NYCFC Go Crazy, Protest, But Lose 2-1 To Red Bulls

Scoring Summary: 

NYC - Heber 7 (Tinnerholm, Moralez) 7'NY - Daniel Royer 6 (PK) 45'+1'NY - Daniel Royer 7 (Casseres, Jr., Rzatkowski) 60' 

Misconduct Summary: NY - Amro Tarek (caution, unsporting behavior) 30'NYC - Maxime Chanot (caution, unsporting behavior) 45'NYC - Heber (caution, unsporting behavior) 48'NY - Brian White (caution, dissent) 75'NYC - Alexander Ring (caution, unsporting behavior) 83'NYC - Anton Tinnerholm (caution, dissent) 90'+4'NY - Kemar Lawrence (caution, time wasting) 90'+7' 

New York Red Bulls: Luis Robles ©; Amro Tarek, Aaron Long, Kemar Lawrence, Michael Amir Murillo, Marc Rzatkowski (Tim Parker, 85'), Cristian Casseres, Jr., Alex Muyl, Sean Davis, Daniel Royer (Kaku, 80'), Brian White (Bradley Wright-Phillips, 76') 


New York City FC: Sean Johnson; Alexander Callens, Maxime Chanot, Sebastian Ibeagha (Jesus Medina, 80, Alexander Ring ©, Anton Tinnerholm, Keaton Parks, Ronald Matarrita (Ben Sweat, HT), Heber, Maxi Moralez, Valentin Castellanos (Gary Mackay-Steven, 84') 


Referee: Alan KellyAssistant Referees: Corey Rockwell, Matthew S. Nelson4th Official: Jon FreemonVAR: Drew Fischer 

Attendance: 20,128   

Daniel Royer's fifth-career brace paced the New York Red Bulls (9-7-4, 31 pts) to a second-half comeback over New York City FC (7-3-8, 29 pts), 2-1, on Sunday night at Red Bull Arena.

The Red Bulls have strung together three-straight wins at home and are unbeaten in their last five (4-0-1) at Red Bull Arena.RBNY have picked up seven points in the last four matches to move to third in the Eastern Conference and just five points back of first with two games in hand.

Down 1-0 with the first-half winding down, Brian White earned a penalty kick in the 45thminute.

Royer took the PK and finished to the upper 90 for the equalizer.

Early on in the second half, the Red Bulls had possession deep in NYCFC's defensive third as Marc Rzatkowski fed Cristian Casseres, Jr. in the box.

Casseres, Jr. crossed his pass inside the six-yard box for Royer, who redirected with a header to the far post for the game winner in the 60th minute.

Royer scored his 30th and 31st career MLS goal and his eighth career game-winning league goal.

The Austrian winger moved into a four-way tie for seventh all-time in franchise history for game-winning goals.Royer has recorded at least one goal in back-to-back matches and five goals in the last six games.Royer's seventh career penalty-kick goal moved him into fourth all-time in Red Bulls history.

Rzatkowski and Casseres Jr. each tallied an assist on the night.

Both players have recorded an assist in back-to-back games.

Head coach Chris Armas earned his first NY Derby win and improved to 21-10-7 all-time at the helm.

After starting 1-2-0 at Red Bull Arena, the Red Bulls are 6-1-1 in their last eight leage matches at home.New York is 50-41-23 all-time in the month of July.

New York has scored 187 goals in July and allowed 174.New York returns to the road for the next two matches, beginning with a mid-week matchup at Toronto on Wednesday.

Wednesday's match is set for 8 p.m. EST with coverage on MSG, MSG Go, TSN and New York Red Bulls Radio on TuneIn.

Pool Reporter Responses

Why wasn’t a corner kick given on the play that led up to Danny Royer’s 60’ goal when the AR pointed to the corner flag?

The referee overruled the AR because the referee was in a better position to judge that the ball went out for a throw-in

.Did anyone make a “throw-in motion” if AR’s call was overturned?

Did Kelly (referee Alan Kelly) signal for it and why was it overturned?No “throw-in” motion was made, and would not normally be made.

Was that clearly indicated to NYCFC?

Was it reviewed by VAR?The referee indicated verbally that the restart was a throw-in.

Corner kick vs. throw-in decisions are not reviewable by the VAR.NEW YORK RED BULLS HEAD COACH CHRIS ARMAS

Q. Chris, obviously you made good adjustments in the second half, but the first half was frustrating out there for you, watching the guys having issues in the first half before the penalty.

