Red Bull Tactics, High Energy, Demolish NYCFC 4-0

New York Red Bulls 4, NYCFC 0
2018 MLS Regular Season Match 8
Saturday, May 5, 2018
Red Bull Arena | Harrison, N.J.

Box Score

Scoring Summary:
NY - Kaku 3 (unassisted) 2'
NY - Florian Valot 3 (Kaku) 4'
NY - Bradley Wright-Phillips 6 (Kaku, Sean Davis) 35'
NY - Derrick Etienne, Jr. 2 (Florian Valot, Tyler Adams) 79'

Misconduct Summary:
NYC - Ebenezer Ofori (caution, unsporting behavior) 64'
NY - Tim Parker (caution, unsporting behavior) 75'

New York Red Bulls: Luis Robles ©; Kemar Lawrence, Tim Parker, Aaron Long, Michael Amir Murillo, Tyler Adams, Sean Davis, Daniel Royer (Derrick Etienne, Jr., 65'), Kaku (Alex Muyl, 71'), Florian Valot, Bradley Wright-Phillips (Vincent Bezecourt, 78')


NYCFC: Sean Johnson; Alexander Callens, Maxime Chanot (Sebastian Ibeagha, HT), Anton Tinnerholm (Ebenezer Ofori, HT), Ben Sweat, Alexander Ring, Maxi Moralez, Yangel Herrera, David Villa © (Rodney Wallace, 66'), Jo Inge Berget, Jesus Medina


Referee: Kevin Stott
Assistant Referees: Brian Poeschel, CJ Morgante
4th Official: Sorin Stoica
VAR: Mark Geiger

Attendance: 25,219

Kaku and Florian Valot scored the first two goals in the first four minutes to help lead the New York Red Bulls (5-3-0, 15 pts) past NYCFC (6-2-2, 20 pts), 4-0 in the first New York derby of 2018 on Saturday at Red Bull Arena. The Red Bulls snapped their three-match winless streak against their archrivals.
The Red Bulls recorded their sixth three-goal match of the season and fifth in the last six matches.
The Red Bulls recorded back-to-back wins for the first time this season.
Kaku wasted little time scoring his first New York derby goal as he knocked in a loose ball from a saved Bradley Wright-Phillips shot just 1:06 into the contest.
Kaku then helped generate the Red Bulls second scoring chance two minutes later. The Argentine No. 10 fed Valot inside the 18-yard box for Valot to send a hard shot that bounced off a NYCFC defender and over a diving Sean Johnson in the fourth minute.
Kaku continued to pace the Red Bulls offense as he added another assist in the 35th minute. Inside the box, Kaku lofted a pass over the NYCFC backline for Wright-Phillips to head in his 11th career goal against NYC.
Following shots by Valot and Vincent Bezecourt, Tyler Adams picked up the loose ball and fed Derrick Etienne, Jr., who juked out Johnson and finished for his first derby goal in the 79th minute.
The Red Bulls first two goals were the fastest consecutive goals scored in New York derby history.
For the fifth consecutive time at Red Bull Arena, the Red Bulls held David Villa scoreless.
The Red Bulls defense held NYCFC scoreless for just the second time in 10 matches this season.
For the second-straight match, Kaku recorded one goal and two assists. Kaku has tallied a point in five of his first seven matches.
Valot scored for the second consecutive match and added an assist. In his first season with first team, Valot has tallied three goals and three assists in five matches.
BWP increased his career league goals to 92. Across all competitions, Wright-Phillips sits with 109 to his name.
Wright-Phillips scored his third-straight goal and 20th career goal on the ESPN network.
Captain Luis Robles recorded one save to tally his 52nd MLS regular-season shutout.
Of Robles's 52 career clean sheets, he has recorded 36 of them at Red Bull Arena. He has a career 1.01 goals-against average at home.
After being held scoreless through his first 22 MLS regular-season matches, Etienne, Jr. has tallied a goal in two of the last five games.
In the 80th minute, the Red Bulls had seven players on the field at the same time who had played on New York Red Bulls II before being promoted to the first team, which included Adams, Bezecourt, Sean Davis, Etienne, Jr., Aaron Long, Alex Muyl and Valot.
Following the win, the Red Bulls continued to have the best home record in MLS, with the most home wins (88) and points (294). The Red Bulls are 88-21-30 all-time at RBA
Head coach Jesse Marsch improved to 53-34-23 at the helm in New York. Marsch also raised his away record at New York to 38-8-10.
New York is 45-43-22 all-time in the month of May. The Red Bulls have tallied 169 goals and have allowed 160 in the fourth month of the year.
New York will hit the road for four of the next five matches, beginning with Colorado (May 12) and Atlanta (May 20) on back-to-back weekends. New York and Colorado clash at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on Saturday, May 12 at 9 p.m. ET on MSG, MSG Go and New York Red Bulls Radio.

