The Elite Academy League (EA), launched in 2020 with two conferences, will expand to eight conferences with 90 elite clubs throughout the United States for the 2021-2022 soccer season.

The Elite Academy League (EA) launched in 2020 with two division and is dedicated to providing player development opportunities for Elite Academy clubs inside a National Youth Platform. The Southwest and Northeast were the first division to kick off, representing over 30 clubs in the boys age groups of U13-U19.

The Elite Academy League now has announced plans to expand to eight conferences with 90 elite clubs throughout the United States for the 2021-2022 soccer season.

The EA will be a national platform for clubs to play within their conference (region) while giving clubs, teams, and players national exposure and competition with regional and national showcase events culminating in a national championship in June.


With a commitment to quality and a proven track record of accomplishments in youth soccer, EA Chair Noah Gins said, “We are very much looking forward to offering clubs the opportunity in their market to be part of the platform to help develop and build their club model further.”

The EA has been built off the lessons of previous national platforms and will be governed by the leadership within each conference with soccer decisions guided by soccer leadership.

The league will create working and fluid conference schedules, allow players to prioritize high school soccer, provide standards to elevate clubs, and provide administration that help clubs be organized while promoting their players and teams through the EA platform.

“It is with this league that the clubs will be first and foremost the voice. The ability to truly have a league guided by soccer leaders working together to assure soccer decisions and the development of club, team and player are the priority.”​ said Mike Anderson, EA Director of League Development

The EA will make it very simple and clear for all members. It will provide a 20 plus game season, Regional and National events and all ages will be playing for a National Championship.

The clubs will be part of a standard that brings forth competition, meaningful games, and professionalism. The college recruitment for the players U15-U19 will be the priority of the league helping clubs bring the best exposure and resources with video, college attendance, and venues.

The clubs that have applied will be communicated between February 15 – March 1 with announcements around the accepted clubs, details around showcases with venues, dates, and all information for a successful 2021-2022 EA season.

“We can assure we will provide an incredible experience within the showcase events of the EA. They will be assured to have all elements making up the best of the best standards,”​ said Mike Libber and Andrew Dahir, EA Director of Events. Elite Tournaments is proud to announce we have partnered with the EliteAcademyL to host Regional and National Showcase events across the country! These events will provide clubs, teams, and players national exposure and competition.

“We’re excited to be included as part of the national launch,” said Shumaker. “The EA has set many high standards for itself that foremost offers the clubs a top resource to their pathway,” Blake Shumaker, FC Wichita

“Cedar Stars Academy is very excited to see the EA expand into a national platform. We look forward to being able to showcase our players at a high level and compete with other elite club from across the country for a National Championship,” said Anthony Dixon, Academy Director, Cedar Stars.

“To be part of the progressive approach to providing for all clubs with the games, showcases, and the competition that will help elevate each club is something all should be excited about,​” said Wayne Crowe, Director of Soccer, ALBION SC San Diego.

The ​Mission of the EA​ is to provide a National platform as a standards based league giving clubs the ability to provide a full development model and pathway with top competition and exposure.

The ​Vision of the EA​ will be to sit atop the youth landscape providing Elite Academy clubs and leaders the opportunity to guide and shape the league in turn developing the game in the US. This league will provide a seamless Elite pathway for clubs and players to excel in the competitive landscape.

The Elite Academy League is composed of member clubs that represent Elite Competitive clubs in their market and have shown to be the standard and will benefit from being part of this platform. By unifying clubs within the conferences, we have maintained the defining standards of previous elite platforms with a collective approach to making sure the platform sits atop the youth landscape.