CHRIS ARMAS: Well, look, we had a good start to the game. No real surprises because we thought coming in, had a general principle, they valued possession, but we had a plan of direct play.So yeah, look, it's still so much easier when you're on the side to understand the solutions, but when they part, especially on the goal kicks when they are putting on these five and ten yards of off-sides, ten and 15 yards into your half, it makes the back line uncomfortable so forces you into a little bit of a passive mode.So maybe they are setting the line on the back and maybe not us setting the line and we are at our best when we can compress space and be aggressive. Yeah, we probably weren't as aggressive stepping out of the back line. They were parking three guys centrally, one of those -- with Moralez up makes it difficult. Overall, though, we didn't figure that we had too much trouble in the first half, just some adjustments that needed to be made.

Q. How much vulnerability with their front three hurt you guys and being able to keep track of guys in position to give them a lot of movement to cover Castellanos and Moralez?

CHRIS ARMAS: It wasn't so much like lots of moving. It was popping off our back line was one of the issues. And of course if we can have pressure on the ball -- there's a lot of space. I would say what gave us the most trouble in the first half was bad giveaways. We had some unforced errors, and you know, we're not a team built on possession and how many passes can we connect, but when we have the ball, and we give it away, we're committing numbers and then they have really good players up the field. Of course, popping underneath, you're a bit vulnerable. That was the most trouble.

Q. What was your vantage point of a game-winning goal and what transpired there with the referees and if they said anything to you about what happened, obviously a lot of commotion and talking and discussion?

CHRIS ARMAS: Yeah, probably too much talking than should be allowed. I've never seen such dialogue after a decision is made. Why are you going to walk to midfield -- again, I don't know who manages that situation with the referee, but how is there that much discussion and we're allowing that, as a league? For me, the decision's made and there was a few more minutes of that. No one came to watch that. As referees, I think we should take more control of that situation.Again, oftentimes referees like this, they don't let you, but how is there so much discussion? It breaks the rhythm of the game, the momentum that we have. I'm sure there could be a reason for it, and it was a bit strange, nine minutes of stoppage, that's how much, but a little bit of an odd situation.And again, like there's VAR these days and they make a decision and we move on with it. But attempting to have them look longer at it, I'm not sure. It's just seems we shouldn't tolerate that dialogue.

Q. Did you see him signal for the corner? Did you get the sense he kind of lost concentration and like you guys took control after that?

CHRIS ARMAS: Listen, I've watched him play all year and we made him uncomfortable tonight, all night. First half, again, they are good in transition. Our guys were aggressive. Our guys went after it from the opening whistle, so I don't think that was a turning point in the game like in terms of a shift in who has the game. So again, decisions are made, and you get on with it. I don't see anything over again. I was close but I didn't see what happened. Turned around, a quick play and that's it. It's part of the game, I guess. If it's an err or, it's unfortunate, we don't want it to be that way.But I'm more proud of the way the guys showed up to play today, stuck with it, go down a goal and come back, and we pushed again. We felt like it was coming the whole second half. We started the second half much more aggressive, compressing spaces with the ball, had courage to play, moved the ball quickly, moved gaps in the team. All night, turnover after turnover. So we think we made them uncomfortable.

Q. Your team just got three points against one of the best defenses in the Eastern Conference against a back line with players who might be contenders for Defender of the Year. Just what do you think the team's morale is going to be like after this? How good is this?

CHRIS ARMAS: How good is this for our team? Yeah, look, they have a good team. They are well-coached. They have good players. They always have a plan. They are organized and hard to break down. All the way around, they are a good team. Not many teams have been able to beat them this year. Not many teams can put it on their own terms in the game against them. They are usually the ones -- the aggressors. They lead the league in many categories. A lot of what they do is with the ball, switching the field with Ring, we tried to make it hard on him tonight.And what I would say is that, look, every single day, I get to see the work that the staff does, the assistant coaches, the extended staff and how much we ask of these players. The demands are high here in every way. It's why most teams don't play the way we do. It's hard to find those players. As we have said with Dennis, the job he does getting us the players. The philosophy, oftentimes -- a playmaker. I get to see it every day and be part of that, and we coach them and work hard at that.And to see them go out there and deliver that performance; it was a good performance, and it's going to be -- because of the way we played, there's a stacking force at times, but it's big for our team, and so is Atlanta, right. This has been building and it's a starting point for us. It's a great result.

Q. Seems like you're consistently finding your rhythm around the 50th or 60th minute, tonight entering the league you were tied for lowest in the League in terms of first half goals. You say you started the game well; is there anything you can do from a coaching standpoint to maybe jump start the team from the start? You were scoring a lot of goals at this time last year and seems like you're doing it in a different way this year. Not that it's maybe worse, but from your perspective is there anything that you can do to get more goals early?