New York Red Bulls Post-Game Q&A

New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch

Q. You guys got off to a 2-0 start in four minutes. Did that pretty much decide the game there? Obviously made it very difficult for them to come back, and just on Kaku, he looked good last week and he was making progress tactically in terms of his fitness, as well, and then today again?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, so obviously a really, really good start. And then, you know, when you get a 2-0 lead -- even when you get a 1-0 lead, the easy thing to do is sit back and take pressure and now the other team has nothing to lose so they go after it.

But our guys were on top of the game. The whole first half was very good. So you know, and then obviously getting the goal at the end of the half was good and then not making it 3-1 right at the end, but the part that was the best is that the concentration to still stick to the game plan and see out the game the way we wanted to was great.

And then, yeah, Kaku, I think -- I've been trying to say that he's growing every day, and he's determined every day to figure out how to fit in better and better and how to integrate and how to make sure that he honors this team with his progress and performance and commitment and mentality, and so he's been a lot of fun to have here. He's been a lot of fun to have here.

Again, I keep saying this about him, but he's only getting better. He's obviously adjusting quite well, and you know, he'll continue to be very important for us.

Q. When you look at David Villa’s numbers, no shots on goal and then Morales having to drop back almost to the back line to get the ball. Were they as bottled up as you envisioned? Was this the most disruptive you have been in their build up, at least in the past year?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, we designed a specific tactical pressuring scheme to try to limit those two guys. That being said, you know, with Morales, he's very nifty and he's very clever at finding little pockets.

So it was sometimes going to be Tyler around him, but it was also going to require whoever was in the vicinity to be aware of where he was and to close down his space. And then I think you saw a tough day for David Villa based on the performances of Tim Parker and Aaron Long.

So you know, if we can continue to get really good defensive performances and continue to tactically be on top of games, then the potential for this team is good.

Now, second half, they make some adjustments; it forces us to make some adjustments. We weren't quite as clear on some of our pressing and some of the tactical responsibility, so then the game started to slip a little bit more, but it's natural at 3-0, they are going to throw a lot at you. And then in there, I feel like we could manage possession better, so when we do turn them over, if we can be a bit cleaner on the ball and a little bit sharper, then we could have I think taken the game more and created more chances.

All that being said, those are picky things, right. Overall, the mentality of the group, the commitment to go after the game, the fearlessness at which our team played in a big game against a really good team, at this point in the season says a lot about who we are, so proud of our guys.

Q. The Red Bull press and approach is pretty well known. What made City so susceptible to it today?
JESSE MARSCH: Well, I think, again, every time we play them, we have to come up with schemes of how we want to do things and game plans, and if you're not good on the day at what -- at pressing, then they are very good at breaking you down.

So you know, often what the games look like are us going after them, us finding ways to pick off a ball. You know, like the play that even broad -- that Sean Johnson saves it on Brad around the 35th minute, they have to survive some of those moments, and if they are sharp on the day to break some of our pressure down, then they can be dangerous when they get in and around our goal and they can create chances.

