US Soccer's Dumb Decision

Politics don't belong on the field of soccer, or on the field, or in an arena of any other sport for that matter.

There's a hundred different causes athletes may support, or things they oppose.

Why not drop to a knee for every other cause? Then, how will anyone know which cause the athlete is supporting?

And, only do it while your national anthem is playing.

In your job, or profession, do you take a knee in front of co-workers, employees, employers, customers to support your causes?

The whole thing is dumb.

And what happens if the US plays a national team and a player on the US drops to his/her knee when their opponent's national anthem is being played? Disrespecting the other nation?

You don't support the politics of North Korea -- should US Soccer players take a knee during the playing of the North Korean anthem?

And, what about referees? Can they also drop to their knees when the national anthem is played? The sideline reporters?

Does FIFA has a position on "taking to the knee?"

Go protest and go support whatever you want -- but not when a national anthem is being played.