Additional Information from USYS on their new North Atlantic Conference Qualifying Division

This month, US Youth Soccer (USYS) announced additional opportunities for teams in the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA, ENYYSA). There has been some confusion about this announcement and its intent.

This new division does not provide “premier” soccer programming for 8 to 12-year old players. US Youth Soccer does not sanction “premier” labeled programming for players under 12, and our programming and player development strategies focus on prioritizing a love for the game, sports diversity, and the need to allow kids to just be kids. The core development of players comes over time with physical, mental and emotional development, not because a player merely has the means to join elite programs at a very early age. At this time, teams in ENYYSA only have access to this type of programming through USYS if they are a member of a sanctioned ENYYSA member league such as LIJSL, EHYSL, CDYSL, CJSL, etc.

These additional opportunities were an interim solution to provide clubs and teams without the ability to play in a sanctioned ENYYSA member league a pathway to qualify for the USYS National League North Atlantic Conference or compete for a USYS National Championship. USYS is working with ENYYSA to ensure that there is appropriate competition provided through ENYYSA to all clubs and teams, regardless of their membership in one of the grassroots leagues.

This new division announced by USYS is not the “only” or “preferred” pathway to USYS National League Conferences. USYS is an avid supporter of grassroots soccer. USYS firmly believes in the type of programming where all players are afforded the ability to play at the appropriate competitive level whether it be recreational or travel. The ENYYSA member leagues are the ones that provide these grassroots opportunities. Teams playing in these traditional leagues have the same opportunity to compete for spots in the USYS National League North Atlantic Conference as teams competing in the interim solution divisions. Additionally, member clubs of LIJSL have an additional pathway to the East Regionals of National Championship Series through the USYS League Championship program.

Teams that are currently registered to play in an ENYYSA League such as LIJSL, EHYSL, CDYSL, CJSL, etc. should not switch to this new division under the impression that it is the only or the preferred pathway to the top-level programs of USYS.

Lastly, ENYYSA is the USYS partner responsible for sanctioning our programming within Eastern NY. The announcement that was made does not in any way sanction EDP to run their own soccer programming within the Eastern New York Soccer Association without ENYYSA sanctioning/permission. Nor should this be construed that EDP has the permission to expand this new division beyond its original intent; to provide club and teams primarily located in the NY Metro area that are not members of current ENYYSA leagues access to USYS programs.

Should clubs or teams have questions or concerns, please continue to contact US Youth Soccer or ENYYSA. Ongoing conversations are critical to helping all of us improve the game for our members and create fans of the game for life.

All teams and players should continue to register through their current ENYYSA sanctioned league, ensuring their place within the USYS Family.

#We Are Youth Soccer