The one thing that's a little bit different about this team than years past is even when there are breakdowns in our pressure, our back line is our best we've ever had. So they can defend 1-v-1 and they can physically handle moments and they are really good defenders.

So that's what gives this team I think a high potential in terms of what we can become, and listen, my message to the team afterwards was great job but we still have a long way to go to be the team that I think we can be, and there's a lot of improvement out there, still. So we'll keep working through things, but the eagerness of us to continue to improve is going to be really important.

Q. In the buildup to this game, you talked about the battle at midfield and how important it would be, and Kaku, Adams, Davis, they just squeezed the life out of that kid. Did they exceed what you might have hoped for and Tyler's monster game?
JESSE MARSCH: Tyler covered a lot of game. It was hard taking him out of the middle of the field but we had to adjust once they played three in the back. Yeah, I think we won the battle of the midfield. I think we picked up more second balls. I think we pressed them better. We picked them off in possession more, and Tyler covered a ton of ground and he made a bunch of plays to break them up to make it hard on Morales.

Even when he didn't take the ball from Morales, he made him alter everything he did and often play backwards and the more that you can now put him in situations where he's got to find ways to wiggle out of and not be in open space, it's obviously much more difficult for him.

Tyler I thought a really good day. Sean Davis, really good day. Kaku, obviously, very good day, and [Florian], very good day, too. Yeah, we like our midfield. We like our ability to run. We like our ability to think, you know, to understand the tactics. So yeah, it's a good group.

Q. On Bradley, that's his 11th goal in ten league games and 11 in all competitions against this team. What amazes you more, the streak, or to have that dominance over New York City FC?
JESSE MARSCH: This winds up being the talking point a lot in these games. He loves the Derby. He grew up in Derbies. Every morning when he comes, like when he came to the game today this morning and I saw him, he had a glow about him, like he wanted to play. He wanted to, again, show and compete and do everything it took to now find a way to win.

It's something that he is eager to prove, I think every time. That's always the joy of being around Brad is there's no jadedness. There's no ego. There's no selfishness. It's all about the group and all about the next moment, and being there for everyone. So we're very lucky to have him.

Q. And talk about organizational-wise, obviously Valot, he got a goal today and he also sets up Derrick. To see those two growing the way they have, how proud are you of those guys that they have stepped up in a major match like this?
JESSE MARSCH: You know, I get chances, I try to take every opportunity that I can to talk about our club, because it's very special. What's been created here is very special, and I think we are at the forefront of player development in this country. We invest in players.

The USL team now is a very good team. I'm a big fan of what John's doing with that group right now and that's a whole new crop of players coming through. We signed Ethan Cutler this week, so another guy that we bring up from the second team.

And then a bunch of these guys that were on the roster tonight are excited to go play tomorrow in the Red Bull two game. I mean, it's what we do here and it's who we are, and it requires everyone to believe in it and everyone here does. This is our identity. This is what we do. This is what we're about and we do it well. We do it really well.

So yeah, it's a proud moment for the club when you can see those guys that are growing up before your eyes and taking on bigger and bigger roles.

Q. It was the first Derby game for Tim Parker, Valot and Kaku, you talked about the other two, but in general, how do you think they did in a very important match?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, I think they all did great. They all were very good. Parker was fantastic. So was Flo, and then obviously Kaku. You know, Kaku, we watched him play in Derbies against San Lorenzo and Washington, excited for big moments, and that's something about the character of Kaku. He is one of the nicest kids. Like if you guys see him, he'll have a smile on his face, he'll shake your hand. He doesn't even know English quite yet but his personality, it's so -- he's just such a genuine, nice kid.

But he has this edge to him that he wants to prove how good he can be and how good he is, and that blend of something was something we picked up early on when we met him.

So you know, it's amazing to have a personality that's like that, that's incredibly soft and genuine but razor sharp when it needs to be, and I think that will continue to help him grow into a really, really good player here.

