Red Bull's Kaka Goes Koo Koo In Kansas

Lets hope the injured spectator in Kansas City is OK. Sitting up close to the action can be fun, but sometimes also dangerous.

Figure Kaka, who was red carded last night in a 2-2 draw against Sporting Kansas City, will be suspended at least 3 games, and will receive a hefty fine by Commissioner Garber for his temper tantrum in trying to slam the ball against the sideline electronic board. If anything, Kaka has good aim when he kicks the ball, but not last night when his violent kick went above the board striking a spectator flush in the face in the game's closing minutes. .

The very talented Kaka seems like a nice enough fellow, but maybe has a short fuse.

The Red Bulls will be the losers missing his services for the next several games.

Team captain Luis Robles received a yellow card for his protestations. Seem like Robles is becoming unhinged picking up cards and although he still is performing well, it looks like he's become frustrated at his team's defensive lapses