive any of this $$ back if seasons are cancelled. Multiply these numbers by 2 because I have two children playing.
I feel stupid blindly handing over money again, but I also don’t want my children to miss out. Just looking for some feedback, I’m one of those people who just usually goes with the flow and follows the rules but something about this seems off to me. Thanks for any input!