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by Anonymous - 07/24/21 06:31 PM
LIJSL Referee Game Fees Fall 2021
by Anonymous - 07/24/21 05:11 PM
G2008:U13 Fall 2020/Spring 2021
by Anonymous - 07/24/21 02:10 PM
Where are all the Referees?
by Anonymous - 07/24/21 10:42 AM
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Jan 26th, 2014
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Re: ECRL Anonymous 07/24/21 10:31 PM
You're better off playing USYS or EDP it's better competition.
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Re: LIJSL Referee Game Fees Fall 2021 Anonymous 07/24/21 09:11 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Amazing how many of you want to bash the refs... yet don't mind paying thousands of dollars for your kid to play on a team/club that will generate absolutely nothing for them in the future. You are better off investing in a 529 account for your kids education. Whose talking stupid now?? And no I am not a ref just a parent who understands how difficult that job truly is. Just be prepared for the fact you will see less referees every year because most of them are quitting because of idiot parents like the ones on this board who hide behind a keyboard and act really macho. Yet wouldnt be able to run 10 yards on a field.

Disagree with you on "yet don't mind paying thousands of dollars for your kid to play on a team/club that will generate absolutely nothing for them in the future".
It's a great experience that they will have in their entire life. That is the idea. And agree that 529 account is also great idea. If can't afford both then everyone decides which one is a priority, I guess.
And 101% agree with you that we will see less referees, especially, adult referees. Me being a referee for the last 6 years I see the same faces of referee-adults and very few new faces which means once they gone there are no substitutes for them.

Yu can get the same "great experience" playing for your local club, save a lot of money and your kid will play with their friends and schoolmates
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Re: NYCSL joins newly expanded North Atlantic National League managed by EDP Soccer Anonymous 07/24/21 06:13 PM
What are the problems with LIJSL? What do they do poorly?
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Re: G2008:U13 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 07/24/21 06:10 PM
Anyone know what team “the order” is? They are amazing.
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Re: Where are all the Referees? Anonymous 07/24/21 02:42 PM
Hopefully training to do a better job this season!
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Fordham men’s soccer announces five additional recruits for 2021 Larry Miller 07/23/21 11:52 PM
Fordham men’s soccer head coach Carlo Acquista announced the addition of five players to the Rams’ recruiting class for the 2021 season.

The newest Rams are transfers Matthew Ranieri (Natick, Massachusetts/Noble & Greenough (Dartmouth)) and Callum James (Swansea, Wales/Bolton (St. Francis Brooklyn)), as well as incoming freshmen Ahmed Abotrika (Doha, Qatar/GEMS American Academy), Jed Dixon (Ellicott City, Md./River Hill), and Will Manning (King City, Ontario/Villanova).

The group joins newcomer Tapiwanashe Shumba (Tenafly, N.J./Tenafly), who signed with the Rams earlier this year.

“We are delighted to welcome this great group of Rams and look forward to them joining our soccer program and Fordham community,” said Acquista. “This incoming class will greatly complement our returning roster’s culture and identity. We consistently look for certain characteristics, qualities, and personalities that would integrate well into our environment, and we believe this group does that.”
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Re: BHS (2004:U17, 2003:U18, 2002:U19) Fall 2020/Spring 2021 - v2.0 Anonymous 07/23/21 10:54 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
NYCFC sucks my son team beat them. Go Bear

Back to bear. Man is his dad a jerk. Lol
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Re: ENYYSA Shuts Down the NYCSL League Cross It 4 Fun 07/23/21 03:07 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Is pre-ECNL/ ECNL the way to go meaning exposure and top competition?

Yes on the girls side

On the boys side National conference much less travel and same or better exposure
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Re: Stony Brook SC & Atletico FC Merge Anonymous 07/20/21 08:09 PM
too bad for SB, the NYCSL Superclub, eh? lol
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Re: B2010:U11 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 07/20/21 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
As a parent it’s amazing to hear the cowardice being spewed. The audacity to make excuses to keep your kid around what you so adamantly are against, so called bad apples. When your kid asks why did you do so you’ll say bc “you had friends”? Unbelievable. Again if someone is that bad in your eyes you have choices but you’d rather come here and complain

Exactly. Academies are for profit organizations - you’re not going to tell them who to hire because your kid got his/her feelings hurt. Don’t like it - move on. No one is forcing you to stay, it’s not for everyone. Not defending bad/toxic behavior but hell - you have to be the worst parent of you don’t do something about it and complaining about it does nothing. Take the power away from them - don’t give them your business.
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Re: Does Valencia Academy CF Accept everyone? Anonymous 07/20/21 02:32 PM
the overwhelming majority dont cur when possible. they make another team, expand roster, have you play in another age group. Thats why most top team have very weak bottom of the rosters
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G2004 Hicksville Travel Team H_Wildcats 07/20/21 01:26 AM
Hicksville Wildcats will be hosting tryouts on Thursday, July 29th at 7PM. Tryouts will be held at Triangle Park Hicksville. Email Coach Trish at if you need additional information.
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New August Coaching Courses Added - Register Today! Larry Miller 07/19/21 11:39 PM

