Letter sent to EDP (Warren Mersereau) from USYS

As you know, this issue within ENYYSA has certainly ruffled many feathers and while it’s unfortunate, has a distinct opportunity to settle quickly. We appreciate EDP being able to step-in and create a platform within the National League North Atlantic Conference.

Unfortunately, there are some points that has caused the original issues to linger that we need to address. There are also some issues that have surfaced with this new division that we need to jump on quickly so there does not continue to be confusion in the marketplace and resentment across those that want to be working in unison.

First, attached is a release that we need to distribute that will address the confusion. When we distributed the original release, there were some details missing that caused quite a stir across other leagues. At the end of the day Warren, our intent was to create a solution for Gary’s teams to have a home. It was not meant to be a catalyst for anyone to poach any teams from the existing ENYYSA sanctioning leagues. When we boil everything down, I’ve tried to condense the issues into a few points. They are below.

1- USYS needs to communicate that in order to run an event or competition using USYS passes, the event must be sanctioned by USYS (National League, National League Conference, National Championship Series, Presidents Cup, Regionals, etc.) or a State Association for league play, State Cup, tournaments, etc. While I can’t imagine EDP doing this, I just have to state that with this new division, you can’t run leagues, tournaments, competitions, etc. in Eastern New York without ENYYSA consent.

2- We understand that to avoid confusion with their parents during this transition, NYCSL wanted its name associated with this new division within EDP. We understand that. I believe registration deadline was last Tuesday so there is no reason for that branding association to continue. Under no circumstances will USYS permit a league to align within our National League.

3- As you well know and agreed to, the National League is fully owned and operated by USYS. We have a contract with EDP to manage several conferences based on our directives. As such, Gary has put the wrong logo on his website. One, that logo must come down. Two, there is no reason moving forward that our National League marks should be aligned with that website. We can not allow a separate league to assume a partnership status with the National League. In addition, this is a qualifying division and as such should not have any direct correlation or connection with the National League as it can’t have any perceived advantage within the soccer ecosystem.

4- Last, the intent of this concept was for Gary’s current teams. It was not an invitation to advertise for or indirectly poach from any other ENYYSA sanctioned league. Any further evidence of the sort will be grounds for this solution to be eliminated. An email that came out last week listing many clubs that are primarily with other ENYYSA member leagues is misleading and could be an example of trying to poach.

5- I’m concerned about the 8U thru 10U programming that is being labeled as "National League Futures". That is not consistent with our philosophy and can not be a part of this solution. The National League mark is owned by USYS and no permission was ever given for this use. It must be removed from anything and everything in the marketplace.

6- Lastly, it was raised that EDP is steering teams away from registering players with their current member leagues. We have been told of Facebook posts, emails etc. If this is true, that simply needs to end.

Warren, as you know, this is an emotional sport and my goal is to eliminate the pendulum from swinging back and forth between the conflicted parties. That does not help kids play or to focus on ways to grow the sport. As much as we hoped the original solution would swing the pendulum back in one direction, it now seems to be going back in another direction. We just all need to meet on middle ground and move on.