Red Bull Quotes

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Sean Davis

On the team’s mentality heading into the final stretch … 0:07-0:40

I think it's been nice to have this little break, little time for us to recharge, work together on and off the field. We had a good day away from the field the other day, which was nice, some team building. But we've also had time to reflect on past results, what we need to improve on, how to continue to be better on defense and keep shutouts. Also, how we want to approach these last five games. I think last year, 2018, we were very strong in the last five games in terms of wins and goals conceded. I think if we can get back to that mentality, it will be very useful for us in this final stretch.

On recognizing the importance of the last five games as a team … 0:44-1:07

Yeah, without a doubt, I think we all understand what's on the line and how high we can move up the table and you know how it's in our hands. Even though it's not the easiest run of games, we've actually performed better against better teams. I think that works in our favor, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the 11 guys on the field, being ready to put in complete performances, empty the tank and do whatever it takes to win.

On rising to the occasion when their backs are to the wall … 1:12-1:36

Yeah, we're always up for teams that look at us kind of as the underdog. I think there's been a couple teams in the East that have been very strong, but we enjoy rising to that challenge, like we've talked about. And I think having that mentality, that underdog mentality goes a long way for us. So again, at the end of the day, every single game is important from here on out. And it's important for us to pick up as many points as possible.

On recognizing it is now or never kind of time of the season … 1:40-1:52

For every team, they are thinking that at this point in the season, whether you're in the playoffs or not in the playoffs. This is the end of the season, every single team wants to make a strong push heading into the playoffs. So, we're no different. We're really excited for that.

On the team’s confidence … 1:56-2:20

I think it’s good with a couple guys that have went away for international games, and they've done really well. We're going to be excited to get them back and I think that they've had good performances. It's great to bring back their energy and confidence. And then in training, it's been great, high level training, a lot of intensity, a lot of competing and that can only do good things for you come the weekend, come the game. So I think the group's feeling good and we're excited for this road trip to Seattle and Portland.

On the teambuilder that happened this week … 2:31-2:58

The team got together off the field, we spent a day at lifetime fitness. Tt wasn't to, to point fingers or analyze, it was actually to step back and enjoy each other's company away from the soccer field. That was really important for us. I think we all had a great time, great memories and brought us closer together. And that's what it's going to take for us in this final stretch is to stay unified, stick together. We already have great chemistry. And I think that that's going to become really important in this final stretch.

On the idea of the team builder … 3:01-3:16

The [coaching] staff. They realized how important it was, especially when we have some off time during the international window. It's important to obviously train a lot on the field, but it's also important to step back and reset in that way and spend some time with each other away from the soccer ball.

On facing Seattle … 3:21-3:49

They've kind of been like us, they've been a little up and down. I think that they're coming off of a huge win against [LA] Galaxy. And then obviously a tough, tough game against Colorado where they were missing a lot of players. But they've been similar to us in that they know they're a good team. It's just been a little inconsistent at times, but we know going there, it's going to be a really difficult task. They're obviously a strong team, especially at home with that support. But I think that's when we're most up for it, too. So I'm really looking forward to this challenge. I'm excited to see what we can bring on Sunday.

On winning the small battles to get momentum back … 3:55-4:22

I think whenever we line up against another team, it's about winning your battle across the field. That comes down to tools and physicality and being up for the game, in that sense, and then also having a good composure and calmness on the ball and making the right plays going forward. It's going to take a complete performance, it's going to take not only on the defensive side, winning duels, winning second balls, but also being good with the ball and finding ways to score goals.

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Daniel Royer

On the team’s mentality heading into the final stretch … 0:06-0:29

Yeah, we want to have a good rest of the season. Obviously, we think back to the end of 2018, we had a really good period down the stretch, where we won almost seven games in a row. We just conceded one goal and that's what gives us belief. And that's where we were focusing on to, to perform like that.

On what exactly was successful in 2018 that will help now for the final stretch … 0:30-0:59

I think we were fully committed to every single thing that we do to all the details, totally committed to our game plans to our philosophy, and everybody stuck together. And that was, I think, definitely a huge part of that team spirit to get that good end of the season in regular season, to get the points that were necessary to get the Supporters’ Shield.

