FYI: by adding your tryouts to the BOTN Calendar and additionally to the BOTN Tryouts Forum you will get literally thousands and thousands additional impressions via our daily tryouts emails during the months of May & June.

Tryout season has started and it's time to start posting tryouts, BOTN has already begun to post tryouts for academies and clubs that have started to hold their tryouts. With so many playing options available to players, BOTN has set our tryouts posting to start now.

Additionally, to help out teams and clubs, BOTN has added the BOTN TRYOUTS CALENDAR link at the top of the Forums. It's not too early to start planning and announcing tryouts for your team and/or club.

You can also post your tryouts to the Tryouts Forum. The Tryouts Calendar and/or the Tryouts Forum is always FREE and BOTN reaches more soccer and other youth sports families via email, and SMS than anyone guaranteeing you the most in-depth coverage for you club, team, or academy.