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USSF BDA Fall 2018/Spring 2019
by Anonymous. 06/16/19 10:28 PM
Cosmos Earn Playoff Berth
by Dave Birnbaum. 06/16/19 10:26 PM
Is LIJSL using the new rules?
by CoachA. 06/16/19 10:25 PM
G2005 GU14 Fall 2018/Spring 2019
by Anonymous. 06/16/19 10:23 PM
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Kings Park United 2008 White NPL Tryouts
by KPSC Admin. 06/15/19 09:04 PM
by FC SESA. 06/15/19 10:11 AM
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BOTN Main Message Board
06/17/19 02:28 AM
Publicity for 4 players making at nycfc. 2 of which are young and you don’t know if they will last. FCW is an academy, those at not great numbers. As fiat as them being the best in their age groups that’s up for debate.
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New York Professional Soccer
06/17/19 02:26 AM
Cosmos Earn Playoff Berth

The New York Cosmos recorded a 2-0 victory over Rhode Island Reds FC at Johnston Stadium to clinch a berth in the National Premier Soccer League playoffs on Sunday night.

First-half goals by striker Bledi Bardic and center back Matt Lewis boosted the Cosmos (10-0-0, 30 points) to their 20th consecutive win since the start of the 2018 season. Rhode Island dropped to 3-5-1.

The North Atlantic Conference leaders completed a perfect week in New England, after besting Boston City FC on Saturday night, 4-1.

Goalkeeper Paul Blanchete recorded the clean sheet.

Bardic, a hat-trick in the 4-1 triumph at the Brooklyn Italians last week, gave the Cosmos all the scoring they needed in the seventh minute. He turned, went to the top of the penalty area, and found some room before powering home an 18-yard shot. It was Bardic's ninth goal of the season.

Lewis doubled the lead on the half hour, heading home a corner kick.

The Cosmos were denied a third goal midway through the second half as defender Kevin Venegas fired a shot off the crossbar.

The Cosmos have four games remaining in the NPSL regular season and all are at home at Mitchel Athletic Complex in Uniondale, N.Y.

They welcome the Greater Lowell Rough Diamonds on June 23 at 8 p.m., Rhode Island on June 30 at 5 p.m., Brooklyn Italians on July 3 at 8 p.m., and Kingston Stockade FC on July 6 at 7 p.m.

The playoffs most likely would begin the second weekend in July.
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Ask The Ref
06/17/19 02:25 AM
Thanks LIRef77. The goal kick change will not be minor in youth games. LIJ still has a week left in the season. I wonder what will happen when my center forward runs into the penalty area to steal a short kick as soon as contact is made. I hope the center ref is up to speed. And...I guess that the opposing coach won't be. It will be interesting.
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BOTN Main Message Board
06/17/19 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
And those are his good points

Originally Posted by Anonymous
And those are his good points

Let us not forget JG and his tendency to touch young girls and worse! He’s a legit molester! Shame on any parents who put their daughter in that situation.
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BOTN Main Message Board
06/16/19 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
what are you talking about.. if you look there is great training on LI..we have two long island teams playing in the ECNL u16 championship.SUSA and EM have done a great job training girls. I think you have been at the wrong clubs.

That's a weak age group at a few other clubs this year. Wait and see how they do at nationals before judging them. Nationally this region is not very strong,no matter what league you're talking about.
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BOTN Main Message Board
06/16/19 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
[quote=Anonymous]End of Season Top 5 LI teams:

2. Barco Pro
3. LI Premiere
4. Lindy Bulldogs
5. SESA Strikers

SESA made up most ground this season while Surf dropped the furthest.

Good luck to all teams next season.

Barca Pro # 2. ??? Sad that almost every other age group is neglected and The big K can not get his son’s team to #1 . This is all the proof you need that Barcelona

Spain ultimatly has nothing to do with Barca NY, other then license the name. And all the parents and players from the other age groups are getting screwed for the sake of one of the Long Island owner’s son .[/quote

Most of us knew all along Barca is a scam !!

Can someone explain what he is trying to say. I don't know who big K is.
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Tryouts & Practices
06/16/19 12:29 PM
The Patchogue Medford Crush (girls 2007) is looking for a few talented players.

We are the 2019 spring NYCSL Premier D1 champions and we are a top performing team in LIJSL Premier Divison. We also just placed 1st in the Hershey Memorial Day Challenge Cup. (We also won NYCSL Premier d2 in fall 2018)

We have an invite to NPL for the fall season - we need a few strong players for 11 v 11

We are unlike most other high level clubs - we train 2x a week with a great trainer, we have a coach with 23 years of experience and as a team we fundraise to keep cost under $40 per month (that was playing 2 leagues) We are family atmosphere with a great group of girls. all we ask is for a commitment and a great attitude.