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Re: G2009:U12 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 07/19/21 05:54 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Wow - now this guy claims to know why kids stop playing soccer or any other sport and is projecting his own personal issues on all families that have their kids at competitive clubs. Could it be that when kids started playing soccer or any other sport - it was fun as a kid and as they mature into adolescence, they find other things of interest. Because it doesn’t just happen at the competitive level, it happens across the board from intramurals, rec travel to academy teams. I believe what he describes has some merit but don’t think it’s the primary reason why kids find other interests. Lighten up and stop hating on the likes of the SUSAs of the world.

Do you know how I know why kids stop playing?

It's really simple.

They actually...and you might want to sit down for this...they actually survey kids as to why they play, and what they like and why they quit. Other interests aren't the primary reason. Turning 12 year old kids into pseudo professional athletes who practice as much and play more games in a year than professionals and demanding they be perfect when they are learning, is why they quit. There literally is no other reason beyond THE SUSAS OF THE WORLD demanding that they dedicate their entire life to soccer at like U11.

There are some coaches at Susa who demand kids be perfect, which is flat out nuts. When they make mistakes they are insulted and ripped off the field. Some of these coaches have no clue about child development or the sport itself They suck the fun right out of it all and its all about them and their gigantic egos. There is no excuse for their behavior.

Burn out is real and this isn't a job for these kids and even if it was imagine being insulted, yelled at, embarrassed each time you made a mistake? Pathetic adults are in great numbers at Susa. Doubt me go to one of the games of their biggest child abusers. In the end there is no other word for what those kinds are doing to these kids.

You seem to have it all figured out. So why you so worried about everyone else. Take care of your own and STFU. #playwhereyouwanttoplay #youhavechoices

Not the poster but you clearly aren't a parent. IF you are you are one of the parents who contribute to the high drop out rates. Can't have toxic adults involved in youth sports. As parents or even low functioning adults we should all be able to agree on that. What we witnessed at susa was not for our son or us and we left. Some people stay and try to navigate some of bad that is systemic in their program. They could have a great thing but they are a mess with their poor decisions and bad hiring practices.

Seems your interests are some place else so arguing with an idiot is not in my interest.

Son couldn’t make the cut - that’s ok, it’s not for everyone - that’s all people on here are trying to say. You have your local town travel or intramural team, probably more suited for the weaker players. You have choices, just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean it’s bad for others.
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NY Surf Girl's 2008 National and Regional teams NY Surf 07/19/21 05:09 PM
NY Surf is looking for a few more players for the National and Regional league teams. If interested please contact Jon at and we will have you come down for an evaluation
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NY Surf Girls 2009 National Team NY Surf 07/19/21 05:08 PM
NY Surf is looking for 2 players for the 2009 National League team. 1 goalkeeper and 1 field player. If interested, please email Jon at and we will have you come down to a practice to be evaluated
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Re: G2010:U11 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 07/19/21 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by Larry Miller

😂😂😂, wise once said if you take life to serious you won’t make it out alive
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Albertson SC Summer Soccer Camps Larry Miller 07/17/21 01:19 PM
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Re: B2007:U14 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 07/16/21 02:33 PM
Anyone know the EDP schedule for Fall? Now that HS is starting, I’m not clear if it’s a shortened season or if it will overlap. EDP website says nothing, and last year isn’t a good reference. Anyone know?
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SUSA Position Specific Camp • Featuring Our Elite Academy Coaches Larry Miller 07/15/21 09:10 PM
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Welcome To Our New Girls Director of Coaching - Tim Marchisotto Larry Miller 07/15/21 08:01 PM
Dear Manhattan SC Community,

Manhattan Soccer Club is pleased to welcome Tim Marchistto as the Girls Director of Coaching, effective immediately.

A native of Syosset, NY, Tim has been a club and college coach for over 27 years. He most recently served as the Head Coach for Benedictine University, where he guided both the women's and men's programs. He has served as a coach and director for Sporting AZ FC in Phoenix, AZ, where he helped guide the Arizona Hammers Soccer Club through a merger with the prestigious CISCO Soccer Club and served as a team coach and the Director of Coaching for the clubs.

Marchisotto has ties to the East and West coasts, where he has coached at several colleges and universities in his career. He has coached at Bowdoin College, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Grand Canyon University. He also served as an ODP coach for both New Jersey and Arizona.

