Full team list revealed for inaugural US Youth Soccer National League P.R.O. season

FRISCO, Texas — The US Youth Soccer National League announced the teams that have earned their place in National League P.R.O. for its inaugural season.

National League P.R.O. represents the top level of competition within the USYS National League, and it features play for boys and girls teams in the 14U (2008), 15U (2007), 16U (2006), 17U (2005), 18U (2004) and 19U (2003) age groups. The 2021-22 season includes up to 48 teams per gender age group.

For each gender, National League P.R.O. will qualify 12 teams per age group directly into the 2022 USYS National Championships, where the National League P.R.O. representatives will join the four USYS Regional Champions to compete for the USYS National title.

The 2021-22 season of National League P.R.O. will feature 61 of the 88 teams that qualified for the 2021 National Championships in the 13U through 18U age groups, including 26 semifinalists, 13 finalists and seven champions.

“National League P.R.O. is the top league competition in USYS and each of these teams has earned its place in the league,” said Chris Webb, USYS Director of Competitions and Event Operations. “With a focus on the player, recruitment, and opportunities for all participants, we are looking forward to providing a platform for the top teams and players in the country to showcase their abilities while playing in meaningful, exciting games.”

National League P.R.O. will consist of teams from 37 of the 54 USYS State Associations. State Associations with participating teams include: Alabama, Arizona, California South, Connecticut, Eastern New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York West, North Carolina, North Texas, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania West, South Carolina, South Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Teams in National League P.R.O. will be placed in groups of eight. The top two teams in each group will advance to the USYS National Championships, while some third-place teams can secure a berth to Nationals in gender age groups with less than 48 teams. Each team will compete in a seven-game season while playing at two P.R.O. events, along with one local match. Click here for more info on National League P.R.O. event dates and locations.

Girls Events
Nov. 12-14, 2021 – Round Rock, Texas (All 14U)
Dec. 10-12, 2021 – Orlando, Fla. (All 15U-17U)
Dec. 11-13, 2021 – Orlando, Fla. (All 18U-19U)
Jan. 7-9, 2022 – ChampionsGate, Fla. (All 14U)
Feb. 5-7, 2022 – Tampa, Fla. (Half 15U-19U)
March 19-21, 2022 – Mesa, AZ (Half 15U-19U)

Boys Events
Nov. 13-15, 2021 – Round Rock, Texas (All 14U)
Dec. 3-5, 2021 – Orlando, Fla. (All 15U-17U)
Dec. 4-6, 2021 – Orlando, Fla. (All 18U-19U)
Jan. 8-10, 2022 – ChampionsGate, Fla. (All 14U)
Feb. 5-7, 2022 – Lakewood Ranch, Fla. (Half 15U-19U)
March 12-14, 2022 – Mesa, AZ (Half 15U-19U)

Information on groupings, local game pairings and second event assignments will be announced tomorrow, Aug. 13. The complete 2021-22 National League P.R.O. event game schedules will be announced later in the season.

Since its inception 15 years ago, teams from the National League have captured a combined 87 of 114 possible National Championships. In 2008, seven of the eight championship finals slots in the 15U and 16U age groups were won by National League teams, which resulted in the League’s first four national championships. Since that inaugural year, National League teams have continued to excel each year at the National Championships. Most recently in Bradenton-Sarasota, Fla., National League teams won 10 of 14 possible National Championships.

View the full National League P.R.O. Team List below......

