Shorthanded Red Bulls Blank Dallas 3-0

New York Red Bulls 3, FC Dallas 0
MLS Regular Season Match 15
Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 6 p.m. ET
Red Bull Arena | Harrison, N.J.
Scoring Summary: 
NY - Bradley Wright-Phillips 11 (Tyler Adams) 23'
NY - Aaron Long 2 (Sean Davis) 39'
NY - Kemar Lawrence 1 (Kaku)
Misconduct Summary:
NY - Daniel Royer (ejection, serious foul play) 27'
DAL - Reto Ziegler (caution, persistent infringement) 72'
DAL - Reto Ziegler (ejection, extra flag to checker) 90'
New York Red Bulls: Luis Robles ©; Connor Lade, Tim Parker, Aaron Long, Kemar Lawrence, Sean Davis, Tyler Adams, Kaku (Alex Muyl, 64'), Florian Valot (Aurelien Collin, 89'), Daniel Royer, Bradley Wright-Phillips (Derrick Etienne, Jr., 76')
FC Dallas: Jesse Gonzalez; Reggie Cannon, Matt Hedges ©, Reto Ziegler, Maynor Figueroa (Tesho Akindele, HT), Ryan Hollingshead, Carlos Gruezo, Jacori Hayes (Paxton Pomykal, 62'), Kellyn Acosta (Michael Barrios, 32'), Roland Lamah, Maxi Urruti
Referee: Robert Sibiga
Assistant Referees: CJ Morgante, Ian Anderson
4th Official: Sorin Stoica
VAR: Dave Gantar
Attendance: 20,827
The New York Red Bulls (9-4-2, 29 pts) used three different goal scorers to cruise past FC Dallas (8-2-5, 29 pts), 3-0, on Saturday night at Red Bull Arena. New York extended its home unbeaten streak to four league matches and has outscored its opponents, 9-1 during the stretch.
New York's 3-0 dominant win snapped FC Dallas' seven-match unbeaten streak.
The Red Bulls were just the second team this season to score three goals and defeat Dallas in 2018.
New York has scored at least three goals at Red Bull Arena in six of eight matches this season.
Wright-Phillips tapped in a Tyler Adams cross 23 minutes in for a 1-0 lead.
Down to 10 men, New York doubled their lead in the 39th minute of a corner kick. Sean Davis swung in the kick and Aaron Long timed his shot off the bounce for his second of the season.
Once Kaku found Kemar Lawrence streaking down the left-hand side, Lawrence dribbled towards the end line and snuck his shot to the near post and past Jesse Gonzalez for New York's third and final goal.
Wright-Phillips has scored a goal in the last three matches across all competitions and moved within three of Josef Martinez's Golden Boot lead.
BWP raised his career league total to 97 and 115 across all competitions.
Wright-Phillips moved into a three-way tie with Clint Dempsey and Carlos Ruiz for 12thall-time in league history with 25 game-winning goals.
Lawrence not only tallied his first goal of 2018, he became the 15th different goal scorer this season across all competitions.
Long scored his third career goal, two of which have come against FC Dallas.
Kaku's assist to Lawrence raised his season total to 10, extending his league lead to two.
Luis Robles tallied a game-high six saves for his eighth win of the season. Robles improved to 88-54-44 all-time in net as a Red Bull.
Robles recorded his 53rd career league clean sheet, moving him into a tie with Troy Perkins for 11th all-time.
New York's home dominance continued as it improved to 90-21-31 all-time since Red Bull Arena was built in 2010. The Red Bulls 90 wins and 301 points are the most since 2010.
The Red Bulls success against the Western Conference extended with the 3-0 win over Dallas. New York is 6-1-0 this season against teams from the West and have outscored their opponents, 17-4.
The Red Bulls are now 35-44-21 all-time in the month of June. New York has scored 137 goals while allowing 157 during the sixth month of the year.
Head coach Jesse Marsch is 57-35-25 all-time with New York. Marsch is now 40-8-11 in home matches with the Red Bulls.New York will go on the road for the next two matches against Eastern Conference foes. The Red Bulls will travel to face Toronto on July 1 then head to Yankee Stadium to play NYCFC on July 8. Both matches will be featured on the FOX network.
New York Red Bulls Head Coach Jesse Marsch

Q. On a day today where it was a little bit of a strange one, of course, with Royer being sent off -- well, originally booked and then changed by VAR to be sent off. Do you feel in a certain way after the red card, was this a bit of a statement game, you went from pressing 11 to pressing 10 and took the whole thing.

JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, what it was was a show of our character. So you know, we talk a lot around here about our style of play and our tactics and all the different things that we try to be about from a soccer, technical perspective. But this was more to do about the character of the group and their commitment and their mentality and their will on the day to play for each other and do whatever it was going to take.

And I told them, I think this may be, of all the great wins we've had at home, this may be our best one ever. You call it a showcase; yeah, I would say, you know, it's just -- it's a nice moment when you can see a team that is so together and so committed and is going to do whatever it takes. That's always going to make a coach proud.

And I think to the man, I think they all dug in, had their backs against the wall at different moments, made plays, defended, fought for each other. So yeah, really, really good performance and one think that I will continue to galvanize our group and make us better.

Q. Just facing FC Dallas, really a team parallel to you guys in development and the way you play, talk a little about taking the risk with continuing to play what American Soccer Analytics called the highest line and hardest press in the League?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, I mean, well, first, let's start with Dallas. I have a lot of respect for their club and a lot of respect for their coach. He's had a lot of really good seasons there. You know, won Supporters’ Shield, won Open Cups. Retooled the team this year to be as good as ever and they only have one loss on the year before tonight, right.

So we knew we were in for a big challenge, and if you would have told me we were going to go down a man in the 26th minute, I would have said it was going to be a long night for us, and once again, we showed what we're about.

You called it a risk. We don't think the way we play is risky. We think the way we play is proactive and aggressive and we think that our way is about imposing ourselves on the opponent and making the game the type of game that we want.

And so, I can see why you can say it's risk, but even in some of the American soccer analyst articles, they talk about how few chances we give up, how few, you know, final third passes, final third chances, those kind of things, and so in some ways, you consider it a risk and in other ways, you could say it's actually really intelligent the way we play.

I know one of the best things about our team right now is that there's a total belief that this is the way the game is supposed to be played. Even when we watch the World Cup, there's comments in the locker room about like, look, why is that team sitting back, they should go and press them and go after them. I know it's Germany but let's go get 'em.

That's just now part of who our group is. It's in the DNA, right, and part of it is who they are as individuals and part of it is the reward they have had for being here and playing like this.

So you know, this is who we are. We like who we are. You know, but there's more to go but tonight's a good night for sure.

Q. I was hoping you would comment on the goals from Aaron Long and Kemar Lawrence more so than Bradley Wright-Phillips, because we know that he can do that when he wants -- having your defenders being able to push forward and get in there and get the set piece for the running play.
JESSE MARSCH: Aaron is always a threat. He's so good in the air. He's very athletic and so he's always good on set pieces. We run a lot of things to try to free him up and try to get him opportunities, so great for him to get a goal.

And what a big goal at the time, right. And I guess they were -- went to VAR on that because they were thinking there might be a line of sight with the off-side, so I don't know, I haven't seen it. I thought there was a lot of people, so it was hard to decipher who was in the way and who wasn't.

I told Kemar Lawrence after the game that I don't even know who he is when he's scoring goals and drawing red cards and all this kind of stuff. But Kemar -- you know what, Kemar, he's a guy that has a great mentality, who works for the team always, is an incredible defender, takes so much pride in defending and not giving up goals and not losing duels and not losing one-on-ones.

