East Brunswick, NJ (July 30, 2019) – Players, teams and clubs throughout the various levels of EDP leagues will be benefiting in the future from a just-announced player and personal development partnership between United States Youth Soccer and the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Players Association, EDP announced today.

This past weekend, US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sports organization in America and the leader in youth soccer, announced an exclusive partnership with the NWSL Players Association (NWSLPA) aimed at developing programs focused on growing the game of soccer and increasing the awareness of the NWSL and its players, while cultivating the personal development of participating NWSL players.

Through this exclusive partnership, US Youth Soccer will be recognized as the “Official Player and Personal Development Partner of the NWSLPA.”

The first-of-its-kind relationship between a youth and professional soccer organization will create opportunities to further connect professional female soccer players with the various communities in which they were raised, live and compete. Through networking opportunities, clinics, camps and speaking engagements, participating players from the NWSLPA – such as those from Sky Blue in New Jersey the Washington Spirit in the Maryland/Virginia area – will continue serving as positive role models within their communities as they encourage younger players.“This is a great opportunity for participants in all of our EDP leagues to share in the knowledge of NWSL players and for our players to get up close and personal with women who have reached the pinnacle of our great sport,” said EDP CEO Alan Shilling.

“Partnering with US Youth Soccer and its 55 Member State Associations is a game changer for the NWSLPA and its players,” said Brooke Elby, President of the NWSLPA. “State Associations are uniquely positioned to provide our players with additional opportunities to develop community-based networks that will focus on the individual’s personal development on and off of the field.”

Given that a large majority of American players in the NWSL are alumnae of US Youth Soccer and grew up playing in one or more of US Youth Soccer’s competitive programs (like those managed by EDP), they are uniquely familiar with the challenges and opportunities many young players face.

“US Youth Soccer could not be more excited about this partnership as we, in concert with our organization members, continue to lead the way in growing the game and providing the path for every player,” said Chris Moore, CEO of US Youth Soccer. “To be able to not only expose our youth participants to these amazing professional players, but to also assist these powerful women in further developing skills that will aid in their eventual transition from players to community leaders, is an accomplishment of which we are truly proud.”