Red Bulls Beat LAFC 2-1 On Daniel Royer's Brace   
New York Red Bulls 2, LAFC 1
MLS Regular Season Match 22
Sunday, August 5, 2018 - 6 p.m. ET
Red Bull Arena | Harrison, N.J.
Scoring Summary: 
NY - Daniel Royer 7 (unassisted) 40'
LAFC - Diego Rossi 7 (Vela) 53'
NY - Daniel Royer 8 (Wright-Phillips, Rzatkowski) 80'
Misconduct Summary:
LAFC - Tyler Miller (caution, time wasting) 38'
NY - Bradley Wright-Phillips (caution, dissent) 60'
New York Red Bulls: Luis Robles ©; Michael Amir Murillo, Tim Parker, Aaron Long, Michael Amir Murillo, Sean Davis (Alex Muyl, 65'), Tyler Adams, Marc Rzatkowski, Daniel Royer (Derrick Etienne, Jr., 81'), Kaku (Connor Lade, 87'), Bradley Wright-Phillips
LAFC: Tyler Miller; Jordan Harvey, Steven Beitashour, Laurent Ciman ©, Walker Zimmerman (Danilo Silva, 84), Carlos Vela, Lee Nguyen, Benny Feilhaber (Eduard Atuesta, 58'), Latif Blessing, Diego Rossi, Adama Diomande (Marco Urena, 69')
Referee: Allen Chapman
Assistant Referees: Corey Rockwell, Jeremy Kieso
4th Official: Mark Geiger
VAR: Jorge Gonzalez
Attendance: 20,402
Daniel Royer completed his brace late in the second half to lead the New York Red Bulls (14-6-2, 44 pts) past LAFC (10-6-6, 36 pts), 2-1, on Sunday night at Red Bull Arena.The Red Bulls have won seven of their last nine matches.
Following a loose ball inside the box, Royer, from the ground, scored his seventh of the season for the 1-0 halftime lead.
LAFC's Carlos Vela sent a through ball into the 18-yard box for Diego Rossi, who finished his seventh goal of the year.
With the Red Bulls on the counterattack, Marc Rzatkowski sent a long pass from behind the midfield to a streaking Bradley Wright-Phillips. Wright-Phillips dribbled into the 18-yard box, fed Royer to the far post and finished the play for the game winner.
Royer has tallied at least a goal in back-to-back matches and third in the last four games.
The Austrian midfielder recorded his third career MLS brace and his seventh career game-winning goal.
Brian White, who was recently signed to a first-team contract from New York Red Bulls II, made his first career MLS 18-man roster.
The Red Bulls continued their success against Western Conference opponents, improving to 8-1-0.
New York has captured 26 of the possible 33 points at Red Bull Arena and have outscored their opponents, 29-10.
The Red Bulls are now 40-43-20 all-time in the month of August. New York has scored 172 goals while allowing 163 during the eighth month of the year.
New York continues to support the best home record in MLS since Red Bull Arena was built in 2010, with the most home wins (93) and points (310).
The Red Bulls begin a three-match road trip, which will be there longest span of league games away from Red Bull Arena, beginning with the Chicago Fire on Saturday, August 11. Kickoff is set for 8:30 p.m. ET with coverage on MSG, MSG GO and New York Red Bulls Radio in English and Spanish on TuneIn.
New York Red Bulls head coach Chris Armas


Q. Did you think that this game would be won in the midfield, and if so, what did you think of what Tyler did in there, breaking things up and generally kind of keeping their key play makers from being able to do that?
CHRIS ARMAS: I think lots of times, it is won in that midfield area. Coming into the game, we thought the big challenge, we had to deal with six dynamic attackers that can hurt you in so many different ways, and then can we take advantage of our opportunities the other way because we knew we'd be able to create some.

Because of so many rotations that they have and Vela popping underneath, you know, the cleverness of those guys, it was a big job for Sean and Tyler on the day and Kaku and Danny and Marc being tucked in, it's a big test that everyone had to be in on and for the most part, statistically, about nine shots -- it's great against their dynamic attack.