CHRIS ARMAS: That's a good question. We ask ourselves that all the time. I think, you know, when you play the New York Red Bulls, I think that you have to have a plan. We see it here. We saw it against Atlanta. You can go around, we see that you have to have plan -- you don't have to, but the teams are modifying what they typically do, which makes a lot of sense.But in that, yeah, sometimes throws our rhythm off and it's not easy when the teams come in with a lot of optimism and both teams are fresh, to try to disorganize opponents and to try to create chances.Yeah, look, it's always a challenge every day to see how do we get better, you know, as we piece a team back together, are guys coming -- internationally, injuries, just can we get a rhythm and have it look more like the second half than the first half.But I'll tell you, tonight, I thought the start was good. It almost seemed like from the first moment they came down the field, they scored. It seemed that way. We turned to the bench and said, yeah, that's a good start. We can figure this out. We just have to get the back line and a couple little things and all of the sudden, we're down one nothing and chasing against a team that's got five in the back and taking away spaces with two sixes.So we don't design it that way. Our team sticks with it. Second half is oftentimes there's a few adjustments, and tonight there's a few that I thought were helpful.Q. Can you talk about some adjustments you discussed at half time, what you saw out there especially with Christian and Sean, seemed like they had a little bit more control?

CHRIS ARMAS: Yeah, Christian and Sean, in the first half, a little bit trying to turn their back line around a few times, and when is it time to try that, when is it time to play. So we missed a few of those. But we're okay with erring on the other side of being aggressive.We thought if we could just move the ball quicker at times, still thinking about being vertical, but you know, so that was the message with those guys to keep moving, keep playing, move the ball quickly and play in the spaces that we want to play. And we saw that right away change in the second half with Christian and Sean, and then all of a sudden, the whole thing was a little bit different even with the outside backs, oftentimes not going so high, it's a little bit more shallow. Got them on the ball early, and then I think it was clear to see we were much more aggressive with our back line and at times in the first half with our pressing, when you want to go, you do get stretched at times. So when is it time to maybe go all out and I think we see that if we are a little more compact at times, we can still be aggressive.The only other thing we can see clearly with the three guys parked up high, rotating our outside back on the weak side was a really important piece to changing things in the second half, so it wasn't 3 to twos and 3 to 3 all the time. And Sean did a nice job dealing with Moralez and figuring it out, so there's a few things in there.


On his goal and how it affects his confidence…Yeah, just like I said I saw Christian [Casseres, Jr.] taking a cross and I tried to be in a good spot. So, I had to reach it and luckily it went into the corner. Yeah, I think we had a great game last week against Atlanta, we had a bad game against Houston obviously, and before that the win against Chicago. You should always feel great after a derby win and that’s our mindset for the next couple of weeks.

On the mood playing NYCFC…That’s a rivalry. These are our rivals and its always about desire, about passion, about fight, and then the soccer will come by itself. These are two very different teams. They value more possession, we value more high press, counter-pressing and winning second balls and moving forward quickly. Most of the time, those things set up for a nice soccer game. I think it wasn’t the best soccer game that we saw today, but the most important thing is that we managed to win. It’s never easy when they come to our place or whenever we play them. Obviously, they have a lot of quality, but for the most part I think we managed it very well.On how important this game was for the league table…Yeah, it’s always important. The table is very close, I think teams are doing really well. I also think teams you didn’t expect to do that well before the season starts are doing very well. So, we always try to win every single game, obviously. It’s not always that easy, the league is growing, the league is improving. You always want to get as many points as possible as quickly as possible because you want to be in the playoffs as soon as possible with a better seed. So, it doesn’t matter what period of the season it is, we always want to win.


On how the team was able to get past NYCFC tonight…

Yeah, it's a good game for us it's a good game for the support, a good game for this area you can tell how much it means to them and how much it means to us. It was an intense game we knew it was going to be that way the whole time and it's all about matching the energy we know they are a physical team so we wanted to come out and match that and exceed that and try to bring the game to them.On the importance of drawing the penalty at the end of the first half… Yeah, Alex [Muyl] picked the ball up and I was trying to make a good run in behind and then [Maxime] Chanot sold himself with that kick and caught me for a penalty. Yeah that was huge for us to get a goal right before going into halftime, gave us a little bit of momentum to see the game get another goal in the second half and see the game at the end.On what happened on Royer’s goal with the referee’s… Yeah, I mean they call the goal and they started arguing about something so I just kind of was waiting there hoping they were going to keep the goal. Yeah they said the one ref pointed at the corner or something like that. Unfortunate for them I guess.