Q. Talking about all these kids from the USL, most of them, they were really dominant today. How different is it to play this type of game for them?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, the stakes rise, right. This game, we all knew it was a big week. We respect New York City. They have had a really good season so far. But we also wanted to go in and be confident and brave and know that we can play our way.

And that was really the emphasis was play our way. Like make sure that the game looks like the kind of game that we want. Make sure that we are playing in their end. Make sure that we are making them deal with some of our pace and some of our transition, and then win a lot of the duels and match-ups, and overall we did that.

Again the benefit of the USL team is these guys get to put this to practice. Flow had to put his time in. Two years he spent with USL, right. And we knew he was a talent, but he just needed to continue to develop and fully understand what we're doing. And then once you started to see it, I think in preseason this year, he's had great moments with USL but preseason this year you really saw him to come alive and start to gather confidence, and now you can see a pretty darned good player that has very few flaws.

That's our goal. That's what we are trying to do here, like with every guy that we put in the system is how many guys can we create and can we build up and give them a chance to be great pros.

Q. Emotionally, is it --
JESSE MARSCH: There's moments in the second half I know that because we have a young team, we are not dealing with certain things that well, and it's hard. It's hard sitting on the bench and watching some mistakes that seem so simple, but it's part of it.

We have to as a coaching staff, we have to have patience with these guys and continue to provide them with information on how to handle moments and how to get better.

Emotionally, yeah, it's really satisfying. It's really satisfying, yeah, especially in these games, but what's -- truly being the coach here and the teacher is I have to allow for moments to fail, and then there are learning moments and then we have to grow from them and figure out how to get better.

Q. Rob Stone today named a short list of potential candidates for U.S. Men's National Team and you were on the list. Have you spoken to anyone from U.S. soccer?

New York Red Bulls Striker Bradley Wright-Phillips

On scoring 11 total goals against NYCFC:
“It’s always good to score against your rivals but scoring eleven goals against them doesn’t really mean anything. You don’t get anything for it. Obviously, on the day, I want to score and help my team win so it’s good but the actual total doesn’t mean anything.”

On the team’s overall performance:
“It was a good performance all around. Especially the first half, the second half was always going to be difficult. They have to come out and try to put pressure on us and that they did but, like I said, our defense was good today. The team really wanted a clean sheet and we got that.”

On Head Coach Jesse Marsch’s comment about him having a ‘glow’ before the match:
“Maybe the bald head, I don’t know. I’m not sure what he means by that but a complement from Jesse is amazing. I’ll take it.”

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Florian Valot

On his goal and set up from Kaku:
“Everybody can see that Kaku, every time he’s got the ball, that he’s thinking forward, forward, forward. You just make a run and you know where the ball is going to land. So, I was making the run without looking where he was going to put the ball and the ball just came to my feet. It’s really easy to play with him. You know those balls are coming you just have to set the run and the ball just – it’s kind of like with Sacha last year.”

On what it means to him to be a part of this team:
“It’s crazy. I was not expecting to be there at that point of the season. But I think I was well prepared for the last two years playing with USL and I think it paid off, actually, really quick.”

On what’s helped him stays poised and comfortable on the field:
“The coaching staff and my teammates also. Coming to that team this year, I was not expecting to play, as I said earlier. I got in, game after game and then I felt my confidence; I know I have the confidence from my teammates and coaches too. That helps a lot.”

New York Red Bulls midfielder Derrick Etienne Jr.

On scoring in his first derby:
It’s a great feeling, I think the ball popped out and a couple of challenges in the air that we were able to win. I think it was Flo who was able to nod it along and I just tried to be ready and expect the unexpected. Hopefully the defender made a mistake and that’s exactly what happened. Sean and I saw earlier in the game Brad had a chance and we talked about maybe he could have cut it maybe he could have shot it. I decided to go with the chop and I was able to get by him and slot it home.