Q. How proud are you of Michael, outside of the goal that equalized the match, he frustrated Diego Rossi all game long?
CHRIS ARMAS: He's an impressive young man. He comes from Panama, and you know, Denis and Jesse, they bring this player in and so much has been thrusted upon him so quickly, a lot of success, he has a World Cup in there, he's an All-Star all of a sudden playing against Juventus, so to see him on the night, really had to defend and suffer a little bit, you know, the ankle, just smile inside and to see him grow in those moments makes you feel like we're making good progress with him. What a great night.

Q. And secondly, we talked to you about this. You were with Bob Bradley for four years with the Chicago Fire for your playing career. What is it like to now manage against Bob Bradley?
CHRIS ARMAS: What does it feel like to manage against Bob Bradley? Managing against Bob Bradley and his staff, we know really well, was preparing against Bob Bradley and his staff.

So on the day, there's little adjustments made and with what they do and some of our pressing, we mixed it up here and there, it was really trying to really understand their team, how they can hurt us and how we can hurt them. There's a lot to their team. You see how far -- he still continues to teach us as we watch his team play.

I think overall with Bob Bradley and, again, his staff, we go way back. There's such a love and respect that we have for each other, so just seeing him before the game was the best part of it. Just catching up for a few minutes, so for me, that was the special part about it. The game itself, you know, I was really focused on the game.

Q. Overall, how important was it to get this win and how your team gutted it out tonight?
CHRIS ARMAS: Well, yeah, look, winning at home -- it's a must. You have to win at home, and the guys, they get the credit because they dig deep themselves, they used the energy of each other; the fans start chanting, and you can feel it coming. It could have went the other way but our guys hung in there and they pushed. I think we saw belief that if we can keep putting out fires on one end; that both teams are tired and we created a few chances. How important is that win, that win at home, we just came off a tough loss at home where, in the second half, the guys showed a lot of fight and courage.

When you see some teams lose that game 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, we've seen it. So, to see the really good start that we had tonight, and then guys to have to really stay together and push and get the late one, it was great.

Then you see some of the other results this weekend, so we're probably in a pretty good spot based on the three points.

Q. Luis was very aggressive off his line tonight. In part, to deal with a lot of the speed that LAFC brought. Is that something you game planned for or just an adjustment on the fly?
CHRIS ARMAS: Well, with Luis, it's always part of our tactic. We play with a high-back line, it's no secret. We compress spaces forward. We press, so there needs to be a back line that's connected. Usually it's the midfield line or further that we're stepped up to.

So Luis being off his line and connected is really important. So knowing that, and we know LAFC; that they lead the league, if not second, they either lead the league or balls behind, runs behind, slashing runs. So them knowing how we play, us knowing how they play, it had to be there.

And I thought as the game went on, Luis got better and better at that. There was one scary moment in the second half that he's out there but I'll tell you, we told him to be aggressive. When in doubt, be aggressive, Luis, and it's not always easy for a goalkeeper to be in that uncharted territory but he did a great job.

Q. I had the same question as Dan, but there was -- just to add to that. You said there was a lot of familiarity between your coaching staff and their coaching staff, a bunch of you who played for the Fire many, many years ago. If you want to elaborate, feel free. And also, you talked about this love and respect that you have for Bob Bradley. Did the outfit choices have anything to do with that?
CHRIS ARMAS: Well, obviously we planned our outfits. We went shopping yesterday (laughter) Bob looks a little better than I do, I'd say. Still fitter than everybody around and he keeps us honest.

You know, if you start with Bob Bradley, you know, and there's others that, you know, he has even learned from, and you looked at the tree of people who have -- if you looked around the league, we sometimes count, 16, 17, 18, and you look what Jesse is doing, who -- so closely with Bob over the years, and even when he was a youngster.

One day, if not now, Bob must be proud of what's going on, but it's not an accident, right. Bob picked a heck of a group of people early on, and then -- who are all doing great things and he involving and growing and I think he has to be proud of that, you know.

So yeah, that staff with Ante Razov, Kenny Arena, Mike Sorber was a teammate; a lot of respect, a lot of relationships there. It goes back many years.

So I think it's incredible that Bob has affected and influenced so many people in our organization here, Denis and me and CJ, and if you look around, one day, it will be really talked about, how incredible, the influence he's been.