So you know, it's nice for a guy like him to get rewarded for some other things so that people can appreciate more of the things that he's really good at. And I was laughing with him, too, because now he's doing interviews after the game and I'm sure you guys are going to go talk to him now. You know, he's like a superstar tonight, so it's good for him.

Q. I wanted to ask you about Kemar because he just seems like he's been more of a vocal leader this season. I saw in the seventh minute, when Kaku goes down, you talk about being proactive, he ran over to you and seemed like you were going over some things. How much has he evolved from 2015 to now on the field being a leader?
JESSE MARSCH: You know, I mean, if you go through Kemar's history here, when he first arrived, you could right away tell he wasn't just a kid from Jamaica, a kid from the island. He had more. He had more ideas. He had more questions. He had more thoughts, and he had more pride than a lot of the guys that I've seen from his area.

And you know, at certain times, he would kind of say, "Well, listen, man, I'm from Jamaica, this isn't always easy for me. You ask me to be intense all the time. That's now how we do things."

I said to him, "You're different. That's why you're here. You're not like everyone else from Jamaica," and that's not a bad thing. I love Jamaica, too. I've been there on vacation. The people are amazing. But Kemar has something for different and unique about him and he had to invest in that and really believe in it and help him drive him to be bigger and better, and I think he's done that.

And so this year, for me specifically, he's been more on too much the details, had more concentration, become more of a leader, become more vocal and become more of a complete player and a complete person. His family is here now. In every way, I'm really proud of how far Kemar has come and what he means to our club. So, yeah, I mean -- yeah.

Q. In many ways, is that first goal, really kind of set the tone for this game because not just the finish, obviously, but leading up to it, Kaku is battling for a ball, it's a 50/50 for Danny, Tyler rushes in, all the guys involved in that had to put in a little extra?
JESSE MARSCH: We can't expect -- we expect them to sit back a little bit. We didn't expect them to sit as deep as they did.

So I was trying to get the word out early on to really have a rhythm and a speed to which we played so that their sitting back and clogging things up wasn't going to be rewarded. And a lot of the times, our way of breaking teams down isn't by beautiful passes in football but by sometimes losing the ball, counter pressing it, getting it right back, and sometimes a defense is most vulnerable when they actually win the ball and then lose it right away again.

So that play was a perfect example of that. We lost the ball but Tyler was aggressive to jump on the next ball. Led to him getting in behind and led to an easy goal. In our mind, that's our way of playing and breaking down teams, is easier than putting 15 passes together in a compact team that's organized. That way, we can break teams down.

I thought that was a good tactical goal, good alertness, and then yeah, the ability to slow down and make the play at the end was important.

What we got going on here? Where you guys from?

Q. Coach I'm from Fort Lee High School in North Bergen County.
JESSE MARSCH: Awesome, man. Welcome. Good to have you guys here.

Q. My question is about the veteran leadership and how you thought players were able to help the team, along with your coaching staff, being a man down early in the game and continuing to score throughout.
JESSE MARSCH: It's a good question. Good stuff, my man.

Yeah, you're right, it was a difficult moment, and Danny is an important guy on the team, too. So when you lose him, then you need guys to step up and make sure that they all take a little bit bigger role and a little bit more leadership, and then, you know, when you're a man down, we always harp on the details and the concentration, but when you're a man down, that often becomes the most important part of managing the game, and so there were a few moment the -- and that was my reminder to them at half-time because there were moments where one guy would tune out and all of a sudden there was a gap in our team and they were able to find a half-chance or hit the cross-bar or whatever.

But I felt like in the second half, they had a lot of like total alertness and commitment from everyone and it really helped us manage the game.

Q. You and Tyler were having a conversation after that red card. What were the main tactical instructions that you gave your team after that happened?
JESSE MARSCH: Well, right after the red card, we talked about the formation, but we weren't really -- our pressing was off a little bit and some of our tactical movement. We made that adjustment at half time. What I said to Tyler at that moment was I wanted him to communicate and always be looking around and making sure things are organized.