On importance of having success beating NYCFC:
I think it’s a big success. We emphasized it before the game how they were able to come in here and take points from us and win the series last year. We wanted to go out there and be dominant especially in front of the fans and put the first one in. I felt like in the first half that what we were able to do. I feel like we completely dominated in all aspects of the game. As a good team does like they are, they came out there in the second half and put some pressure on us and we were able to ride that pressure and see out the win.

New York Red Bulls midfielder Kaku

On playing well
On a personal level, yes, I am very happy for having score but also because the team is on the rise and we are giving it our all.

Being chosen man of the match
It’s great to be recognized that way, but like I always say it’s thanks to the team effort because they allow me to play with freedom and I am adapting quickly which is good for everyone.

Adapting quickly to MLS play
I am not sure of other players, but yes, I have adapted quickly. That’s because everyone has welcomed me very nicely, and they are always helping me with the language and with things on the field.

Limiting NYC and David Villa in what was a poor match from them
In all honesty, we did a fantastic job. Regarding details, I think we were very superior to them because we were on top of things in every moment because we knew they have great players. I think we did a great match and the key for the victory was the constant pressure we did.

Do you think this was your best game since arriving at Major League Soccer
Thank you very much, no, I think I had great games before too, but I think this was the most important because it was a derby, and so I am very happy.

What did you like about the derby? What was your biggest takeaway?
In all honesty, the atmosphere, seeing how the stadium was so full was beautiful. To see all the fans happy makes the whole team happy.

The difference between the team playing in the first half compared to the second half
I think in the second half they were handling the ball a bit better and I think we didn’t press them as much as we did in the first half, so that is the reason they were handling the ball better but not to the point where they can hurt us.

Did this derby remind of the one you played in Argentina against San Lorenzo? Is there a difference?
The thing is that the one in Argentina is more complicated because it’s a street derby and the people are crazy. I won it there many times and now here, so I am very happy.

Many would say that once the match was 2-0, the winner was decided, yet you guys continued. Did you feel that way once NYRB doubled their lead?
No, we didn’t think that. Once we scored the second, we wanted to score more goals and keep pressing. I think that’s what makes this team so great, the mindset of continuing forward and wanting to keep on winning.

New York City FC head coach Patrick Vieira

Q. It seemed like the Red Bulls came with an intensity, a desire, to play that maybe your team didn't match. Did you see that.
PATRICK VIEIRA: Yeah, I think -- and this is the reason why I'm quite frustrated. I'm really frustrated about the competitiveness, about the desire we had on the field. You know, I'm prepared to accept that we can lose games, but the way we lost today with the lack of conviction, the lack of competitiveness is something that I can't accept.

Q. What is it about Bradley Wright-Phillips, that was his 11th goal all-time.
PATRICK VIEIRA: That doesn't surprise me. He's a really good player and he's doing really well in this league but overall I think it's not just about him.

It's about the Red Bulls, the way that they played. That's something that's difficult for me to accept as a coach is the other teams want it more than us, and I think that's something at this level, you can't accept.

Q. You touched on the lack of competitiveness from your guys. Why is that? That your team came out so flat, four minutes in, giving up two goals?
PATRICK VIEIRA: This is something I will have to reflect on. When you play the Derby you know that you will have to compete. We know the way that they are playing, and it will be important for myself, but overall for the players, as well, to reflect on that because if we want to bounce back; if we want to keep doing well in this league, evident to change you the attitude because the attitude wasn't good tonight.

Q. When you look at the substitutions you made, to start the second half, what was the reason for those?
PATRICK VIEIRA: If I had the chance to change all the ten players on the field, I was going to do it at half time. I wasn't really happy with every single player on the field, so I just made these changes and try to change the tactical side of the game and went three at the back. But it didn't work.

Q. Did you tell anything to the team at halftime? Did they respond at all, and what did you say to the team minutes ago after the game, if you did talk to them?
PATRICK VIEIRA: I think at the half time, we tried to give them a little bit more problem and create overload in the midfield. We went to our midfield four, against their midfield, three. But the game, they allowed us to keep the ball and move it around. We didn't create much.