Q. Carlos was pretty limited tonight. Can you speak on how the game plan -- maybe to prevent him from getting on the ball as much as he tends to do, and maybe how Tyler and Sean helped corral him?
CHRIS ARMAS: Yeah, he's a world-class player. We've gotten to see it time and time again. So these guys are difficult because they stay in blinds spots. They find spaces. They pop up where you're not, and it's just a feel for the game that players like him have, so it's not really a one-man job. We can see that, you know, at half time we talked about it and even looked at some of the clips where he's just finding space. It's just difficult.

So is it that the certainty backs have to be connected or is it that Tyler and Sean have to move into the game a little bit more, or is it the outside back's job all of a sudden, or other times, it's Danny and Marc really compressing.

So we just have to outnumber them on these areas, so if he's on the ball, quickly we can take time and space away, because you see with time and space, good players can hurt you, and for the most part, we I think did a pretty good job, and he had one really good look in the second half. I thought for sure it was in the back of the net. But our guys did a good job not fouling, running at the ball and taking that away.

Q. We just watched the ceremony for Brad. Be tough not to ask about him. We know about the goals and humility, but for you, what is your favorite thing about Brad and what is your favorite moment with him as a coach or something he's done on the field, off the field, that sticks out to you?
CHRIS ARMAS: Look, every so often, a guy like this comes around and you can only be so fortunate to spend some time with a player and a person like this.

So for every young player, either in our academy and comes through, and first-team player, how for fortunate that they can watch a guy and remind guys -- and I tell players, watch this guy: Watch how he shows up every day and watch what real work looks like. Watch how he interacts people. Watch how he takes to Nancy, the woman who prepares our food. Watch how he deals with the bus drivers, and it goes on and on and on.

He gets it. He gets life this way. And you watch him with his family and then you really understand, and as Denis said earlier, what he does in that second goal, he's knackered at that point, right, but he's fighting and he knows he's going to get a chance and sure enough, in his fashion, he passes it perfectly.

That's the gist of it with him. And I'll tell you, in all the years, there's not so many guys that have such an ease around. He's a superstar, he really is.

We should all be fortunate that we're watching a guy, that we get to see him up close and me that gets to work with him for these four years and he has such an ease. How is it possible for an 18-year-old, he roomed with Cristian Casseres this last trip and it works, he can do that. He speaks and people listen. Again, he has shown the way. What a legend. So today, to see him have to suffer a little bit after the game in that ceremony, I think, as they said, enjoy the few minutes.

A special moment with or for Brad, I'm not sure (laughter). You know, tonight was one of them, just seeing him have to sit back and accept the recognition for once, because he never wants it, and we forced it on him. I told him before the game, it's not our fault. You scored the hundred, not me, you know what I mean, so you've got to take the recognition.

Q. You talked so much about the goals that he scores and he certainly could have taken a shot on that spot there; he's alone inside the 18 there. How fitting is it that he rolls out a perfect feed to Daniel? You touched on it a little bit, but just the essence of that?
CHRIS ARMAS: I think Denis said it. It's perfect. It's better than him scoring. You know, he's going to score lots more goals for this team. He does it consistently.

But to see it -- the run, to stay on-side, to know his chances are going to come. He had a couple looks tonight, put himself in good spots, he stays patient, he knows he's going to get the chance, and before the game, every knew that the most important thing tonight for Brad tonight was three points. It was said.

To see it end that way, it's great. The game-winning play he makes, at sift, I think it's really fitting that he puts it in a really good way for Danny, but I think we can also appreciate the running, the pressing, the coming back into the game. I'm watching him sprint down the field when he sees Kaku is out of the spot and he's just a giver this way.

Again, in our world here in professional sports, you don't always see that; the superstar, the guy, the goal scorer, to work and work so much and run so much for the team. It's a thing of beauty, really. Congrats to Brad and for the three points and for the recognition that he received tonight. So, deserved.



On New York Red Bulls midfielder Daniel Royer


On tonight’s match…

We showed our typical mentality, our team spirit and that was really important. I think we wanted the win just a little more than LAFC. On the first one of course, it was a little lucky that the ball bounced right in front of my feet, so I just tried to kick it in and yeah that was lucky. The second goal was set up really nice. Great pass from Marc I think to Brad. As I already mentioned, not every striker passes the ball and he’s just incredible. He could’ve tried to shoot himself.


