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I saw this a few games last year with Seaside now Valencia and Gold Coast bring their clubs flags to away games. To me when you visit another teams field you are a guest and you should respect their place. I think these flags are going to cause problems, I had one of our parents say they wanted to throw the flag down and stomp on it. I can only imagine the middle aged out of shape fight that may take place over these things. Cringing that it would happen and a video show up on the nightly news


I have no issue with it at Tournaments which usually is just to mark a meeting area.

Let’s be clear here-Flags don’t cause problems, People DO! The idea that a visiting team should not bring their flags or display their colors just shows how unsporting and rude people can be. Bringing your flags or colors to a visiting team has nothing to do with being “disrespectful” to the home team. This is youth soccer, not two warring nations being incited to violence because the other faction shows it’s “battle flag”.
This is what is wrong with youth soccer today and what referees like myself have to deal with in today’s game.
Let’s stay focused on the fact that this is supposed to be fun for the players no matter what level they play.

Nice in theory. I was at a high school game yesterday where the visiting coach complained that the student body was cheering. Nothing obnoxious nothing rude, They were warned once to stop. They did not stop and 30 kids were thrown out by their own school districts security. It was absolutely the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe that 11th and 12th graders playing a sport are concerned with the cheering that is going on at an opponents home field. I feel like throwing up when I think that I pay $20,000 in school taxes for that to happen to the student body. As a country we are soft which bears reason why we cannot compete in the global soccer market.