When you concede two goals after five minutes, it's really difficult.

Q. This team has veteran leaders at all three levels of the field. With no competitiveness, was the failure leadership from the players on there?
PATRICK VIEIRA: I don't want to put fingers on one player or two players or just the leadership of the team. I think it's the team overall. That's what I said early on: If I could change the ten players on the field, I was doing it because I was unhappy with the way of all of them, the way they performed. But I think we have to reflect on our performance because at that level, it is unacceptable to go on the field and the opposite team wanted it more than us.

Q. You knew that they attacked in the midfield but they also had a young group in the midfield and everyone was waiting to see how those young guys would do in this game. What did you think of Kaku and Adams? Seemed like they squeezed the life out of you guys.
PATRICK VIEIRA: Yeah, I said during the week that was the best Red Bulls team since I'm here. They have young and talented players, so when you have talent, you're a good player, and I think they showed it today.

But when you look at the midfield three and you look at our midfield three, I think we are as good as they are. If you are asking me, I will swap one of the players for their players, and the answer is no.

But today, we didn't turn up, and for me, this is the frustration.

Q. What did you think of Kaku, their new introduction, their play maker? What did you think of what he did today? And did you have any thoughts about maybe changing the way you guys played this game?
PATRICK VIEIRA: No, I think we knew before the game that he's a really good player. I think it take a little bit of time for him to adjust to the League but the talent is there.

You know, every teams that we are going to play, there is a special player on the team, and we are not going to change our tactics or our philosophy regarding who are we going to play.

I'm just really frustrated about us not showing our real face in the big occasion like that.

Q. Off-mic.
PATRICK VIEIRA: I don't want to talk about a single player. I think it was tough for David. He didn't have the support that he normally had. We didn't play as well as we could from the back. I think it was more a collective nightmare than just an individual.

Q. The second half, could you be more direct? The defense on the midfield, a lot of space behind and you guys still moved?
PATRICK VIEIRA: Yeah, I think it was really difficult for us to penetrate centrally, when they were pressing us quite well, and I think today we played as well with a lack of personality, and we for sure can play better than what we did today.

NYCFC goalkeeper Sean Johnson

On the slow start from NYCFC:
It was a slow start to the game, we got punished they went up two goals early on. The game by no means was over at that point. We just needed to regroup and get back to playing how we have been for the majority of the season, we didn’t do that today. We dug our own hole in the first five minutes of the game, we were punished for it.

On the Red Bulls quick start:
We haven’t gone down two nil in the first five minutes in the past two years. I don’t think that’s a valid question. They came out prepared to play, they scored two goals early on, and we were on the back foot there’s nothing more. It’s one game out of the 40 that we played last year so comparing that 10 to 15 minute period to any other game it always happens. Obviously they came out with energy, we came out with energy as well we just were on the opposite side of the result.

On bouncing back:
I think we just have to look at ourselves in the mirror and evaluate our performances. I’d love to call it a one off but the same central result happened in Portland and we had a good response to that. I don’t doubt that we’ll have a response to this game come next weekend. I think we’re very far away from where we want to be as a group and today was evident of that. We’ve obviously done some good things this year but by no means can we take our foot off the gas pedal. It’s cliché but it’s a bit of a humbling one today.

NYCFC defender Anton Tinderholm

On not being 100% today:
I don’t know, soccer isn’t that easy. It’s a derby game so we have no excuse at all. We’re two nil down after like six or seven minutes, that’s not okay. The whole game they were the better team. We struggled from the start and it’s not an okay performance today and we have to step up.

On recent losses today and in Portland:
Of course we see what happens when we’re not 100%. The teams are that good in the league so they punish us very hard if we do make mistakes. If we’re not 100% we’re going to lose games. No excuse today they were the better team. We made mistakes in the wrong part of the field and they punished us very hard. The performance today was not acceptable.