On how LAFC played compared to how they are advertised…

I think that’s a really good team. They always try to play, but it’s not easy to play against us with our pressing, with our counterpressing, forechecking and everything. That’s our style of soccer. It’s not always easy for them to play through, but you can see they have a lot of quality to their team and they are a really good team, but as I mentioned we did a really good job, we worked so hard and at the end of the day I think we just wanted it a little more and that’s why we got the win today.


On his chemistry with BWP…

He’s just a goal scoring machine and he will always score his goals, but somebody has to get it at the end of the plays and today that was me, but usually it’s him. As I said, big credit to him that he passes the ball.

On BWP’s selflessness…

Absolutely. That play says everything. He had a decent angle to shoot and to score a goal. But after the game he told me he heard me yelling and he saw me and he thought I had a better position, so he passed the ball and that’s just great.


On feeling like they wore down LAFC…

As I said we were working really hard and especially on a hot summer day like today it’s really tough and we were just going after it. Even when we conceded the goal we didn’t give up and we just continued, we just went for it and that’s the reason why we created more chances, that’s the reason why we won.


New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Luis Robles



On Bradley Wright-Phillips being overlooked…

Unfortunately, because of the territory Major League Soccer, we’re just not there yet. It continues to get better, the product increases each and every year. Look at LAFC, they’re an expansion team, and the quality that their roster possesses is amazing because they’re willing to spend, they’re willing to put their best foot forward, and this is what we need. As this league continues to get better it’s about the quality on the field and even though we’re in a major market and we’ve had so much success over the last five years, last six years, unfortunately it just comes down to where we are with Major League Soccer but the future is bright, I’m optimistic with what I see that the momentum continues to push itself forward, and it’s not a matter of if but when Major League Soccer finally transcends onto the major sports landscape, not only in this market but for this country.


Question on what makes Tim Parker different from other defenders you’ve played with…

This off season we spoke about wanting to get better and part of that is through free agent signings, part of that is through transactions that occur before the season and right when the season starts, and I know that Jesse [Marsch] has been an admirer of Tim for a long time. It’s not just this off season, he’s been watching the last couple years. I think, at least in the background, he’s always been trying to make a move, I think we’re just really fortunate that it worked out for us because that pairing of him and Aaron Long is not only great for this team but the future for the U.S. National Team, and as they continue to work together, the way that they have a great understanding, in my mind it’s no doubt that we’ve conceded the least amount of goals and then you pair them with the outside backs and guys. Whether it’s Connor [Lade], even the time Kyle Duncan came in or whoever’s numbers called there’s just so many good guys that understand how we want to play and they contribute, and when you have a guy like Tim, who sets the standard, who continues to be consistent and doesn’t cheat anyone, he holds guys accountable and works his tail week in and week out, then it’s no surprise that the results have been the way that they have. I’m just glad that he’s in our team and I’m glad that we continue to do well defensively, but if you ask him, he knows that the work is not even half done, there’s still so much to be done. We still feel we can be better as a unit defensively and we know that we have big ambitions, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done, and as long as we maintain the side of hunger and humility, we believe that we can get that.


On tonight’s bounce back and win…

Tonight, was a huge win because so far this season when you look at our resume we’ve had some really big wins against some really big teams, and we wanted to continue that, especially when you look at last week and just how disappointing our performance was. Getting beat on two set-pieces, just not starting the game well against an Eastern Conference opponent, we knew that we had to wait to come out strong. When you look at them statistically, the first half they score a bulk of their goals. They’re a dangerous team, they’ve got some amazing players and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them represent the Western Conference in the final. Hopefully along with us in the Eastern Conference, but they’re a good team and we knew coming in if we start the game like we did against Columbus we’re going to be in for a long night, and it was great to see how we were good on set-pieces, we were alert, we were organized, and for the most part we just didn’t give out much. There’s a lot over the top; we know that they lead the league when it comes to through balls so that’s something we had to be mindful of. For the most part just look at their chances, we still didn’t give them much. The most important thing is we got the win, the three points, but with that being said, I know that when we look at the video we’re not going to be satisfied because we felt like we could have got a shut-out and that’s our goal, each and every time we step onto the field is to get a shut-out.


