Red Bull's Kemar Lawrence Cleared To Play

For anyone who watched last Sunday New York Red Bull defender Kemar Lawrence laying motionless on the turf field in Atlanta, you had to wonder if Lawrence's season, was in jeopardy, and maybe also his soccer career.

Fortunately, he's OK, and has been medically cleared to play this weekend.

Head coach Jesse Marsch announced yesterday that all tests came back negative -- but so far, there's been no explanation by the club as to what was wrong with Lawrence.

But, here's BOTN's arm chair diagnosis of Dr. Lawrence Miller -- he blames the injury on the hard artificial turf. Lawrence, that's the player we're talking about, hit the ground hard with his head/neck snapping back, and that caused his back to go into spasms which caused him to temporarily suffer a paralysis with his muscles tightening.

Once the Red Bulls officially announce what happened we'll let you know and then determine just how good Dr. Miller is at diagnosing medical injuries.