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No idea what you are talking about. What am I the source of? Are you speaking in code? I do not know who Larry reported over a year ago - can someone clue me in? All I know is that Barca and Valencia are now playing in the NYCFC CDL as of this year. That's all. I know nothing about this conspiracy you speak of.

If you go back and look at the older posts you will read that Gary grossman the guy who runs the nycsl leagues in order to get Barca into his league and stop EDP from getting Barca, which they never wanted, was to make a deal with the Barca folks including his friend Bart Nason they couldn't refuse.

Grossman gave the player database to barca allowing them to target specific age groups from his member clubs and their player registration hurting all of his member clubs. His disloyalty to his members was wrong on many levels and hurt some of his biggest member clubs including Atletico, EM, SUSA. and every other member club.

It is all about and only about money at nycsl.