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B2010:U10 Fall 2019/Spring 2020
by Larry Miller - 07/05/20 11:10 PM
G2008:U12 Fall 2019/Spring 2020
by Larry Miller - 07/05/20 11:09 PM
B2004:U16 Fall 2019/Spring 2020
by Anonymous - 07/05/20 10:25 PM
Stony Brook SC & Atletico FC Merge
by Anonymous - 07/05/20 10:11 PM

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Re: The new MLS youth league Anonymous 07/06/20 04:07 AM
What’s the deal with the NY Cosmos DA? Heard they have players trying out everywhere else while they determine if they are folding, joining MLS through some Cali team, going EDP, etc.
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Re: B2010:U10 Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Anonymous 07/06/20 03:37 AM
You don't know what you are talking about,most of the coaches at franklin sq.have been there more than eight years,their 2010 team has been together five years,they ain't going anywhere,have you seen their 2012 or2013,they have a decent program
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Re: SUSA Refund Letter Anonymous 07/06/20 03:14 AM
Ya baby
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Re: G2008:U12 Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Larry Miller 07/06/20 03:09 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Eastern soccer doesn’t control rough riders - teams can play they just have to assume risk
True that ENYYSA doesnt control the Rough Riders, but they do control the teams that would play in their and other tournaments, and those teams are not allowed to play.

My understanding as of yesterday 7/4/20 is that all the Rough Riders Summer tournaments will NOT be happening.
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Re: Barça Academy PRO New York, managed by FC Barcelona from next season Anonymous 07/06/20 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by Cross It 4 Fun
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Barcelona is the most organized club in Long Island. They have the financial backup and can really fix Long Island soccer if they start gobbling up all the small clubs. They need to affiliate themselves with all clubs and have one central base...Barcelona FC is a real training organization with the proper curriculum in place to develop players unlike other organizations who we know just downloads material on line. Barcelona actually trains they’re trainers to run proper training sessions for each age group.

Most are delusional and have no credibility after that statement...bahaha...

Most organized? How many times did they change practice locations or have last minute schedulings. How many times were their games canceled because they had no field permits after they scheduled. They were always the last club to schedule games and probably the most unorganized. That is half of the reason they are falling apart. No organization.
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Re: B2004:U16 Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Anonymous 07/06/20 02:25 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Everyone is losing players.

Many teams are not losing any players. That’s a cop out. Covid actually helped retain players. There have not been tryouts yet and everyone is starting practice this week. Barca may be losing a full club.

The real question is, where are they holding practices this week?
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Re: Stony Brook SC & Atletico FC Merge Anonymous 07/06/20 02:11 AM
I find it comical that all of these kids leave Atletico for other “opportunities” but week after week where do these kids still find themselves for training ??? Atletico. Atletico gives the best training. No question
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Go to a club b that has no risk registration
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We're back!! NYSC Tryouts Larry Miller 07/05/20 11:53 PM
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Re: EDP takes over NYCSL. NPL Club v Club goes to EDP National League Cross It 4 Fun 07/05/20 05:09 PM
Originally Posted by Larry Miller
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Does this now mean shared NYCSL and LIJSL players (Different clubs) cannot play for 2 clubs since it's the same pass system ? US Youth

Interesting point. I dont know. I'm sure your club or coach knows.

A player can only hold one pass for one club under ENYYSA guidelines. So one pass is one club..player can playbup and be on multiple Same club teams
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MLS Cancels Tournament Game Due To Coronavirus Dave Birnbaum 07/04/20 08:12 PM
MLS Cancels Tournament Game Due To Coronavirus

Don't be shocked if the MLS-Is-Back Tournament is cancelled in its entirety. Florida is leading the nation in positive tests.
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MCCS Vipers BU-14, 2007 Anthony Ferrara 07/03/20 11:17 PM
Contact: Anthony Ferrara/Sam Martinez
email: or
Location: Text/Call for details. Generally we train in the Centereach & Selden area.

The Middle Country Vipers are looking for a few skilled players to join our roster.

We have hard working, dedicated, and talented boys who look to compete.

Our BU-14 teams plays LIJSL.

You can expect:

• Staff: USSF & NSCAA licensed Coaches and Trainers
• Training: 2 sessions per week fall/Spring
• 2 Tournaments -one fall/one spring
• Winter: League Play and training
• Specialized skill clinics

We do all of this for a reasonable monthly fee.