Allegiance FC 08 Black (TX-N)
Asphalt Green Soccer Club (NY-E)
Auburndale SC Blast 08 (NY-E)
Baltimore Celtic SC Predators (MD)
Barca Academy Nashville 08 Garnet (TN)
Barca Academy PRO NY 2008 (NY-E)
Bavarian SC Juniors Blue (WI)
Brentwood SC Premier 08 Academy Man City (NY-E)
Charleston SC 08 Premier (SC)
Chicago Magic 2008 MCL (IL)
Columbus United B’08 Lions (OH)
CUP 08B Black (OH)
D’Feeters Kicks SC 08 Lopez (TX-N)
Diversity FC 08 National League (NV)
Doral Elite 2008 (FL)
FC Dallas ETX 08 Garcia (TX-N)
FC USA Matrix Mavens (MD)
Ironbound SC 08 United (NJ)
Juventus Pogba (FL)
KCL – Billy Goat FC ’08 (KS)
La Roca KP 08 (UT)
Lehigh Valley United 2008 Boys Black (PA-E)
LFA Blue Star Premier (MO)
Lower Merion SC Thunder (PA-E)
Nationals Union 08 Boys Black (MI)
Nationals Union 08 Boys Red (MI)
Nona Soccer Academy 2008 Black (FL)
Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 08 Black (PA-E)
Potomac SA Blue 08 (MD)
PSA Monmouth National 08 (NJ)
PSG Academy (FL)
Rebels IE SC (CA-S)
SoCal Elite (CA-S)
Sparta Premier B08 MD (UT)
Sporting Saint Louis 2008 Academy Navy (MO)
Tampa Rangers (FL)
Torpedoes 08 Red (NJ)
United FC 08B GR (MI)
Washington Rush Boys 08 (WA)
YMS Premier 08 Celtic (PA-E)

1776 VSA Centurions 2007 (PA-E)
Allegiance FC 07 Black – Pedro (TX-N)
Allegiance FC 07 Red – Arana (TX-N)
Azzurri Storm 07 Premier (FL)
Barça Academy Pro NY B2007 PRO (NY-E)
Bethesda SC Blue 07 (MD)
BW Gottschee 07 East (NY-E)
CUP 07 Gold (OH)
Doral Elite 2007 (FL)
FC United – DSM 2007B (IA)
Hoosier FC 2007 Elite Wolves (IN)
JB Marine Academy (MO)
Juventus Dybala (FL)
KHA B07 Red (KY)
La Roca J Milla (UT)
Lanier SA 07 (GA)
Libertyville FC 1974 Elite (IL)
Liverpool Central 07 B Academy (MI)
Madison 56ers 2007 Boys Red (WI)
Michigan Tigers FC 2007 Boys Gold (MI)
MSA 2007 Gunners Blue (NJ)
New England NY Surf State Navy 2007 (MA)
OC NY Surf North/LA NY Surf (CA-S)
PA Dominion 07 (PA-E)
PDA Hibernian Scholes (NJ)
Pennine Utd B07 White (OH)
Piedmont Triad 07 (NC)
Potomac 2007 Blue (MD)
SAC/BA Pre-Academy Spurs (MD)
SC Vistula Garfield 2007 Lewandowski (NJ)
SLSG 2007 Elite (MO)
Toca FC 2007 MLS (KS)
Total Futbol Academy (CA-S)
TSC Murfreesboro 2007 Boys Showcase (TN)
UIFC Laguna FC (CA-S)
United PDX 2007 Boys Premier Black (OR)
United SC 07 Premier (AL)
Washington Rush Boys 07 (WA)
Wellington 07 Boys Elite (FL)
White Plains Academy National 2007 (NY-E)

Alliance FC IN 06 Boys (IN)
Anaheim FC (CA-S)
Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh 2006B Premier (PA-W)
Augusta Arsenal 06 Gold (GA)
Beadling 2006 Boys Showcase (PA-W)
BG Elite FC 06 (KY)
Brentwood SC Premier 06 Academy United (NY-E)
Collierville SA 06 Lobos Rush Premier (TN)
CUP 06 Gold (OH)
Dix Hills Ultimatum (NY-E)
DUSC 2006 Blue (NY-E)
Eagle F.C. 06 Black (PA-E)
FC Dallas Youth 06 Central Red (TX-N)
FC Europa 06 Elite (PA-E)
FC Evolution North B06 (OH)
FC Westlake 06 South Austin (TX-S)
Georgia Storm SA 06 Premier (GA)
Highland FC 06 Red (NC)
JB Marine McKeon (MO)
Juventus Academy Boston 2006 EDS North Bianco (MA)
KC Athletics Academy Elite 06 Galacticos (KS)
KHA B06 Red (OH)
La Roca Salt Lake 2006 Acosta (UT)
LFA Goddard 06 (MO)
LFA Mueller (MO)
Louisiana Fire SC 06 Red (LA)
LV Pros 06 (NV)
Miami Breakers FC 06 Black (FL)
Nationals Union 06 Boys Black (MI)
NJ Premier F.C. 2006 Boys (NJ)
NLS Ajax 06 White (MD)
NM Rush 06B (NM)
Olympiacos FC Academy B06 (CA-S)
Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 06 Black (PA-E)
Potomac Blue 06 (MD)
PSA Monmouth National 06 (NJ)
Raiders FC 2006 (IL)
SC Del Sol Academy II (AZ)
SC Wave Juniors 06 Boys (WI)
Sparta 06 JK (UT)
STA Mt. Olive 06 NL Boys (NJ)
Strikers FC 06 Elite (FL)
Total Futbol 2006 Gold (MD)
Total Futbol Academy SELA (CA-S)
USA Premier 06 (UT)
Wake FC 06 Gold North (NC)
Wellington 06 Boys (FL)
West Pines 06 Elite (FL)

