EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – Numerous teams that are members of EDP Leagues and US Youth Soccer National League EDP Conferences qualified for regional competition later this summer by virtue of their successful runs in their respective State Cup tournaments. A total of 304 teams that play in EDP Leagues reached the semifinals or better, with 80 being crowned State Cup Champions.

These teams are members of six different state associations—Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA), Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA), New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (NJYSA), Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA), Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA), Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA). At least one boys’ and one girls’ club that participates in an EDP League won a State Cup in all six states.

In New Jersey, State Cups were contested in the 11U-19U age groups for boys and girls. And all 72 semifinalists across the 18 age groups play in an EDP League.

Members of EDP Leagues had similar success in Eastern Pennsylvania, finishing first in all 16 age groups (eight boys, eight girls). There were an additional 13 finalists (seven girls, six boys) and 29 semifinalists (15 girls, 14 boys).

All eight boys’ finals in the ENYYSA State Cup featured two teams that play in EDP Leagues. Fourteen teams reached the semifinals, as well. On the girls’ side, meanwhile, six of the ENYYSA State Cup Champions participate in EDP Leagues. Five others made the final and another 12 advanced to the semifinals.

It was also a clean sweep in Maryland, as clubs that take part in EDP Leagues met in all eight State Cup finals on the girls’ side. Seven boys’ teams won the MSYSA State Cup, with six of them defeating an opponent that’s also an EDP League member in the final. An additional 26 teams (13 boys, 13 girls) reached the semifinal stage.

In CJSA State Cup competition, seven boys’ and six girls’ championship teams are EDP League participants. Seven boys’ and six girls’ teams were finalists, and 11 of the finals (six boys, five girls) were between two teams that play in EDP Leagues. EDP was also represented by 24 semifinalists (13 girls, 11 boys).

Meanwhile, the VYSA State Cup saw three boys’ and one girls’ team that participate in EDP Leagues crowned champions. In addition, four boys’ and two girls’ teams reached the final, while five teams (three boys, two girls) advanced to the semifinals.

This success at the State Cup and regional level displays the quality of the teams and leagues throughout the areas serviced by EDP. Registration for the 2019-20 season is underway.