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In the few instances of VAR use that I've seen, the final decision was correct (obvious, I guess) but the 5 minute delay was a real problem. It destroys the flow of the game. They have to find a way of making much quicker decisions.

I would rather have the flow interrupted and have a non goal disallowed due to an offside not seen or something else that can affect the outcome of the game. It's new right now so it will take longer for all to get used to it and they will get more efficient and quicker in the future. All referees want is to get it right and if VAR helps us do that then by all means a short delay is worth it, don't you think?
VAR won't be accepted in many futbol federations because then the games cannot be fixed and it will stop corruption. Nowadays, refs and ARs look the other way, with VAR they won't be able to.

Nowadays, referees all over the world are doing their best, not looking the other way. That is about the most offensive thing to say! Your last sentence is an absolute insult to every referee out there running his butt off, trying to call the game right from the recreational level all the way to the pros! You get a RED CARD from me for offensive language!
But you are also wrong about the VAR. Why? Because it is like a revolution when the people have had enough of the corruption in whatever federations you speak of. But you are ignoring what is happening and that is when the VAR changes the fate of the game and the obvious mistake that some official made or call he missed. Once you can analyze the video in UHD slow motion, and clearly see what was missed, then the irrefutable truth will make the game just! As each league has adopted it, other leagues will continue to do it. The numerous networks that televise the games will absolutely demand it for they are ones showing you the truth in Ultra High Definition and they cannot embarrass themselves. Money talks and these networks pay A LOT of MONEY for the broadcast rights! Follow the money, every network that televises the game will demand it as will a majority of the fans.

If you want to make remarks about people do not make ignorant comments about referees without backing it up with evidence. Corrupt officials that have been caught make up a tiny percentage of officials. What are you doing for the beautiful game?