Jim Purdy, president of the East Hudson Youth Soccer League (EHYSL) and Julian DiDonato, president of the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) held a preliminary meeting on Tuesday, May 22nd to explore ways to cooperate on a number of programs, which will better serve the needs of players, teams and clubs within both organizations.

EHYSL’s Jim Purdy stated, “East Hudson is looking forward to working with the WYSL, with an end goal of providing mutual quality opportunities to all youth soccer players in Westchester and throughout the Hudson Valley. Our goal in East Hudson is to make playing this great game enjoyable for the intramural players through the upper echelons of competitive soccer, and working to that end is why working together makes far more sense than working apart. We look forward to a positive working relationship."

Julian DiDonato of the WYSL stated that, “Despite the fact that our two organizations are affiliated with different USSF associations we are neighbors with many overlapping clubs and families, along with many of the same goals and challenges. By working together, rather than separately or at odds, we will have an opportunity to achieve significantly greater results. It makes sense on many levels for our two leagues to build a closer relationship, and I am very excited that this is happening.”

The leadership of both organizations will further their discussions over the coming weeks and they expect to launch specific new policies and programs developed from these meetings for fall 2018 season