NYC FC Playing At Citi Field, Not Yankee Stadium

There was a wonderful Broadway show many years ago, Damn Yankees.

Well, those Damn Yankees are doing so well in the American League playoffs that they've forced NYC FC to move the team's final regular season game from The Bronx to Queens -- Citi Field.

Citi Field has showcased only a few soccer games during the past few years, all international matches. The layout of the field for soccer at Citi Field is not large. In fact, players and coaches from teams which have played there have complained about the lack of space. But, the dimensions are definitely bigger than the soccer field layout for NYC FC at Yankee Stadium.

But, there's a double But -- NYC FC is supposedly having Citi Field lay out a field with the same soccer dimensions as NYC FC plays on at Yankee Stadium!

Go figure!

Depending upon how far the Yankees go (if they make it to the World Series) and how far NYC FC proceeds in the MLS playoffs, NYC FC may be playing additional matches at Ciiti Field or some other venue.

Last edited by Dave Birnbaum; 10/20/17 12:00 AM.