Greece Suspends League Indefinitely

This crazy Greek owner who carried and threatened to use a pistol on the soccer field reminds me of a personal story from about 32 years ago which took place in Franklin Square between local semi-pro teams, Frosinone and the Greek Americans.

It was a cup game, although I don't recall what elimination match they were playing..

This was the first of many soccer games I attended with my young son, who was then about 7 years old..

The owner of the Greek Americans was a hot tempered Greek. I don't recall he was the coach, but he was on the bench with the team constantly yelling and screaming at the referee. Several times he threatened the referee.

The owner was wearing a sport jacket, but no tie.

Frosinone won the game which meant the Greek team was eliminated from the tournament.

With all the yelling, screaming and threats, everyone sensed something bad was going to happen -- it did, but also was a bit hilarious.

The poor referee ran to one of the goals to pick up his bag and then started to race (good thing he was in shape and had some energy left) as fast as possible seeing the Greek-American owner was in hot pursuit.

The referee made it to the edge parking lot while the owner then was at the middle of the field with his legs racing was trying to break out of the grasp of several of his players who were restraining him back by holding onto his jacket sleeves.

With all the running the owner's sleeves of his jacket ripped away from the body of the jacket. The players were now simply holding onto detached sleeves. One of the players fell to the ground. The owner was now running towards the lot with what looked like a sports jacket vest sans sleeves -- a new fashion design.

The ref got into his car and pressed his foot to the medal and sped out in the nick (no pun intended) of time.

My son, exciting watching all this, asked if this is how a lot of games end up. he thought it was more exciting than the WWF.