Bradley Wright-Phillips
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: First of all, I want to thank you guys for all the criticism over five years -- no, I'm joking. Honestly, thank you for covering me. You've said some nice things, yeah, and it's been a nice journey, so thank you, keep it up. Keep the nice remarks. We'll have a good relationship.

Q. After coming here almost 5 1/2 years ago, did you ever think you would have this type of success here in Major League Soccer?
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: No, I can't lie, no. I didn't think -- I definitely didn't think I'd get a hundred goals. I think, me as a person, I don't think that far forward, anyway, but to have a number retired and Denis and Marc to be saying those kind of things about me is the last thing on my mind.
Q. You're that rare superstar who doesn't like the limelight but did you get to appreciate and enjoy that ceremony? These are things that generally you don't --
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: Sorry to cut you. It was amazing. People, you know -- once I'm there and I see it and all the fans stayed behind, that's another thing -- thank you for saying behind, that was amazing.
Yeah, it's overwhelming. I really appreciated it.
Q. You've established yourself as a club legend and you've scored goals over the last five, six years but you're 33. Do you want to finish your career out here with the New York Red Bulls and if so, how much more time do you think you have?
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: Good question. I don't know, I feel good. I feel fit, sharp. I said from the beginning of the season, this is my best off-season. I've done a lot of work and this season, I feel way better than I did last season.
Yeah, and to your other question, if it's up to me, football, you can never say -- whenever it's up to me, I'll stay here forever.
Q. I wanted to take you back to that first season when you came in midway point, season ends, and I think you have one goal that year, some growing pains coming in. When that year ended, did you feel like -- did you know you wanted to stay or was there some doubt? What was your mind-set after that first half of the season?
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: Yeah, it's not often someone comes in straightaway and explodes. I had a hamstring injury and I wasn't in the team all the time, so I didn't think I'd be gone, I didn't know how things worked here; I'm just working my way in. Maybe when I look back, it's lucky they kind of kept me. Looking back, I fought my way in, and I thought, I'll have another year, but who knows.
Q. How important was it to get this win with everything that was going on, and just your pass to Royer, your decision there?
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: Yeah, so the win today, you're saying? Yeah, I won't lie to you, in the car -- because I knew something was happening today. I was thinking, imagine if we lose and they are doing all -- you know what I mean? And then you're asking fans to stay behind and clap for a player and you don't know how you're going to play that day, so very important. Well done Danny Royer.

He's in a better position than me -- maybe I can score but he has a better chance to score. I think it's the obvious decision.
Q. Going into this game, obviously you kind of touch on it, but just the mind-set that you have with the celebration that's going to happen after the game and then you have a chance, really early on in the game. How does that affect you --
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: That's important, by the way. I was blocked.
Q. How does that affect you the rest of the game? It seemed like it was a game you maybe seemed tired in the final third and there was a lot of shots for you guys but not a lot of shots on target?
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: I don't know, I think we started great. I think we were creating a few chances. I think we were better the early part the first half -- I was happy to keep going how we're going. At home, it's not often we don't score.
I was kind of happy with it -- I don't know if he wasn't, I have to watch it back, but I was kind of happy with the first half, especially.
Q. Just coming back to, more so, your way here, you came from Manchester City and everything, and your family having such a legacy in England. How is it to make your own name here in America for you and your family and here in MLS?
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: Yeah, it's kind of the plan. I wouldn't say the full plan. Like I came here to kind of get away from England and yeah, make my own name for myself.
I didn't realize how much I was in the shadows. I had had that question so many times but I didn't realize I was in the shadows until I came here and it was good, because not a lot of people knew who my dad was, I don't know if they followed Arsenal in those days. So it was nice to be Bradley Wright-Phillips and not Ian's son -- was that all answer all right? You had kind of a blank stare on your face.
Q. LAFC is a team that's known to stumble late, late goals. Seemed like late on you were pressing like you felt something might be there.
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: I think that's something we spoke about in the week but to tell the truth when you're in the game, I personally don't think, you know, are they normally get tired around there.
I just think we're a very fit team. So sometimes if towards the end of a game, if it looks like we're all over a team it's because we train like this. We train like this. Our preseason's tough. We know if we can stay in the game towards the end, it will probably be on our terms.
Q. Marc mentioned it during the ceremony, the three head coaches, and I just wanted to get your perspective on playing for pecky, Marsch and Armas, and when Armas was hired, there was a video of you embracing him during practice. How important is it for you to step in in that situation and what has your relationship been like in a club where Marc said you're kind of the one constant through this whole period?
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: Yeah, there's not many of us, you're right. I just tried to be me. I think all of the coaches have brought something different, and yeah, and brought something out in me. Each year I've tried to just become a leader and do what I can with the young guys around the club. I think -- sorry, what was that -- I was rambling on there.
Q. How has it been different, each coach, and how important was it when Chris was hired, embracing being the star player?
BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS: Well, I think when Jesse came in, it changed from almost superstars to a hard-working young bunch of honest guys.
With the transition with Chris, because he's been there the whole time, not much changed in how we're going to play and our outlook on, yeah, what we want to get from games, but it's just the personality switch, really. Chris is a lot more relaxed. Yeah, the details don't really change too much. With Jesse and Chris, there's not too much changed.