Azzurri Storm 05 Premier (FL)
Beadling 2005 Boys Showcase (PA-W)
BRAUSA United Futbol Club Blue 05 (MD)
BVB IA – Pittsburgh 2005B (PA-W)
Cedar Stars Hudson Valley 2005 NL (NY-E)
Celtic Academy Harps (CA-S)
CT Rush Elite 05 Boys (CT)
D’Feeters Kicks SC 05 Carrilo (TX-N)
Downey FC (CA-S)
FC United 2005 Pre-Academy Red (IL)
Fullerton Rangers (CA-S)
Galaxy 2005 Boys Blue (IL)
Germantown Legends 05 Black (TN)
Hattiesburg FC 05 Thunder (MS)
Inwood SC Houston Dynamo CDP 05 (TX-S)
Ironbound SC 05 Super Eagles (NJ)
JB Marine Academy (MO)
Juventus Zoff (FL)
KHA B05 Red (KY)
Lanier SA Archies 05 Navy (GA)
Libertyville FC 1974 Elite (IL)
Liverpool FCIA Central MD 05 (MD)
LVSA 05 Boys (NV)
LVU-FPA 2005 Boys Black (PA-E)
MS Rush United 05 Premier (MS)
MSC Academy 05 (IL)
New England NY Surf Sky (MA)
Novi Jaguars 2005 Green (MI)
Ohio Galaxies FC 05 Elite (OH)
Olympiacos FC Academy B05 (CA-S)
PA Dominion FC 05 (PA-E)
PDA Shore 2005 Shearer (NJ)
Pennine Utd B05 White (OH)
PGSA 05 Boys (NC)
Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 05B Black (PA-E)
Pinecrest Premier (FL)
PSA National 2005 Boys (NJ)
PSC Academy Boys Blue (NJ)
Raiders FC 2005 (IL)
SAC Pre Academy White (MD)
Salvo SC 05B Navy (MN)
SBYSC Leones 05 (TX-S)
SC Wave Juniors 05 Boys (WI)
Sparta B05 Premier MD/DKJ (UT)
Spirit of Liverpool 05 Boys Elite (MA)
Tropical Impact 05 Orange (FL)
Tuzos Academy 05 (AZ)
United PDX 05B Premier Black (OR)

Albion SC Riverside B04 Academy (CA-S)
AVSC Storm Academy Boys 04 (CA-S)
Baton Rouge SC 04 Black (LA)
BRAUSA United Futbol Club Blue 04 (MD)
Cedar Stars Academy Newark 2004 (NJ)
Chelsea East SC 04 (TX-N)
Chicago FC United 2004 Pre-Academy Red (IL)
CUP 04 Gold (OH)
DKSC 04 Herrera (TX-N)
Downtown 04 LVSC GOLD (NV)
FC Somers Arsenal (NY-E)
Four Corners 04 Red (FL)
Galaxy 2004 Boys Yellow (IL)
Germantown Legends 04 Black (TN)
Hotspurs 2004B Blue (PA-W)
Inter Fuzion Lions 04 (FL)
Inwood SC Houston Legends 04B (TX-S)
JB Marine 04 Academy (MO)
Juventus Zidane (FL)
KCSG Academy 04 (MO)
LI Slammers (NY-E)
Los Angeles Soccer Club – B2004 Bravo (CA-S)
Lower Merion SC Invictus (PA-E)
McLean 2004 Boys (VA)
Memphis FC Blue (TN)
Michigan Jaguars 2004 Boys NLC (MI)
Nationals Union 04 Black (MI)
PA Dominion FC 04 Rangers (PA-E)
Paragon Futbol Academy 2004B Red (MD)
PDA Hibernian Modric (NJ)
PDA Shore Thiago (NJ)
Penn Alliance Select Elite 04 (PA-E)
Potomac Blue 04 (MD)
Raiders FC 2004 (IL)
SC Wave Juniors 04 Boys (WI)
SCS United 2004 Boys Black (PA-W)
SDA 04 Orange (NY-W)
SLSG 2004 Elite (MO)
Sound FC B04A (WA)
South Carolina United FC 04 (SC)
South Shore United FC 2004 Bulldogs (NY-E)
Sparta 04 JK (UT)
Strikers Miami FC Elite (FL)
Team Challenger FC B04 Black (OH)
Triangle United SA 04 Wake Blue (NC)
Unified Bayern Munich 04 (MO)
United PDX 04B Black (OR)
USA Premier 04B JP (UT)