On winning the first match of the Hudson River Derby…

Yeah, it was always going to be fun. It was great that we came out on the winning end, but when the calendar comes out each season, there is a few ones that you look for. We knew that it was not only important to the standings and for the rivalry, but also our condition. We are in the second half of the season now and all of these Eastern Conference opponents are important.On what NYCFC did during the first half…It wasn't what we expect when we go out there. And it was interesting because I felt like we started off pretty well. And yet they got the golden chance with any thought, time and time again, they're getting opportunities, open our giveaways. And that's something that we knew we had to change in the second half and we were dominant. Imagine we won most of the second balls and we were able to apply pressure and take them off the game. Want to engage opportunities because we played so well. And going to switch tactical five in the back to apply even more pressure out wide so that it was more toward the end maybe get a couple looks we're glad that you're really able to get on target so at the end of that we could have a good second half.

On playing NYCFC at home…Well first off, any we play home doesn't matter who we play games, we have to recruit. I saw the scarves and t-shirts that said defend our fortress. And for the most part since we played the Open game in 2010, and yet you look at this year and it's just been okay after last year being so dominant at home. This year, we didn't have the best start and the surprising thing and the best start including losses at home, but in turn the page and we got some really good results here we had Chicago, LA, this is one to mix in a few good results here. Of course, every play against New York City, there's an added element of emotion and aggression, felt like if we stayed disciplined, especially after going 1-0, which put us in a good position to then equalize. Danny [Royer] was huge on the PK and then coming out of halftime I felt we really put the game on our terms. And by handled by being able to do that you just they weren't able to play with the (inaudible) now maybe it helped they played Wednesday 120 minutes against Orlando. I mean, that's part of the season, that’s the way it goes. So unfortunately have to navigate that the best you can. And today following up the second half is something that we can look to and continue to build on and feel confident and courageous going forward.


Q. The AR pointing to the corner, your team reacting to that, can you fill us in from your perspective, from your team?

DOMENEC TORRENT: I’m very happy with the team, because I think they deserve more-- they played much better, especially in the first half and we can't score more goals. That is the first one. The second one, we make a mistake, in the last minute of the first half, and we know they play the long balls, when they recover the ball -- the Red Bulls, they are dangerous when they don't have the ball. When they have the ball, you can control this team. But when they don't have the ball all the time, they play fast, they play in the middle and we knew that. After that, congratulations to Corey because he wasn't great, because he negated Connor, and we had anticipated that -- what had anticipated a corner, we are not ready because when they decide it's corner, we are ready for the corner.

They play fast because we know that. They play fast when they recover the ball -- but today, I'm so sorry for the soccer, because it's not fair what happened in this game, I'm so sorry. Sometimes I don't like to talk about the refs, but impossible, don't talk about the refs tonight, and everybody knows what happened. You have a doubt, you can go see the TV; it's clear. But it's indicated corner, two seconds -- and what happened after that, maybe it's our mistake, but it's not easy once they corner and you are ready for the corner, not for the throw.But after that, I think we play much better, especially in the first half. We create two or three opportunities to win the game. But the soccer, I say many times, it's not about if you play much better than the opening because they play always in the same way and they get the results all the time, and congratulation, Red Bull, it's the first one, congratulation. I'm very happy for Chris, especially for him, and okay, we have to be ready for the next game. It's not easy to play here after 11 hours on our flight, because we have many problems in Orlando.But I think we compete really well against the Red Bull.

Q. What did Alan Kelly say to you? What did he say?

DOMENEC TORRENT: No, no, I didn't say --Q. No. What did he say to you, the referee, anything?

DOMENEC TORRENT: No, nothing. I say, you make a mistake and you know that. But he knows that. He knows that, hundred percent, you have to review the TV if you want. But it's clear, it's not just one second. It's two seconds, he said corner. so when my player ask him, says it's a corner, say it's a mistake -- after that, we made the mistake maybe, but it's not easy to defend because if you know it's corner because the linesman say corner -- it's not easy to defend that.But that happened in the second goal. If you will ask me about the game, I am happy. I think we played the right way especially the first half. Everybody knows what happened here. The game is not over because they played with intensity on balls all the time. When they play long balls -- you have to defend really well, okay. And we decide to win the next game and we decide to win the next game against Red Bull.Q. Is it surprising that you to the referee overruled the lines man's decision, given the lines man is right there to see if it's a throw in or a goal kick or corner kick?DOMENEC TORRENT: It's very important.