We are holding open tryouts - please text or call Coach Steve for more information and dates. 631 275 4807
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BOTN Main Message Board
06/16/19 03:15 AM
Originally Posted by Cross It 4 Fun
Larry...i agree this will hurt NYCSL especially the better NPL trams and metro teams.

However, I believe the last 5-8 best teams in each premier/champion age group will be picked off here. A decent amount of these teams played eny premier previously. LIJSL will be primarily rec at this point. No respectable travel teams will remain. This could literaly be the end of LIJSL travel soccer. Your thoughts?

LIJSL will always survive because the base of soccer is broader than the top. WE also need to f actopr in the WYSL league. What I am hearing is that the once over customer service league (NYCSL) has stop existing for many. The heavy-handed sales approach and the promises made, but not kept are moving people back USYS.

I expect you will read here this week of some major area clubs going EDP. All will be determined by the parents, but do not under estimate EDP. I think they have already shown that they are our area's top dog.
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Tryouts & Practices
06/16/19 01:04 AM
Kings Park United 2008 White will be holding NPL tryouts on Friday June 21 at 5pm for the 2019/2020 season. The team plays year round and is looking for committed players. Tryouts will be held at Tiffany Field 839 St. Johnland Road. Kings Park. If you have any questions, please contact Anthony Sabatino at tonysabs13@gmail.com. You can register for the tryout using the link below.

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BOTN Main Message Board
06/15/19 08:42 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
If they show up for league game it's for a specific player not the whole team, my kid played ECNL and it's still comes done to the player ability and prior contact. And to be transparent the coaches come in droves to many showcases, ECNL or otherwise. Don't assume those notes on your kid are all positive, a coach coming to a game can also decrease her chances with that school.ENCL helps the average player, a top player in NPL, EDP or whatever will get looks no matter where she plays.

I can only speak from my kid's experience and all I'm saying is the experience is very different. No team in her club had college coaches coming to their league games in NPL like they do in ECNL. I am shocked at the level of program that shows up to see her play.
I feel like you're trying to spin my comments-all notes on my kid have been constructive and positive, the lack of interest from other schools has also been helpful. And here's the real whopper-unsolicited interest is NOT a unicorn fantasy. Several schools that my daughter did not initiate interest in have expressed interest in her...it's really been an interesting year! It wasn't like this in NPL and she was on a really good team.

You're forgetting one key component which makes it so its not a fair comparison and that is that she's a year older and this closer to college. So you can't say that these coaches are solely coming now because she's ECNL and not NPL[/quote]

Except they're showing up to the games of the kids who are a year younger as well. It's just been very different. As I said before, it's just making the process easier.
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New York Professional Soccer
06/15/19 07:56 PM
Gold Cup Roster Replacements For Injured Players

Concacaf today announced the roster changes made by the participating Member Associations for the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup.

In accordance with the Competition Regulations, injury related changes are allowed to the final 23-player rosters for the Group Stage until 24 hours before each team’s first match. Any replacements must come from the preliminary 40-player rosters and must be approved by Concacaf.

As of Saturday, June 15, 2019, the following changes have been approved by Concacaf:

IN: Kenji Gorre
OUT: Gervane Kastaneer

IN: Jose Alejandro Reyes Cerna
OUT: Andy Ariel Najar Rodriguez

IN: Gregory Richard Enelda
OUT: Wesley Georges Jobello

IN: Carlos Uriel Antuna Romero
OUT: Jorge Eduardo Sanchez Ramos

IN: Ernesto Walker
OUT: Anibal Godoy

IN: Reggie Cannon
OUT: Tyler Adams

IN: Djordje Aleksandar Mihalovic
OUT: Duane Holmes

The 23-player final rosters have been selected and submitted by each Participating Member Associations and are published as such. In order to be eligible to play in the Concacaf Gold Cup, all players are subject to and must fully comply with the criteria stipulated in the applicable FIFA and Gold Cup player eligibility regulations.

The 2019 Gold Cup kicks off today, Saturday, June 15, at the iconic Rose Bowl in Pasadena, and is set to be the biggest-ever edition of the event, with more participating nations (16 up from 12 in 2017), more host countries (three, including first-time matches in Costa Rica and Jamaica, and more stadiums (17 up from 14 in 2017, eight of which are in contention to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup).
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Tryouts & Practices
06/15/19 02:11 PM
FC SESA is looking for committed 2007 players as we move to 11v11 for the Fall season. All positions are welcome. The team will be competing in the EDP league in the 2019/20 season, as well as local and regional tournaments. The boys train and compete year round. They will be training 2x a week this Summer at Cedar Creek Park in Seaford and Mitchel Athletic Complex in Uniondale. The team is professionally trained and coached by one coach and our home field is Mitchel Athletic Complex turf stadium across the street from Hofstra University.