03 Club CUP Elite (OH)
Beadling 2003 Boys Showcase (PA-W)
Bethesda SC Blue 03 (MD)
Bryson Park 03 Real Elite (GA)
CASA 03M United (PA-E)
Century Boys 2003 Gold (PA-W)
Chicago FC United 2003 Pre-Academy Red (IL)
Chicago Magic MCL (IL)
CTC Bandits 2003 Palau Black (FL)
DTLA SC 03 Black (CA-S)
FC Dallas 03B Premier (TX-N)
FC Dallas 03B West (TX-N)
FC USA 03 Blue (MD)
Future Monarchs (MD)
Germantown Legends 03 Black (TN)
Indiana Fire Juniors 03B Red (IN)
Jacksonville FC 03 (FL)
Kingdom SC 03 Red (MI)
La Roca KW (UT)
Lake Grove Newfield Dynamite (NY-E)
LASC B03 Araya (CA-S)
Leg-A-Z Caimans (FL)
LVU-FPA 2003 Boys Black (PA-E)
Miami Strikers 03 Boys (FL)
Milwaukee Bavarians (WI)
Nationals Union 03 Boys Black (MI)
Ohio Galaxies FC 03 Elite (OH)
Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 03 Black (PA-E)
Pinecrest Premier 2003 Blue (FL)
Radnor SC (PA-E)
Santa Barbara SC (CA-S)
SLSG 2003 Elite (MO)
Solar SC Sawyer 03B (TX-N)
SYC 03 Blue (VA)
Team Boca (FL)
TFA B03 Elite (OH)
Triangle United SA 03 Wake Blue (NC)
USA Premier 03 – JP (UT)
Westside Copa Red (OR)

Alleycats 2008G NL EDP Red (NY-E)
Auburndale SC Strikers 2008 (NY-E)
Azzurri Storm 2008 Premier (FL)
Brandon FC 08 Premier (MS)
CUP 08 North 1 (OH)
Dallas Texans 08G FDL – Diaz (TX-N)
FC Golden State (CA-S)
FC Somers Lady Hammers (NY-E)
Galaxy 2008 Girls Blue (IL)
Germantown Lady Legends 08 Black (TN)
GTFC Impact Girls 08 Premier (OH)
Impact MN (UT)
Indy Premier SC 08G Elite I (IN)
KC Fusion Academy 08 (KS)
Lancaster Elite Atoms (PA-E)
LSC – FC Westlake 08G FDL (TX-S)
Michigan Tigers 2008 Girls Gold (MI)
New England NY Surf State Navy (MA)
Next Level Soccer Athena 08 White (MD)
NJ Premier FC 2008 Girls (NJ)
NLSA 08 (NJ)
PSA North 08 Orange (NJ)
Real Jersey 08 (NJ)
Rochester Lancers 2008 Girls (NY-W)
Solar 08 Hernandez (TX-N)
Solar SC South 08G FDL Adames (TX-N)
Team Boca SABR 08 White (FL)
TFA G08 Elite (OH)
United PDX 08G Premier Black (OR)
Washington Rush G08 (WA)
West Florida Flames (FL)
YMS Spirit (PA-E)