Q. Is it surprising to you that he overruled that?

DOMENEC TORRENT: This is a mistake. They know. He decided the game. I said to him, you decide the game and you know that. You decide the game. You are not brave. You decide the game. What is the reason why? Corner, maybe he make a mistake, maybe it's not corner, I accept that. But when they say corner, two or three seconds, and say my player is corner, is a mistake. You have to say to the referee, say, oh, it's corner for me, and the result -- it's not the result. They take the ball and you know what happened after that.That is not an excuse. It's the reality, boys. That happened today, here in the Red Bull Arena, here tonight, not ten months ago. And that happened because we have to improve. We have to improve. I have to improve, but the refs does, as well. It's important for MLS, if you want to get the next set, it's about the refs, as well, because he decide. Look, tonight he decided the game.

Q. The referee issue, it looked like you were trying to frustrate the Red Bulls tonight and it looked like you were planning on closing down the flights from bringing the ball up -- was that the game plan tonight?

DOMENEC TORRENT: No, we complete really well. Even when our flightwas 11 hours, Orlando to New York -- it was unbelievable. They compete really well. It's not about tiredness because it's not an excuse about that. It is what it is. Sometimes I don't understand anything about this -- because look what happened, L.A. played two days after the game, but I don't -- I don't make excuses about that-- it is what it is, but I'm very happy because even so, they rest seven days and we rest two days and we compete really well. I'm very happy with the players. They say many times, I'm very focused, because it's true. I don't say all the time, I'm very proud, no, sometimes we don't play -- we don't play well. Especially the last two, three games, Orlando, what happened tonight here. I say, okay, you have to, maybe we could score more goals in the first half because when you have -- when you are so close to score, you have to, you have to take in your hand this game. After that, look what happened, one mistake, penalty, 1-1.The second half is not controlling the game, you know, they attack, we attack, and okay, but we'll be back stronger and we'll be back again 100 percent.Q. In the first half, the front three, a lot of players changing positions. Did you guys get away from that in the second half? Did they make adjustments to take that away from you? What changed in the second half?

DOMENEC TORRENT: No, we were still playing the same way, believe me. Sometimes it's not easy. They are pressing in the second half, even in the first half, but maybe we make a mistake because in the first half, we played two, three touches and played on the side, the spaces on the other side. We realize many games are about Red Bulls, and everybody knows the way Red Bulls plays, it's pressing, cover the ball, play fast, defend the side, especially the upside. We want to play the same way, but sometimes -- and after that, when that happened in ten minutes they score, in the last ten minutes, they scored, then in the last 10 minutes they played five in the back, 5-4-1 and we decided to play with five strikers, with Jesus, with Gas, and Gas, I’m very happy for Gas and it’s his first 15 minutes, he played well but the most important thing is I believe in them right now, because my feeling is much better than, I don't know, two months ago. They know exactly the best way to play, when I say three in the back and play wide, or when I say we will play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, and that is good news for us, but you know soccer. I haven’t analyzed what happened in the game, but it’s usually about the result. The result is 2-1 but we played much better. I accept that.


On the corner kick incident…Yeah, I mean I think it’s pretty clear that the assistant shows down with his flag to play the corner kick, and if the referee feels it’s a throw in, he should have the decency to let everyone know. I think it’s a game-deciding situation, he has to look in the mirror and be brutally honest because he cost us the points today. I think we played a great game for the team, it was our sixth game in two weeks and it’s just a shame to lose the points because of… I thought the ref had a horrible game today, that’s what I think.On whether the referee said anything during the incident…Doesn’t say anything and just lets the play continue as if he were a part of Red Bulls team. I think it’s just common decency, if it’s that clear that your linesman shows to the corner flag, even I agree it was a throw in because I saw it the same way as him – but then you let everyone know. I talked with a couple of Red Bull players who were surprised as well. We have to speak about this because it’s not the first time we have games go against us because of the referees.On how the team can bounce back…We have a week till we travel to Colorado, I said to the team that I was proud of the way we played here today. They [RBNY] had a week’s rest, we came from 120 minutes in Orlando and penalty shootout defeat and came here and played really well as a team I thought, and it’s just a shame to lose the game like this, and yeah, I think I’ve said enough but we have to speak about it because I think many other players in the league agree with me. Even though we have VAR, we’re still making decisions that impact the game and the result, which is why we have it in the first place there and the mistakes are still happening. And yeah, I think it’s important to address.On the ‘courtesy’ part of what the referee should have done…Courtesy part of it, especially if your assistant is showing to the corner flag and everyone is expecting a corner, then you whistle and you say, ‘no no, it’s a throw in,’ you don’t just let the play go. It’s a shame, really.