This Is Actually Funny

Can you imagine this cottage industry created because of cheating in soccer games -- and as a result, charging 595 British pounds for a pass to hear lectures -- a symposium I assume -- on soccer match fixing? That's about $834 for us Yanks to attend.

Here are the speakers:

Alfredo Lorenzo, Integrity Officer, LaLiga

Simon Barker – Assistant Chief Executive at the PFA, member of both the Sports Betting Group and Sports Betting Integrity Forum

Steven Flynn – sports/criminal barrister from St Johns Buildings, Manchester

Lorraine Pearman – Gambling Commission, Betting Integrity Programme Lead

All about Matchfixing.

Tackling match-fixing is the first conference dedicated exclusively to the phenomena of match manipulation and betting related match-fixing.

Here are the topics:

The Phenomena - Match Manipulation as a Criminal Offence/ Match Manipulation In between Criminal and Sport Discipline
Match-fixing – The criminal aspects
[****] and Match Manipulation
Match-fixing – On the institutional overlapping aspects and the co-existence in between Criminal and Sport Discipline
Detecting Match Manipulation / The Confederations’ Challenge
FIFA’s activities against Match Manipulation
What UEFA and the AFC are doing to combat Match-fixing
Legal Challenges and Legal Aspects in Tackling Match Manipulation
The Disciplinary Proceedings at UEFA in Match Manipulation cases
Match Manipulation - Legal Aspects yet to come for decision
Are we doing enough to fight Match -fixing? Can we do More?