2007 Ela Elite 1 (IL)
AJAX Academy (MO)
Alleycats 2007G NL EDP Red (NY-E)
AZSC 07G Gwinnett (AZ)
Club Ohio Dayton G07 Green (OH)
Collierville SA 07 Lady Lobos Rush Premier (TN)
Coppermine SC Girls 2007 Premier (MD)
CUP 07 Gold (OH)
Dallas Texans 07 Red West FDL – Ewing (TX-N)
Dynamite Academy WSC 07G (NJ)
Evolution 07 Girls Mercurial (IL)
FC Copa Academy Girls 2007 Grey (NJ)
Force FC G07 NL (NY-E)
Galaxy 2007 Girls Blue (IL)
Ginga FC Girls 2007 Elite (CT)
GTFC Impact Girls 07 Premier (OH)
ID Rush 07 (ID)
Impact 07 PB (UT)
Key Biscayne (FL)
KHA North 07G Red (KY)
LMSC Furia (PA-E)
LSC- FC Westlake 07G FDL (TX-S)
MS Rush 07 Premier (MS)
Nationals TriCounty 07 Girls Black (MI)
Nationals Union 07 Girls Black (MI)
NY NY Surf G07 Academy Blue (NY-E)
OPSA Magic 07 (MD)
Real Jersey FC 2007G (NJ)
Solar SC 07 Byars White (TX-N)
Solar SC South 07G FDL Adames (TX-N)
South Florida Football Academy (FL)
Team Challenger FC G07 Black (OH)
TFA G07 Elite (OH)
United PDX 07G Premier Black (OR)
Utah NY Surf 07 JC (UT)
Vegas United 07 (NV)
Wasatch SC 07 G (UT)
Washington Rush G07 (WA)
Westlake 07G Elite (TX-S)

DKSC 06 Monk (TX-N)
AC Brea 06 (CA-S)
Alleycats 2006G NL EDP Red (NY-E)
Alliance Academy Extreme 06 (MO)
Baton Rouge SC 06 Black (LA)
Century V – Steel G2006 Blue (PA-W)
Chicago FC United 2006 Pre-Academy Red (IL)
Chicago Inter 2006 Red (IL)
Clarkstown Soccer Club 2006 Girls Elite (NY-E)
Club Ohio 2006G Green 1 (OH)
Collierville SA 06 Lady Lobos Rush Premier (TN)
Coppermine SC Girls 2006 Premier (MD)
CT Rush Elite 06 Girls (CT)
CUP 06 Gold (OH)
FC Copa 06 Black (NJ)
FC Dallas 06 Premier (TX-N)
FC Dallas 06G Premier West (TX-N)
FC Revolution Reds (PA-E)
FCGB CoE 06 (MD)
Force FC G06 NL (NY-E)
FOSC G06 Elite (OH)
Georgia Impact SC 06 Elite (GA)
Gulf Coast Texans 06 (FL)
Indy Premier SC 06G Elite I (IN)
KC Athletics Academy Premier 06G (KS)
Libertyville FC 1974 Elite 06 (IL)
Lonestar SC FDL (TX-S)
Lower Merion SC Impact (PA-E)
LSC-FC Westlake 06G FDL (TX-S)
Madison 56ers 2006 Girls Red (WI)
Maryland Rush SOMD Rush 06G (MD)
MFJ 06 Navy (MI)
Michigan Tigers 2006 Girls Gold (MI)
Nationals Union 2006 Girls Black (MI)
NJ Premier F.C. 2006 Girls (NJ)
North Shore United 2006 Girls Blue (WI)
NY NY Surf G06 Academy (NY-E)
Real Jersey FC 2006G (NJ)
Rockford Raptors FC 06 (IL)
RUSA FC 06 Gold (NJ)
SLSG 06 (MO)
Solar SC South 06 FDL Adames (TX -N)
Syracuse Development Academy 2006 (NY-W)
TFA G06 Elite (OH)
Utah Soccer Alliance 06G (UT)
Wellington SC 06 (FL)
WYSA 06G Explosion (NC)
Yankee Attack EDP-NL 06 (CT)

