Long Island Premier FC Boys Open Spots
All our teams play Top leagues and Tournaments.

LIPFC Boys Open spots available.

LIPFC boys 04II: EDP Division 2
4 or 5 Spots available

LIPFC Boys 05: NL EDP Division 1
1 Defender, Defensive Midfielder and Center Forward

LIPFC Boys 06II: EDP Division 2 or 3

LIPFC Boys 07: NL EDP Division 1
2 or 3 Spots open

LIPFC Boys 08: EDP Division 2

LIPFC Boys 09: EDP Division 2

LIPFC Boys 2010: EDP Division 2

All our Top LIPFC Boys II players are giving an opportunity to play on the top team during the season.

For more information contact us at longislandpremierfc@hotmail.com