For more information please email us to setup a discussion. When appropriate we would love to setup a date so you can meet the staff and team.

Our club and team are committed to following all required Health Guidelines related to competitive play. The safety and health of our team is priority #1.
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Re: Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association announces return-to-play timeline Anonymous 07/03/20 09:02 PM
my club starts training and clinics. All the soccer experts were wrong
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Re: NYSPHSAA Holds Second COVID-19 Task Force Meeting Anonymous 07/03/20 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Larry Miller
Latham, NY – The New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) held the second meeting of the COVID-19 Task Force on Tuesday, June 30.

Representatives from the New York State Department of Health and the New York State Education Department (NYSED) provided updates pertaining to the COVID-19 crisis. The Task Force then discussed the Governor’s reopening plan and its impact upon interscholastic athletics.

The Task Force discussed Governor’s reopening plan and its impact upon interscholastic athletics. At this time, schools are still prohibited from any indoor activities, any in-person instruction (excluding special education), and any organized sports or recreational activities that are hosted/operated.

The NYSPHSAA Task Force reviewed six potential return to school scenarios, including a full return to school, a hybrid education model, a full virtual learning model, and regional differences model. Proposals to address the scenarios reviewed included a full return to athletic participation, potential adjustments of seasons, and/or condensing all three seasons. The Task Force reviewed proposals to address each scenario. The proposals include a full return to athletic participation, potential adjustment of seasons and/ or condensing seasons. The Task Force is finalizing the proposals and plans to release the document to the NYSPHSAA membership by the end of the week in an effort to gather feedback.

The meeting concluded with a presentation of the EzSCRN Application from Paul Bailey, President of Total Concussion Management. The EzSCRN Application, which provides a unique online tool for schools to utilize if screening is part of their reopening plan, would allow a school or team to easily screen students and immediately notify school administrators and health care officials of any students who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. The Task Force plans to continue discussion about this application at their next meeting.

A full report, including meeting report, will be released later this week. The next meeting of the COVID-19 Task Force has not yet been announced.

Has anyone read the meeting report? Appears seasons for sports likely could change. Soccer for instance not in fall, but spring

And compete with club soccer? Oy vey, here we go.....
Maybe swap seasons - club soccer in the fall and HS soccer in the spring.

Or, split the HS soccer season into late 2020 and early spring 2021.

. Logistically very difficult. Many soccer players play lacrosse or run track so kids would have to Knick one and smaller districts may not have enough participants. The there is the issue of college recruiting and showcases concocting for older kids

And finally back to back seasons spring 2021 and fall 2021
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Re: Albertson Roster Spots Available! | Girls 2009 ECNL RL & 2010's Anonymous 07/03/20 07:49 PM
Susa does not have 2 ECNL teams they tried Nassau Suffolk
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Goalie Wanted 2010 CSHH Girls A Squad Coach Michael 07/03/20 07:06 PM
We are a very talented team that finished in the top 3 of second division NYCSL. The girls are a great bunch, full of love and loyalty for one another. -A real team in other words. Our trainer is phenomenal and very devoted to this group: she runs a disciplined ship that emphasizes foot skills, conditioning, hard work, game strategy and assigns home work. I am the team manager and can tell you our parents are all dedicated to taking this team into the top of first division and beyond. Our midfielders, our defense, our strikers are all tops -- all we are missing in order to compete with the best is a dedicated goalie! BTW, we have fun too. It's a really happy bunch that nurtures friendships along with bringing an alpha attitude to winning.

We have kids from at least 5 school districts. Our training takes place at Breezy Park, which is centrally and conveniently located.

Our tryouts are Monday 13 July 2020 6:15-7:15p at:
Breezy Park
19 W Rogues Path
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Even if your daughter is just a raw talent but loves playing in the net, please bring her down. Feel free to text me at 917.428.1972. You can can also email me at I am happy to jump on a call any time.

Mike Tsoumpas
Team Manager
Cold Spring Harbor-Huntington GU11 Storm
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Two more prominent small colleges cancel 2020 soccer seasons Larry Miller 07/02/20 05:41 PM
by Paul Kennedy

Two more NCAA Division III colleges have suspended competitive sports for their 2020 fall season.

Swarthmore, whose men's soccer program dates back to 1917, suspended its fall sports -- including men's and women's soccer -- as part of its plan to limit the return to students on the campus in the fall.