Tyler has grown so much over the past two years, three years, but you know, that sort of piece of making sure that he is aware and putting everyone where he needs them, because his tendency is if he sees something, to just do the job himself, and he can do that. He's that gifted.

But what will be important for him in his overall development is to make sure that he's always controlling what the team is doing and aware of what's happening around him.

New York Red Bulls Goalkeeper Luis Robles

On tonight’s match after a short break…
Overall, as a team, we are a phenomenal team. When we think about the fact that we played at least 60 minutes a man down, I’m not sure exactly what minute that happened, but it felt like for the majority of the game we played a man down and yet I can’t think of a clear-cut chance. There were some half chances. The way the team played defense was absolutely incredible and yet everything that we’ve seen we know that we’re capable of that and even more. So, for us it’s this idea that we’ve got to continue to build off of each performance and build towards what we want to be and that is a championship team.

On Kemar Lawrence’s transition into a team leader…
Kemar is such a great character in this locker room. He not only brings a lot of positivity but just energy. And it’s not just in the locker room but in the game and we saw that today. The way he was able to get up and down the line, he created mismatches, he was a headache for them all ninety minutes and then, even when they tried to play the ball on the weak side, it’s not easy to win a header over him. So, it’s great that he got the goal but all together what he was able to do along with the entire defensive unit was amazing and that shut down a very, very, good Dallas attack.

On the team’s tactical changes following Royer’s sendoff…
Credit to the coaching staff to put us in a good position when they did the tactical shift so that we were able to continue going after the game and then, of course, credit to the guy. The way they were willing to dig deep and find a way to not only get a result but to get a convincing result. We all feel for Danny [Royer]. We felt like it was a bit unlucky with how it went down. At halftime, the way he apologized to the guys, everyone thought, not only are we going to get this result but we’re going to do it for Danny. I’m glad it worked out the way that it did.

New York Red Bulls forward Bradley Wright-Phillips

On being down a player for most of the game…
Obviously it showed great character. I think everyone dug in, you can’t pick out one player that didn’t play well today. Credit to the club and to the coaches.

On getting fouled and looking for an outlet…
It kind of broke away and I just played Kaku. As I played him I got a kick, but I was thinking make a play, but also get a foul to take some of the energy out of their game. I didn’t see the goal, but I heard it was a good finish.

On two defenders scoring goals…
It’s nice. Honestly, I like goals coming from everywhere. It always takes the pressure off the attacking players having to get goals. What a goal Aaron Long’s was today. Great finish.

On being three goals away from 100…
It definitely wasn’t the plan. But you don’t come somewhere and say I don’t want to score. It wasn’t the plan, I didn’t think I would get to 100 and goals and I haven’t yet, I don’t know what can happen. If I did it would be amazing for this club, how they’ve treated me, how they’ve accepted me, the fans have taken to me. It would be nice, I can’t lie.

New York Red Bulls defender Kemar Lawrence

On the team’s performance:
It’s funny because as soon as we went up 2-0 in the first half we were just really going to defend but coming into the halftime I already said to the guys just show what we’re made of, show what we’re about, and as defenders we kind of love these games. We don’t want them to happen often but when it does happen we love it because we get to prove a point, we get to prove how solid our defense line is and I thought we did that tonight but getting a goal is always fun. You know, I’m not one that is all about the goals, I’m more about clean sheets, my team getting three points but getting the goal was fun. The guys created a great play, snuck me in, I got a good touch and nobody was in the box for me to pass to so I decided to shoot. I shot, the keeper was kind of cheating a bit. It’s not really a big deal, but I’m really happy about the three points.

On having a few days off this week…
I kind of felt more heavy than when I was playing back-to-back. I think the last couple of training sessions I asked all the guys and everyone was kind of feeling a bit heavy. Maybe, sometimes you know a couple of days off kind of do that to you. When you go back for the first training session, the second training session, you kind of got knocked out of the rhythm for a little bit. Coming into the game everyone feel fine and we just wanted to get on the field and play and really go out there and make a mark, and I think we did that today.

