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B2010:U14 Fall 2023/Spring 2024
by Anonymous - 10/03/23 08:53 AM
Boys High School (School Ball Fall 2023)
by Anonymous - 10/01/23 08:44 PM
Top 100 Long Island girls soccer players for 2021
by Anonymous - 09/30/23 07:30 PM
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Re: B2010:U14 Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Anonymous 10/03/23 12:53 PM
Really!? I’ll call Pep and let him know, heard Man City always looking for players 🤷‍♂️
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SUSA: All you need is an ATM Card and a Dream | Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Question: Is Nir Severi Still a Coach at SUSA? Anonymous 10/03/23 09:50 AM
Look, Susa's clearly got some issues, and it's no secret that mixing revenue with claims tends to stir up anger in any organization. But let's be real, it's not just the 'Back of the Net' soccer forum that's throwing shade at Susa. People are talking about it everywhere, and it's not doing them any favors.

Susa's had a great run for the past decade, but it seems like the tide is turning. More and more parents are getting wise to the fact that they shouldn't have to shell out money for their kids to be treated poorly.

And by the way, saying that it's just a bunch of bitter parents whose kids got cut isn't accurate. The folks on those forums have all sorts of backgrounds and stories to tell. It's a complex situation that needs a nuanced approach. It isn’t that black and white.

Something's seriously off on the girls' side, especially for the 8 to 15 year-olds at Susa. If you take a peek at the coaches' bios, most of them lack any real coaching training, except for John Burke, who's a stand-up guy. He's kind of the exception in the Susa bunch, because honestly, a lot of them are just not great coaches. They have the technical skills dien but as far as human decency they are lacking.

Parents, my advice would be to sit in on practices and see for yourselves, because what's happening there isn't cool at all.

If Susa's losing business, it's on them, not anyone else. If they ran things more professionally, they wouldn't have these problems. People aren't going to jump ship based solely on forum comments. They'll want to see for themselves if Susa's the real deal or not. My bet is they will discover the latter.

To the person insisting it's only disgruntled parents, well, if that's what helps you sleep at night, go ahead and believe it. But the reality is, it's not that simple. You might not see it that way, but if it helps you cope, keep telling yourself that while you keep forking over the cash to Susa.

When your kid is completely worn out and wants nothing to do with soccer by the time they hit 15, you might start thinking differently. Sometimes, firsthand experience can change your perspective
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Re: Boys High School (School Ball Fall 2023) Anonymous 10/02/23 12:44 AM
If any of these kids want to go to college have them contact me JD
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Re: Top 100 Long Island girls soccer players for 2021 Anonymous 09/30/23 11:30 PM
Who is a good soccer coach for a 10 yr old near bayville or plainview is it a team or private lessons my daughter is really interested in soccer
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Re: All you need is an ATM Card and a Dream Anonymous 09/30/23 07:26 PM
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Re: G2010:U14 Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Anonymous 09/30/23 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Dear JR Burner Account,

Isn't 2010 U14 now? After a long rant calling that poor person a half breed, you posted the wrong year?

This board never ceases to amaze....

Points were valid though, there seems to be a lot of know it alls who know nothing about the game nor the league. Just a bunch of bickering of who’s better what’s better, it’s all nonsense, I suppose it’s what makes it fun.
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Manhattan SC Openings for Girls 2009-2008-2007 esutton 09/27/23 04:45 PM
Manhattan Soccer Club has openings for Girls in our 2009, 2008, and 2007 age groups. Teams are at ECNL Regional as well as NYCSL/WYSL levels.

Please get in touch with Director shari.eckstrom@manhattansc.org for more information and to schedule a tryout or register for a tryout at Manhattan SC Girls Tryout Registration
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Re: Girls High School (School Ball Fall 2023) Anonymous 09/26/23 01:18 PM
Section 11 website sucks, you would think the guy running it collecting a great pension and over $100,000 from section 11 will be on top of updates.
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LISC Goalkeeper ID Clinic Larry Miller 09/25/23 10:20 PM
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LISC Girls Academy ID Clinic Larry Miller 09/25/23 10:17 PM
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Re: Tim Bradbury, the other side. Anonymous 09/25/23 06:44 PM
Timothy is the Cancer of Youth soccer and the fact that he is the head of all these coaching courses and ENYYSA soccer is the reason why everything goes to [****].

Ronny Alber tried defending these lunatic years ago but there is no defending this guy. When parents talk about somebody nobody really cares what they think, 95 percent of them have never played the game and they usually are butt hurt they have been cut so they cry on here, but when Coaches stay clear of this guy there has to be an issue with this guy.

They feel they won't get their license if they disagree with this guy, there is the Soccer monopoly at work. So, parents just so you are informed to even coach we have to pay 1000's of dollars to acquire each license, many of us work for small clubs, who do not re-imburse us for these licenses and have to take personal time and money, if we don't have these licenses, we cannot get a pass. I'm all for coaching education but when I know that it is this expensive, and I can't get these licenses unless I pay 1000-12000 dollars per license.

