RICHMOND, Va. (April 19, 2022) – ECNL Girls is pleased to announce 11 new clubs joining the ECNL Girls Regional League for the 2022-23 season. Stretching both across the country and from south to north, these clubs reflect the commitment of the ECNL Girls to provide pathways for clubs looking to provide the best experiences for their players and teams.

“These 11 new clubs will continue to strengthen and deepen competition within the ECNL Regional League,” said ECNL COO and Girls Commissioner Jen Winnagle. “The success of the Regional League over the past several years in providing more great matches, college showcases, and a clear pathway for players, teams, and clubs is a reflection of the great leaders and clubs participating in it.”

The 11 clubs joining the Regional League are below:

Braden River SC (ECNL Regional League – Florida)

Location: Bradenton, FL
Largest club in Southwest Florida, with more than 1,800 families
Facilities: Lakewood Ranch Park
BRYC Elite Academy (ECNL Regional League – Virginia)

Location: Fairfax, VA
Established: 1966
Famous Alumni include Mia Hamm, Cindi Harkes, Amanda Cromwell and Jillian Ellis
Chicago Inter SC (ECNL Regional League – Heartland)

Location: Chicago, IL
More than 200 alumni playing collegiate soccer since 2008
Serves players and families from the Southwest Chicago suburbs
Dallas Surf (ECNL Regional League – North Texas)

Location: Dallas, TX
Established in 2021 as one of the newest members of Surf Soccer
Facilities: The Rec at Grapevine
FC Richmond (ECNL Regional League – Virginia)

Location: Richmond, VA
Established: 1985
More than 2,500 athletes
Highland FC (ECNL Regional League – Carolinas)

Location: Asheville, NC
Facilities: John B. Lewis Soccer Complex
Competitive Division of the Asheville Buncombe Youth Soccer Association
McLean YSA (ECNL Regional League – Virginia)

Location: McLean VA
Established: 1990
Founding ECNL club with more than 100 alumni currently playing collegiate soccer
Swan City SC (ECNL Regional League – Florida)

Location: Lakeland, FL
Recently rebranded from Lakeland Tropics FC) to Swan City SC
Home to more than 2,500 athletes
United PDX (ECNL Regional League – Northwest)

Location: Portland, OR
Established in the mid-1980s
Houses more than 90 teams for more than 2,700 athletes
VA Rush (ECNL Regional League – Virginia)

Location: Virginia Beach, VA
One of the founding Rush clubs,
Home to more than 3,500 athletes in the soccer-rich Virginia Beach market
Virginia Valor (ECNL Regional League – Virginia)

Location: Chantilly, VA
A partnership between Southwestern Youth Association and Chantilly Youth Association with more than 22,000 athletes