"I am very proud to be part of Manhattan Soccer Club. I am looking forward to working with our staff to refocus our girls program at every level and every age. This is a special club, with a great tradition."

Current Girls High School Director Darren Marshall and Zone 1 Girls Director Patrick Greene will assist Tim as he forges ahead in his new role.

Good luck, Tim, and welcome aboard!

On behalf of the Board and Staff of MSC

Eddie Sutton
Manhattan Soccer Club
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Re: G2005:U16 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 07/15/21 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Is this a common thing, where people decide to attend a post season only if the team makes the top tier? When you accept a roster spot arent you sorta committing to the team for the year, knowing that playing 2nd or 3rd tier post season is a possibility in ECNL?

You accept it but you understand that it is manipulative crap and you complain about it. At the younger ages and occasionally at older ages, you try to get out of going to the really expensive ones if possible. That is how it is done.
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European interest in Americans has reached 'critical mass Larry Miller 07/15/21 11:49 AM
'by Paul Kennedy

The breakout year for Americans at some of Europe's biggest clubs -- Christian Pulisic (UEFA Champions League winner at Chelsea), Weston McKennie (double cup champion with Juventus), Gio Reyna (German Cup winner at Borussia Dortmund), to name just three -- has not gone unnoticed.

European clubs have descended on the U.S. market in search of deals on American players. They aren't typically the big clubs, but they are smaller clubs in Europe's big 5 leagues or clubs in second-tier European leagues, like Belgium, Portugal and Turkey with reputations for being active traders.

Since the European summer window opened two weeks ago, reports of deals with varying degrees of finality have popped up almost daily, not just about young American players in MLS but also the USL Championship.

July 3. Tanner Tessmann (FC Dallas) headed to promoted Serie A club Venezia (Jeff Carlisle, ESPN FC)
July 6. Julian Araujo (LA Galaxy) with interest from Lille, Sporting, Eintracht Frankfurt (Rene Tovar, ESPN Deportes)
July 9. Venezia and a Belgian club (likely Genk) leading the sweepstakes for Gianluca Busio (Sporting KC) (Tom Bogart,
July 13. Chris Mueller (Orlando City) with a formal offer from Leuven and interest from two other Belgian clubs, Anderlecht and Oostende and OH Leuven (The Athletic staff)
July 13. Jonathan Gomez (Louisville City) near a deal with Spanish club Real Sociedad (The Athletic staff)
July 14. Sam Vines (Colorado Rapids) close to moving to Belgium's Antwerp (The Athletic soccer staff)
July 14. Kevin Paredes and Moses Nyeman (both D.C. United teenagers) with early interest from City Football Group and clubs in France and Belgium, respectively (Steven Goff, Washington Post)

Have these sorts of reports popped up before? Sure. Will all the deals pan out? No. But such is the growing interest that it's a good bet that least half of these players will move this summer.

And they follow the moves of Brenden Aaronson (Red Bull Salzburg) and Mark McKenzie (Genk), both 2020 MLS Best XI picks with the Philadelphia Union, in January. Both won trophies in the spring -- the Austrian league and cup for Aaronson and Belgian cup for McKenzie -- and earned bigger roles on the national team.

For Gregg Berhalter, elevating the games of even a couple of these players -- as an example, Vines at left back or Busio at holding midfielder -- in the next year will give even more tools at his disposal as he tries to navigate the U.S. national team through World Cup qualifying and on to Qatar in November 2022.

Berhalter sees interest in players like Busio and Vines, who are with him at their first Gold Cup, as part of the natural progression for soccer in the United States.

"We've gotten to a point where there is a critical mass," he said. "We have had enough American players who have been successful overseas in Europe that now clubs are looking at the United States as a market. They are focused on us for our young players, to bring them in and develop them, or continue their development, and then potentially resell them. It is a good point we are at. Credit Major League Soccer, and U.S. Soccer for the Development Academy that started years ago. Now, we are seeing the fruits of that."

Berhalter says the interest of foreign clubs in U.S. players is nothing different than that MLS clubs in players from different Latin American countries.

"It's common you see that," he said. "In MLS, you had a few Venezuelans do well, and then you see an influx of Venezuelans. That's completely normal. I am glad we are at a point in the United States where Europe is really shining a light on us."
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Re: Looking for new team Boys 07 would play 06 Tony Messina 07/15/21 02:14 AM
We have a 2006-2007 team from Pat-Med looking to add a player.Please reach out if you would like more information. Tony Messina:
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Close out your fall season with the Columbia Fall Classic Boys Weekend! Larry Miller 07/14/21 07:55 PM
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