Only first-year students, transfers, sophomores and resident assistants will have the option of returning to campus. Others will continue their studies remotely.

Said Swarthmore president Valerie Smith: “Unfortunately, all of the measures we’re putting in place to keep our community members safe — strict physical distancing and masking policies, limits on the number of students returning to campus, severely restricted college travel, etc. — will prohibit our participation in intercollegiate athletic competition for fall sports. Our coaches are developing meaningful and creative ways to engage with members of their teams during the course of the fall semester.”

Amherst College will not participate in fall sports. The Mammoths sponsor 25 sports, including men's and women's soccer. They won their first NCAA Division III men's title in 2015 and were runners-up in 2019. Amherst was the 2001 women's runner-up.

"Our No. 1 concern has always been, and will continue to be, your safety and long-term health," Amherst athletics director Don Faulstick said in a letter to students. "Please know that we considered every possible scenario while trying to come up with a plan that we thought was right for you, Amherst and our campus community as a whole. But given that it is impossible at this point to eliminate risk of exposure to COVID-19 even in situations without the close and sustained contact of athletic play, the decision to cancel fall competition was, in the end, the only one to make."

Three Seven Sisters schools -- Mount Holyoke, Sarah Lawrence and Wellesley -- have also cancelled fall athletics. (Sarah Lawrence is now co-ed with both men's and women's programs.)

The announcements bring to 45 the number of small colleges and community colleges that have suspended men's or women's soccer programs for the fall.

Also in Division III: The Southern California Interscholastic Athletic Conference will restrict fall athletics to only conference play while the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association approved a "predominantly conference-focused schedule" for the fall, opening on Sept. 19.
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Red Bulls Lose English Winger Dave Birnbaum 07/01/20 04:36 PM
Red Bulls Lose English Winger

The New York Red Bulls announced today that Josh Sims has returned to Southampton FC. The Red Bulls will not exercise options to extend Sims' time in New York.

"In light of the ongoing effects of the global pandemic and all of the uncertainties that remain, we understand Josh's wishes to be closer to home and have come to an agreement with Southampton to recall the player," said Red Bulls Sporting Director Denis Hamlett.
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Re: ENYYSA teams can start training July 6 as long as their area is in Phase 3 Anonymous 07/01/20 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
And rumors are school districts are not giving external organizations/groups permits to use their fields for summer and fall. Tough to practice without dedicated fields/times.
That is true. A lot of clubs that do not have access to a town or municipal field will be in rough shape.
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US Club Soccer, Northern Counties Soccer Association extend sanctioning agreement Larry Miller 06/30/20 10:16 PM
CHARLESTON, S.C. (June 30, 2020) – US Club Soccer and Northern Counties Soccer Association (NCSA) are excited to announce a long-term extension of their sanctioning agreement, as the soccer organizations renew their commitments to continued growth and opportunities in New Jersey and New York. NCSA chose US Club Soccer as its sanctioning body in 2009, mutually growing on and off the field since.

NCSA was formed in 1973, adopting the motto "Enjoy the Beautiful Game" as a guide for bringing quality youth soccer to northern New Jersey. The league has expanded to about 100 clubs today spanning the Hudson River to Sussex County and from Orange County, N.Y. to Union County, N.J. NCSA has facilitated an environment that fosters both coaching and player development, and has been steadfast in its referee program.

NCSA is taking advantage of several US Club Soccer opportunities, including: integration with the National Cup and the US Club Soccer State Cup New Jersey beginning next season, Players First and the ability to host U.S. Soccer grassroots coaching education courses.

"We are delighted to be entering into a new agreement with Northern Counties, a league with a long-standing commitment to providing all players and their parents the best possible experience," said Kevin Payne, US Club Soccer CEO. "The league's approach dovetails perfectly with our Players First philosophy, and we look forward to working closely together for the next five years to make every player's experience the best it can be."

"The past four months have been very difficult for all of us, and we continue to try and navigate through this unprecedented time," said Dennis Burns, NCSA President. "We are excited about our new five-year agreement with US Club and the safe return to soccer this Fall. The new agreement between US Club Soccer and NCSA will provide our clubs long-term financial stability of our fees and new access for their top teams to participate in both National Cup and State Cup competition."