On the team builder being used to improve the team spirit … 1:09-1:37

No, I think we always have a good team spirit. Sometimes it's nice to have a day like that, where you do different things not always being on the pitch. And It was a great day, we played some basketball, we did some different stuff together that we're not normally not doing all together. So that was a good day, reconnecting and regrouping. So no, it's not because the team spirit is not good.

On building team chemistry for the stretch run … 1:44-2:00

Yeah, that could help for sure. But like I said, I think in this group, there's always a good team spirit still. And kind of a brotherhood, but sometimes it's nice to get away a little bit to do something else.

On the team’s confidence … 2:06-2:38

Yeah, obviously, not on the very top, because it would be different if you have like, for example, three consecutive games winning. But it's still good, because we still have belief. And we still know that we're a good team. We had good games, we had a bad game season was kind of an up and down. But like I said, when we think back to last year, we know that we can do it. And we know that we can be good down the stretch as well. We are still confident.

On winning the small battles to get momentum back … 2:46-3:00

Yeah, it's definitely about individual performances and about the team performance in general. And everybody has to do his job. And then we'll do our job as a team together. And that's what made us successful in the past.

On playing Seattle … 3:07-3:45

it's always hard to play against Seattle, I only played there once in Seattle. But that is definitely a team that is always up for the challenge. When you look back, I think they always showed up when it matters, especially like two years ago in the playoffs. But when we think back to last year, we won against them when it was at home and so the definitely vulnerable as well, but definitely a hard place to go. And definitely all the things that I just mentioned, we have to bring all these things on a pitch to be successful with.

On Josh Sims integrating with the team … 3:54-4:22

Yeah, sometimes it takes a while to connect with players to know what the players strengths are. How we play, it's always about adjusting as quickly as possible. I think he did a really good job. He's trying to adjust better every single day. And I think we could see his qualities even when he came in for the first time against New York City. So Yeah, it's definitely good with him and I hope he can help us.

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Josh Sims

On his first few weeks with the team … 0:00-0:16

Yeah, no, I'm enjoying it. I think this week's been a good week for me. I've moved into my new place and settle down. And I think on the pitch, we're improving as well. For me personally like fitness, learning the boys and how the team play, I think this week's been a really good week for me.

On the challenges of joining the team during an important stretch … 0:24-0:37

Yeah, I mean, obviously, the whole season is important. Now, the last bit of the season, everyone really needs to knuckle down and really get this playoff position. So, I mean, I come at a difficult period in the season, but it's good for me because I'm straight into the action.

On feeling more confident in his integration with the team … 0:50-1:08

When you first come, learning everyone and learning not just on the pitch but off the pitch as well. So like I said, I've been here, a decent amount of time now where I think I've really connected with the players. And yeah, I think now I'm really learning how they play and how they learn how I play. So yeah, I think we're getting that now.

On the teambuilder that happened this week … 1:21-1:47

Yeah, it was good. I haven't played basketball since I was probably about 11. It was very, very competitive. These guys, I mean, they were very good. It was good. That was good, fun. And, like I said, the team builder and things like that was good learning the players off the pitch, as well … I think it's important. I think it's important to do things like that. You really sort of bond with them in a different way. And it's a really good laugh.

On traveling to the West Coast for the first time … 1:52-2:11

Yeah, I spoke to my teammates and didn’t actually realize there was a time difference. So it will be an experience, Not really sure what to expect from that side of the country, but it will be all new experiences for me, just as I was sort of settling down here in New Jersey and now I have to experience this, but I am looking forward to it.

On embracing all of these experiences so quickly … 2:23-2:41

I mean, it's difficult, but I knew when I was coming out here it was going to be like this. This is sort of part of the reason why I did because such great experience coming out here and it's so different to England where an away game would be like, maybe an hour, two hours away, whereas this one like flying like all the way across the country, so I'm looking forward to it.