Red Bull Strategy Paid Off, But .....

The New York Red Bulls recently found out in their away match in Toronto, a 1-0 win against arguably the league's best team over the course of the 2017 regular season that with a Red Bull's revised lineup and positioning changes they could not only score against Toronto, but also beat them on the road in a playoff match.

But still, New York's 1-0 win against Toronto wasn't enough to overcome the two goals which Toronto scored at Red Bull Arena days before -- a 2-1 Toronto win which allowed the Canadians to move ahead into the next playoff round,Major League Soccer's two legged series against the Columbus Crew starting tonight to challenge for the Eastern Conference championship.

The question for Columbus is can they accomplish the same which the Red Bulls did against Toronto, with a revised lineup and positional changes?

The match takes place tonight at 8:00 pm ET on ESPN.