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Im amazed that people who post know so little about what they are spewing about:

"One major point you are missing is MLS money being produced by attendance is the result of adding aging international superstars past their prime, take them out the MLS mix and the attendance would drop significantly."

First, why does it matter how they generate their cash flow? How is that relevant to the discussion? The point is to generate revenue. Second, youre just wrong. Atlanta led the league last year in attendance...what aging intl superstar did they have?

"Make the league all US players and watch the attendance and quality of play drop like a rock."

Why would they do that? What is a US player? Bring Marta to the NWSL and ratings wont move. Why, bc the ladies game is unwatchable.

"The DA has done little to improve the game on the men's side, the quality of play for women continues to improve."

You have no clue what you are talking about. The womens game is AWFUL soccer. It is truly punt and run. As in the definition of it. The USWNT just happens to be so much more athletic than any other international side that punt and run works well. Why? Because the rest of world thinks womens soccer is as important as professional log rolling. The world craves MENS football. The US prioritizes, American football, hoops, baseball and many other sports over soccer, so the best talent goes in other directions.

"You are correct when you say the Womens pro league lacks attendance but that mainly because US parents of girl players would rather go see there kid play then attend a pro game. I'll take seeing my daughter play anytime over seeing a professional game, nothing against the players but i prefer to see my kid play."

The logic behind that is lacking. Does the kids gender matter in what games the parents want to see? Of course not....Here is what you are really missing: the womens game is AWFUL soccer. The skill level is terrible. It is slow as molasses, lacks creativity, and it a painful watch. THATS why viewership and attendance is non-existent.

Im going to respond to myself bc I just thought of the perfect analogy for the UWWNT and Womens soccer...the Miami/Florida Marlins. They packed the joint when they won both of their World Series, but as soon as they werent winning, nobody bothered watching. Everyone loves a winner, regardless of the sport. But when they are no longer dominant...nobody cares. That's the womens game in a nutshell.