 Los Angeles Football Club Head Coach Bob Bradley

Q. Your overall thoughts on tonight game?
BOB BRADLEY: Hard-fought game. Difficult conditions. I thought we did a good job to get back to 1-1 and really lost the game -- we have a real chance now from our end, but we still make some mistakes. Bradley Wright-Phillips started running between Jordan and Laurent, and we don't do a good enough job and I hate to see.

Q. Quick turnaround?
BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, quick turnaround. Size everybody. Semifinal, so everybody will be excited. I've said many times, I think we're going if a good direction but certainly not making plays late in games.

Q. What has Jordan brought?
BOB BRADLEY: Jordan's experienced, works hard, still improving. The idea is in terms of how we play football, he's really done well to take new ideas and very pleased with what he's done to help us here.

Q. Are you playing more than you thought in the beginning of the season?
BOB BRADLEY: I knew he was an important guy. We also feel like -- he's continuing to make progress as a young player, and in those ways, we feel good about having two players.

Q. With semifinal on the cusp, any thoughts of tinkering with the roster or rotation?
BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, you think about that but we're also at a point in the season where we feel like we're fit -- I want to putt a good team on the field today, and then size up everything and then put a good team on the field Wednesday.

Q. Without Kaye, are you going to be looking to Eduard and Benny Feilhaber as a central mid-pairing going forward?
BOB BRADLEY: Well, Eduard has been very good for us this year. He didn't start today primarily because he was out for four weeks and he came on when Mark-Anthony Kaye was injured.

So with the fast turnaround, Eduard was a guy that we had the feeling that it was going to be hard for him to put in two 90-minute efforts at this point, and then we also are excited with what Andre Horta can bring, and like any player who comes into the league at this point in the year, there's a little bit of time to adapt. But we feel confident that he's going to make a difference.

Q. What do you think about the overall play of the rookies?
BOB BRADLEY: I thought Diego was excellent today. Constant threat. Obviously scores the goal and putts so much into it.

As a young player in this league, he started really well. There was a little period where it didn't come quite as easy, but I think he's started well.


 LAFC Forward Diego Rossi


On feelings after an intense game…

Yeah, well we knew it was going to be that type of game where it’s a difficult team. We came to face the game like that and the goal helped us, but we have to keep on going in this path. We know that we’re well and we have to keep on going with this confidence.


On adaptation to MLS from playing in the Uruguayan league…

Honestly, I feel well, gaining confidence and it’s another rhythm

m, another type of game–totally different–and honestly, I am adapting well and the team too. The last couple of games we haven’t got the results, but the group is united and we’ll know how to get past this. 


LAFC Defender Jordan Harvey

On tonight’s game...

Man, it was a battle of contrasting styles. They had a team that was high press and direct, and then defensively just buzzing all over the field. We like to keep the ball and try to control the game, so it was kind of a battle in that way. The first half, you could see that, the contrasting styles. In the second half, I thought we did well. We got the goal, and I thought we had control of the game. It was difficult, because I feel like we’ve had lapses in the past two games, and that’s what happened tonight; we had a lapse. It was a direct ball over the top. We’ll have to watch it again but that was the goal that sealed it for them.

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