The team will be holding open practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays this Summer. Please text or email Joe at 516-782-6886 or Joe@fcsesa.org to register to attend a session or with any questions.
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BOTN Main Message Board
06/15/19 01:56 PM
Of course now the lack of diversity is the fault of one person and one club. Who are the great female role models at SUSA & EMSC? How many female Club Director’s, DOC’S, trainers, coaches do you know at any of these clubs. Frey sees the lack of female leadership and have put together a well thought out business model that they are carefully rolling out that will compete with every club for players. The soccer model has failed on LI with a significant drop in talented players across the board. The talent level has dropped and LI is losing there credibility with colleges across the board. College coaches are looking for players who continue to grow ad are ready to play in college and it is obvious to them that the competitive levels are getting worse each year. I have seen older teams across the board this season and there level of play especially with players I have seen since they were younger significantly drop. This LIFC initiative is a good start to make this other clubs look at females in larger roles for these clubs because these male dominated clubs have run these programs down.
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New York Professional Soccer
06/15/19 11:16 AM
CONCACAF Gold Cup Kicks Off Today

Canada takes on Martinique tonight while Mexico plays Cuba.

USA's first match is June 18 vs Guyana.

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BOTN Main Message Board
06/15/19 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
The pricing has all gone up. And significantly! We went up $800 and tournaments were included last year and have been included . It is what it is though . You wanna play with the big boys you gotta pay.

Hahahaha. "the big boys" You're hysterical.

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BOTN Main Message Board
06/15/19 03:51 AM

Originally Posted by Anonymous

I guess all the training at other clubs paid off. EM sends new arrivals to the CSP while homegrown players get to pay and play as backups to the stars. #theEMway

It actually should be about talent....but clearly wasn’t, seems more like a job hand to me [/quote]

Hand job? Hahaha I get it. Was it performed by the husband or the wife?[/quote]

The Trainer
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Tryouts & Practices
06/15/19 02:12 AM
Tryouts Tuesday 6/18 and Thursday 6/20 from 7:40 - 9 at Breezy Park in Huntington

The B2004 Stallions are looking for a few soccer dedicated players to join our team for the BU16 year.

Professionally training and coached
State Cup
Three tournaments a year
Trained year round, twice in season and once off season.

For more information, 631-774-7384 or cshstallions@gmail.com
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Tryouts & Practices
06/14/19 08:30 PM
Sorry typo session is Friday June 14!
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Tryouts & Practices
06/14/19 07:52 PM
Last chance workouts are 6/17 and 6/20. We have had over 20 boys and only selected 2 players so far. We have 1 spot available so get down and check it out. Email dixhillsliverpool@gmail.com if interested. We will not be extending training dates like we did last year. Thank you for all the interest in the team and the positive feedback. Remaining sessions are Monday (6/17) an Thursday (6/20) 6pm-7:30 at Half Hollow Hills West Turf. Send your son down and check it out !!
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BOTN Main Message Board
06/14/19 07:40 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous

He's not promising that at all.
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Tryouts & Practices
06/14/19 06:43 PM
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Camps & Clinics
06/14/19 06:35 PM
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Tryouts & Practices
06/14/19 05:32 PM
The BU2009 NHP Leopards are currently in the Champions Division of LIJSL, potentially moving to the Premier Division in Fall 2019. We just won the ENY Arch Cup Gold Division for New York State. We participate in various tournaments throughout the season and summer.

We are professionally trained 2 days a week by licensed, experienced trainers. One day a week have Strength and agility training performed by a licensed professional.

We are looking to add committed, hard working players to our roster for the 2019/20 season. We are looking for all positions, but specifically for a goalie.

Please contact me at joelgeorge323@gmail.com to participate in the training.

June 19th 6pm to 7:15pm at Micheal J. Tully Park, New Hyde Park, NY 11040.
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Tryouts & Practices
06/14/19 04:12 PM
RVC Legacy G2006 open practices for highly competitive players and their families who are searching for:

- Professional Training 3x per week. Our full time professional trainers are licensed, former college coaches, current and former ODP and Regional Staff with over 20 years experience.

- Competitive league and high level tournament play. Legacy competes in the EDP Division 1 league and we are advancing to the Eastern Regional Championships this June.

- A fun and positive culture where players play for each other and parents enjoy the experience.

Open Practices:
Monday June 17th 8-9:30pm at Bralower Turf Field, RVC Sports Complex
Wednesday June 19th 4-5:30pm at Bralower Turf Field, RVC Sports Complex

Please contact Kim Conway Haley at kimconhal@gmail.com or 347-515-2652 to attend and/or register.
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BOTN Main Message Board
06/14/19 03:05 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Wouldn't it be great if the US had only one league structure with national. regional, and state/district leagues and different divisions in each so teams are grouped by ability like a real country all governed and run by USSF?

That would be great.

Current "Club Based" competition is all about organizing a set of games by a bunch of age groups to easily secure facilities and refs. Its not merit based.
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