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When you don't have either finalist from the NY Cup how is it the top league?

Why no score keeping or records?

The point isn’t winning or losing. It’s development, if you haven’t noticed the US has been doing a very poor job at developing World Class players. We have a very high participation rate and not a very good National Team.

Every other part of the world they don’t keep score or standings until 12/13 years old. The focus is on development and having fun.

For some reason here in the US we would rather scream and yell at 7-10 year old kids and pressure them to win so much that they stop enjoying playing the game. Maybe if everyone took a step back and thought more about their kids happiness and development it would be more enjoyable for everyone(especially kids).

Not true they keep score in other countries as well. Kids keep score from the youngest ages. Sometimes fun is seeing your team at the top of a table. This seems more like a participation medal for everyone, which is great because you keep getting those throughout your life.

I think OP is correct they don’t keep score at the younger ages.

You are so clueless, It’s not about participation trophies. It’s about having a curriculum to develop players. Part of every curriculum you will find in the world a main focus is young kids having fun without pressure of winning. It’s so they develop creativity and composure. What winning at all costs creates is college soccer.