All-In FC 05 G NL Elite (GA)
Avalanche 05 Black DW (UT)
Chicago FC United 2005 Pre-Academy Red (IL)
Chicago Inter 2005 Red (IL)
Collierville SA 05 Lady Lobos Rush Premier (TN)
Coppermine SC Premier 2005 (MD)
CUP 05 Gold (OH)
DKSC 05G Weir (TX-N)
FC Dallas Youth 05 Premier – Fondren (TX-N)
FC Dallas Youth 05 Premier West (TX-N)
FC Dynamo ROC G2005 (NY-W)
FC Europa 05 Elite (PA-E)
Galaxy SC 2005 Blue (IL)
Gulf Coast Texans 05 Girls (FL)
Hotspurs 2005G Blue (PA-W)
Idaho Rush (ID)
Kingdom SC 05 Red (MI)
LA Fire Juniors 05 Red (LA)
Lou Fusz Athletic Tottleben 05 (MO)
Madison 56ers 2005 Girls Red (WI)
Nationals Union 05 Girls Black (MI)
NJ Nationals 05 (NJ)
NJ Premier 2005 (NJ)
North Shore United 2005 Blue (WI)
NUSA 05 Girls Maroon (TN)
NY NY Surf G05 Academy Blue (NY-E)
Patriots FC 2005 (NY-E)
Penn FC Youth 2005 F Black (PA-E)
Philadelphia SC Coppa Rage 05 (PA-E)
Real Jersey FC 2005G (NJ)
Solar SC South 05 FDL Adames (TX-N)
Sting SC 05 Roach (TX-N)
Syracuse Development Academy 05 Girls (NY-W)
TFA G05 Elite (OH)
Tonka Fusion Elite 05 Girls (MN)
Tormenta FC 2005 Girls (SC)
Treasure Coast United/Massive (FL)
Virginia Union 05 Composite (VA)
Warrington FC United (PA-E)

Alleycats 2004 NL Red (NY-E)
Asphalt Green SC G04 (NY-E)
Chicago FC United 2004 Pre-Academy Red (IL)
Collierville SA 04 Lady Lobos Rush Premier (TN)
Coppermine Premier (MD)
CUP 04 Gold (OH)
Dallas Texans 04G Central (TX-N)
D’Feeters Kicks SC 04 FDL Voutier (TX-N)
Eagle F.C. 04 G Black (PA-E)
Fredericksburg FC 2004 Girls Black (VA)
Galaxy SC 2004 Blue (IL)
Georgia Impact U18G Elite (GA)
KCSG Academy 04 (KS)
Keystone FC Premier 2004 (PA-E)
LASC G04 Bradbury (CA-S)
Legends FC 2004 Girls Black (MI)
LGN United (NY-E)
Libertyville FC 1974 Elite-04 Girls (IL)
Louisiana Fire SC 04 Red (LA)
LSC-FC Westlake 04G FDL (TX-S)
LTSC 2004G Showcase (IL)
LVU 2004 Girls Black (PA-E)
Madison 56ers 2004 Girls Red (WI)
Miami Breakers FC 04G Black (FL)
Miami FC Madrid (FL)
Ohio Galaxies FC 04 Elite (OH)
Penn FC Youth 2004 F Lightning (PA-E)
Pennine Utd G04 (OH)
Piedmont Triad FC 04 Lady Black (NC)
SDA 04 Blasters (NY-E)
Select FC (NV)
SLSG 04 (MO)
Solar SC South 04 FDL Grado (TX-N)
Sparta FC 04 (TX-N)
Sporting STL Rangers (MO)
Team Boca SABR 2004 White (FL)
Team Chicago 04 Elite (IL)
WCSA 2004G (OH)
1 Team TBD

Braden River SC 03 Premier (FL)
Chicago Inter 03 Red (IL)
CSA Palmetto Elite 03G (SC)
Evolution 03 Mercurial (IL)
FC Copa (NJ)
FC United 03 Pre-Academy 1 (IL)
Houston Dynamo Dash South 03 PA (TX-S)
Indy Premier 03/04G Elite I (IN)
Jersey South FC Galaxy (NJ)
Nationals Union 03 Girls Black (MI)
New York Rush Select G03 (NY-W)
North Shore United 2003 Girls Blue (WI)
NY NY Surf (NY-E)
Philadelphia SC Coppa (PA-E)
Shamrock Rovers FC 03 (TX-N)
Solar 03G Grado (TX-N)
South Mississippi SC Elite 03 Quickshots (MS)
Sparta FC 03G (TX-N)
St. Mary’s Soccer Power (MD)
Strikers FV 03/04 Premier (IL)
TFA Elite 03 (OH)
Treasure Coast United/Massive (FL)
United PDX 03G Premier Black (OR)
Utah Celtic 03 (UT)