On the goal play that was assisted by Kaku…
It’s been a couple of days. Me and him have been at it for a couple of days in a more friendlier way because he sees so much things sometimes. He’s so good at seeing Brad, he’s so good at seeing the midfielder peeling off a defender’s shoulder. So sometimes I’m running from so far that he sees me but he’s like, Kemar is running from so far, I don’t want to play him. But sometimes, lately I’ve been telling him like put it in the space, you know I’m going to get there. I got the speed to get there so just put it in the space and let me get there but he’s so good at making hard plays look so easy that sometimes when he passes to somebody else I’m like, ‘Yo Kaku, the things you do I can’t do,’ better than commend him on that but on this play definitely I was just yelling his name.

New York Red Bulls Young Designated Player Kaku

On the result and going down a man early:
Yes, I am happy to be honest, because we were able to win. I was able to provide an assist, that’s also important but I look at the fact that the team gave it its all, even though it went a man down.

On the team’s success despite being down a man:
Yes, we work on that. Many times we play 10v8, 10v9, that’s good because we sought to have the ball when we’re down a man and I think that is what happened.

On his assist to Kemar Lawrence:
He was screaming at me from midfield, and to be honest I saw him, gave it to him, he’s very fast and luckily the ball went in.

On having a few days off after Paraguay camp and how he feels:
Yes, it was good for me because we had racked up tons of games and sometimes you need to rest in order to be 100 and to give it your all for the team. I think it was good for me and now I’m good for the rest of the season.

On adjusting to the Red Bulls and MLS:
Yes, the truth is that studying was very important when I got here. I spoke to Denis, I spoke to Jesse about what I needed in order to better communicate and then transfer that onto the field. And that is what is happening now. I feel great with my teammates, I understand many things with my teammates, I feel very happy. And then the other thing, with Brad, we ran into each other at these games [in Central Park], and it is a bit tiring because the kids want to get on every ride.

FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening Statement:
OSCAR PAREJA: First, congratulations. They played a remarkable game. Playing with ten men, being able to hold the result, the lead, at the beginning of the game, playing that hard just to create options, it was very good.

From us, very frustrated. We had the opportunity to level the game. We had some opportunities to create -- for them but tonight, we have to learn from this experience. As I said to the players, we have the desire to put them on the field and try to do the things that I assign you to do and all these things. But today wasn't the day and things couldn't come together and we take that as a result.

Q. The Red Bulls are a team that they are very high-energy and they win a lot of games, just kind of with that. Was this a case where you guys, despite the advantage, 11-10, didn't match their intensity?
OSCAR PAREJA: I would say that they have a lot of energy and for some reason we couldn't match that. We have many parts of the game where we could have done a better job but we couldn't. As I said, it was a night to just learn and review and see what happened because today it really -- we don't make it.

Q. Acosta came off after half an hour. Was that injury-related or something else?
OSCAR PAREJA: You know, we have the advantage of one man and we wanted to move forward, we decided to go with three midfielders in the middle that can cover ground, but when we went one man up, we wanted to add another forward and we wanted to sacrifice one of those midfielders, and in this case that was him.

Q. Was that tactical? He had issues with his groin but was he good?
OSCAR PAREJA: He has been getting back into his rhythm, and we are trying to add minutes and to give him a chance to recover and be himself. But today it was more tactical decision just to have another forward.

Q. He walked right off through the tunnel, looked pretty upset. Do you understand that reaction or are you upset?
OSCAR PAREJA: No, no. I understand. I understand the players. We are all frustrated but I back the players up, especially in a situation like this.

You know, in this moment is when they need us the most, especially a leader, and today, what happened in the game, that upset us, but the first analysis has to come from us, especially from me. But with the players now and the attitude, we can become frustrated and it's normal. Kellyn gives his heart for this team and has grown here, and I know that he has frustration of no, sir being able to help in the moment, but Kellyn is fine.