I am referencing the post which got EDP's Evan Unger & John Tait's balls all twisted. (see POST) These EDP soccer whores did not like that I posted their private email to to the initial Club V. Club, clubs.

I seemed to have pissed those boys off because I included their cell phones and mentioned their wives name. Actually, as I demonstrated to their attorney there is a ton more info about them I could have published and maybe more. I have no idea who the hell they think they are telling me or anyone what they can or can't say or write.

Just so everyone understands that what I did is not wrong. It certainly pissed them off, but such is life and they will have to deal with what I did, and wil continue to do. Lawyers, whether they sue or try to intimate me will only get me hard, and at my age that's a good thing grin.

legally there is nothing they can do about it, but that didn't stop their lawyer from sending the letter below to warn, intimidate, frighten, make me stop, or whatever effect they thought this letter would do. Whatever they wanted to accomplish, they didn't. While I am disappointed that to date I have been served, I sure wish they would. I would love to be able to enter into a discovery phase with those two, and also EDP in total.

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