"COVID-19 presents new challenges for everyone involved with youth sports," said Bob Heinrich, NCSA Vice President. "We felt that at this time, it was critical for our league that we secure a long-term extension with US Club Soccer. The alignment of strategic vision between NCSA and US Club Soccer will result in developing and implementing programs that will benefit our clubs, coaches and players through the return to play and for many years to come."

US Club Soccer's mission is to foster the growth and development of soccer clubs throughout the country to create the best possible development environment for players of all ages in every club. The primary vehicle for accomplishing that ambition is Players First: a branded, holistic club soccer experience for parents and players which emphasizes the development of each individual to his or her full potential, and helps parents make better choices about where their children should play.

That Players First philosophy is supported by best-in-class partners and resources, including LaLiga, and is anchored by five pillars: Club Development, Coaching Development, Player Development, Parent Engagement & Education and Player Health & Safety. In particular, Player Health & Safety is the emphasis, as US Club Soccer prides itself on fostering the safest environment for players in youth sports. US Club Soccer has stringent requirements for all staff registration/eligibility and also provides a variety of safety-related resources and recommendations to members.
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East Islip SC Summer Camps Larry Miller 06/30/20 07:01 PM
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SUSA Summer Splash Program | Ages 2-8 | July 21st - August 26th Larry Miller 06/30/20 06:58 PM
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Uncertainty about what college soccer will look like in the fall remains high Larry Miller 06/30/20 12:21 PM
by Paul Kennedy

As a new wave of serious outbreaks of the coronavirus hits parts of the country in late June, uncertainty about what college will like in the fall remains high -- how students will take their classes, where they were reside and what extracurricular activities will be available.

That includes college athletics -- if and when and where they will take place.

Until now, the program cuts everyone feared -- especially on the men's side -- have not taken place. To date, just two Division I men's soccer programs have been eliminated, and with the planned addition of men's soccer -- in place of baseball -- at WAC school Chicago State, that's a net loss of just one Division I men's program.

Only one small college -- Division II St. Edward's -- has dropped men's soccer in a move that wasn't related to a school closure.

To date, 45 Division I programs have been dropped. Decisions to drop others have been rescinded, and other moves are already in the courts. The sport most affected has been tennis with nine men's and eight women's programs dropped.

Program cuts: 2020-21 NCAA Division I sports
Akron (M/W). Men: cross country, golf; Women: tennis.
Appalachian State (W). Men: soccer, tennis, indoor track & field.
Arkansas-Pine Bluff (W). Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
Brown (M/W): Men: fencing, golf, squash; Women: Equestrian, fencing, golf, skiing, squash.
Central Michigan (W). Men: indoor and outdoor track & field.
Chicago State (M/W). Men: baseball.
Cincinnati (W). Men: soccer.
*UConn (M/W). Men: cross country, swimming, tennis; Women: rowing.
East Carolina (W): Men: swimming, tennis; Women: swimming, tennis.
FIU (M/W). Men: indoor track & field.
Furman (M/W). Men: baseball, lacrosse.
Hampton (W). Men: golf. Women: golf.
Northern Colorado (W). Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
Old Dominion (M/W). Men: wrestling.
Southern Utah (W). Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
Winthrop (M/W. Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
Wisconsin-Green Bay (M/W). Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
Wright State (M/W). Men: tennis; Women: softball, tennis.
*Effective at the conclusion of the 2020-21 season
Note: M=sponsors men's soccer; W=sponsors women's soccer.

Lots of schools have implemented budget cuts -- layoffs, furloughs, pay-cuts, cutbacks in travel and meetings -- as they deal with the financial impact of the pandemic.

The NCAA has cut back the number of games Division II programs can play. Division I conferences have implemented cuts in the regular season or postseason to regionalize or eliminate travel, and schools are redoing schedules to eliminate long trips. On Monday, the MAAC, which previously cut back the size of its tournaments, pushed back the starting date of all fall sports to Sept. 11.

But with the reality that the coronavirus is not going anywhere soon, we are starting to see fall sports programs -- including men's and women's soccer -- be shut down or be recommended to be shut out at a growing number of small colleges and community colleges in pockets across the country.

The moves could leave other programs in their geographic area with so few opponents that they might not be able to formulate a schedule even if they want to play.

Small colleges. On Monday, Williams, the winner of NCAA Division III championships in 11 different sports, announced that it won't compete in fall sports as part of its plans for the resumption of classes in the fall semester.

