OKLAHOMA CITY – The Women’s Premier Soccer League added 29 new clubs for the 2019 season, increasing the opportunities and level of competition for the game’s best female players in the largest women’s soccer league in the world, the league announced Friday.

The league now features clubs in four new states – Colorado, New Mexico, Maryland and Delaware – bringing the league total to 34 states represented in addition to one Canadian province.

The official 2019 region and conference alignment will be revealed next week.

Among the four regions, the Central Region adds the most with 10 new clubs. This is in part to the addition of three Colorado clubs along with the Utah Royals FC Reserves, which will join the two longtime Salt Lake City clubs in the conference.

Each South Region conference adds one new club with exception to the Carolinas Conference, which adds Wake FC and the Charlotte Lady Eagles.

The East Region adds six expansion clubs, three which will play another in the Mid-Atlantic Conference – OPSA Magic (Baltimore, Maryland), CAFC Ospreys (Dover, Delaware) and Philadelphia Lone Star FC.

Of the four West Region conferences, seven of the eight West expansion clubs will be in the Pac South Conference (San Diego/Southwest) or the Northwest Conference (Cascadia).


Albuquerque Sol FC
FC Arizona Women
ASC San Diego
Epic Soccer (Victoria, British Columbia)
FC Golden State Villa (Los Angeles)
PacNW Women (Seattle)
SanDiego Surf
Spokane SC Shadow


Alamo City (San Antonio)
Colorado-Aurora (Team Name TBA)
Elite Girl’s Academy (Omaha, Nebraska)
FC Boulder (Colorado)
Indios Denver FC
Lady Demize (Springfield, Missouri)
Mankato United Soccer Club (Minnesota)
Rochester United FC (Minnesota)
Salvo Soccer Club (St. Paul, Minnesota)
SouthStar FC (Dallas)


Charlotte Lady Eagles
North Alabama SC (Huntsville)
Orlando Kicks FC
Pensacola Academy FC
Wake FC (Raleigh, North Carolina)


CAFC Ospreys (Dover, Deleware)
Dayton Dutch Lions FC (Ohio)
Green Bay Glory (Wisconsin)
NJ Wizards SC Cedar Stars
OPSA Magic (Baltimore)
Philadelphia Lone Star FC