President Maud S. Mandel announced the plans for the fall at the Massachusetts college on Monday:

-- Williams fall sports teams will not travel or compete during the fall semester. The Ephs are members of the NESCAC. Teams will be able to practice outside in small groups if they adhere to social distancing guidelines. They might later progress to full contact practices if conditions improve. (Decisions about winter and spring teams have not yet been made.)

-- Students will be allowed to opt to return to campus or study remotely (or take a leave or gap year). Courses will be a blend of in-person and remote instruction. Students who opt to study remotely will have access to most classes.

The Ephs' national titles include four in soccer -- men's soccer (1995) and women's soccer (2015, 2017 and 2018).

Last week, two other Division III New England schools -- Bowdoin, another NESCAC school, and UMass Boston -- announced they will not play fall sports. An announcement from the College of New Jersey, another Division III school, about the cancellation of fall sports is expected by Tuesday.

In May, the California Collegiate Athletic Association, the most successful NCAA Division II conference, suspended sports for the fall 2020 semesterafter canceling most in-person classes and continuing instruction online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Michigan-Dearborn, which has teams competing in the NCAA and NAIA, will not compete during the fall. It has also suspended operations for all winter and spring teams for the fall 2020 term, including its NCAA Division I men's ice hockey team.

Community colleges. Most of the junior college closures, but not all, are related to the Covid-19 pandemic. A few are permanent closures, but most are moves related specifically to sports programs operating in the fall.

The Central Valley Conference canceled fall sports, citing the recent rise in Covid cases in California. It has 10 community colleges, six of which sponsor women's soccer and five of which sponsor men's soccer.

Individual schools are allowed to compete on their own. Visalia's College of the Sequoias (with both men's and women's soccer programs) intends to go ahead with its fall athletic program, while Reedley College plans to continue its basketball program.

The California Community College Athletic Association is set to meet on July 17 to decide what to do about fall sports. One of the options: move sports slated to be played in the fall to the spring.

On Friday, the chancellor of Arizona's Maricopa County Community Colleges District was presented with a recommendation from the presidents of its 10 community colleges to cancel all sports for the 2020-21 year in response to the state's Covid spike. Community forums on the potential shutdown are expected before a final decision is made.

Eight of the 10 Maricopa County colleges have men's and women's soccer programs competing in the NJCAA's Region 1, which consists of 11 Arizona colleges. Region 1 has produced eight NJCAA Division I men's champions and two NJCAA Division I women's champions.

Citing its fiscal crisis, the Northern Wyoming Community College District shut down athletic programs at Gillette College and Sheridan College last week. Earlier this year, Western Wyoming shut down its men's soccer program, stating that "continuing the program as it currently exists is contrary to our values and our mission" but expressing hope it could be reinstated in the future.

Following the move by head coach Oliver Twelvetrees to accept the head coaching position in Colorado State-Pueblo, Eastern Florida State College announced the suspension of the men's program for 2020. The Titans advanced to the NJCAA Division I national finals four times in the last seven years. They will continue to operate their women's program in the fall.

Cloud County Community College in Kansas suspended the men’s and women’s soccer programs indefinitely in a move its president said was "not a reflection of the students, but rather an institutional peel back to explore ways to improve the student experience" at the school. One of the issues: the need to restructure its recruiting and admissions processes and enforce English proficiency requirements. The men's program alone listed 57 foreign players on its roster.

Suspended fall programs: community college
Fresno City (M/W)
Clovis (M/W)
Reedley (W)
Taft (M/W)
West Hills Lemoore (M/W)
New York:
Erie (M/W)
Onondaga (M/W)
Lehigh Carbon (M/W)
Cuyahoga (M)
Eastern Florida State (M)
Northern Virginia (M)
Richard Bland (M/W)
Note: M=sponsors men's soccer; W=sponsors women's soccer.
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Re: SUSA Acquires FC Fury & PRSS Anonymous 06/30/20 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Larry Miller
Originally Posted by Anonymous
They’re not getting SUSA ECNL for Nassau

Why should they? There already is a girl’s ECNL in Nassau.
Is it for sale? How much? Give me your best price?
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Re: Girls Academy League unveils initial conference alignment Anonymous 06/30/20 04:51 AM
True but unfortunately NEFC SSS and especially Oakwood all lost several key players to ECNL.
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