When does it become about connecting and getting kids better and more about acquiring as many licenses as you can but still have no results pick on kids but as long as I have an A License you can't say [****] to me. And then we have to pay safe sport and background checks.

And that seems to all run through ENYYSA and least the leagues that I coach. It makes me sick that I have to pay for all this when I fundamentally disagree with 99 percent of his coaching philosophy.

To me this is why you have ignorant ass holes coaches, parents like to say my son or daughter's trainer has A B C D E F G Pro super pro Elite Licenses.

Parents eat it up you can go to Harvard and be a [****] head of a person actually the more education you receive the more likely to become a DICK. you can know the game all you want if you can't connect with a child, or the child feel valued then you will not develop kids.

That [****] might be better for the College or Pro ball but not kids who want to learn, not be told they are [****] or stupid or hard of learning.
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ATM Soccer Club Comics Larry Miller 09/24/23 04:46 PM

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New ECNL Regional Leagues postseason structure announced for 2024 Larry Miller 09/22/23 09:03 PM
The ECNL announced the ECNL Boys and Girls Regional League postseason structure for the 2023-24 season, with four ECNL Regional League Playoff Events leading to the 2024 ECNL Regional League Finals.

The four ECNL Regional League Playoff Events will be held in four different regions of the country, geographically set to manage travel for qualifying teams out of surrounding ECNL Regional Leagues. Each ECNL Regional League Playoff event will include top performing teams from that region, creating higher-visibility recruitment opportunities for local college programs. The four ECNL Regional League Playoff events as well as their locations and dates are listed below:

ECNL Regional League South Playoffs at Russell Creek Park in Plano, Texas (June 5-9)

ECNL Regional League East Playoffs at Bryan Park Soccer Complex presented by Truist in Browns Summit, North Carolina (June 12-16)

ECNL Regional League Central Playoffs at Worldwide Technology Soccer Park & Slyman Bros SLYSA Soccer Park in St. Louis, Missouri (June 12-16)

ECNL Regional League West Playoffs at Silverlakes Sports Park in Norco, California (June 12-16)

At the U13-U17 age groups, 80 boys teams and 80 girls teams will compete at each event looking to qualify for the ECNL Regional League Finals. Each age group will consist of 16 teams divided into four groups of four teams each for the group stage. Every team will play three group stage games to determine the four group winners at each age group. The winners of each group will advance to the semifinals. The U13-U17 semifinal winners (two teams at each age group) will advance to the ECNL Regional League Finals in Virginia in July.?

At the U18/19 age group, eight boys teams and eight girls teams will compete at each event. Teams will be divided into two groups of four and play three group stage games to determine the two group winners. The two group winners will then play one final game to determine the U18/19 Regional League Champion at each of the four events.

The ECNL Regional League Finals will include eight teams at each age group, from U13-U17, and will take place in Richmond, Virginia, at Striker Park, concurrently with the ECNL Finals. The ECNL Girls Regional League Finals will be played July 11-14, followed by the ECNL Boys Regional League Finals from July 16-19. Teams will compete in an eight team knockout to decide the ECNL Regional League Champions at each age group.
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Re: Is referee abuse really part of the game? LIRef77 09/22/23 03:24 PM
There is a big difference between the culture of soccer and baseball, basketball and football.

In soccer disrespectful words or action are DISSENT and merits a yellow card.

Baseball is the worst because the adults around the game think they can act like knuckleheads because they see baseball managers on TV reacting like undisciplined out of control idiots. If you watched the Little League World Series you see young players doing the same as pros-bat flips after a home run and all sorts of immodest behaviors that should not be allowed since it shows poor sportsmanship.

Basketball and football also have Coaches constantly arguing with the officials.

The more the adults misbehave the message being sent to their players is that it is acceptable.
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SUSA: All you need is an ATM Card and a Dream | Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Is SUSA Looking to Sel Anonymous 09/22/23 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Susa is too expensive cause you fund axxholxs like JR ( Mr. I date my students when they get older, and Mussa aka Mr. CEO that’s does nothing) and they teach you nothing. The find new coaches that will not teach your kid a dam thing about soccer but will overcharge you and even help your kid get into Queens college lol …. EM isn’t better either … broken promises and WT parents that tell their kid to do what you have to do. You’re right it does suck and it’s all over ….we are just to stupid to complain about an issue that is in every club. Wake up people !

Is it wrong to say that Susa chase kids from outside the club because they do such a poor job of developing their own talent?

Stop with the development nonsense. Just like education, development begins at home.

I’d expect development for $5000 a year.
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Re: Girls ECNL Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Anonymous 09/20/23 11:43 PM
SUSA teams are better than EM teams. More importantly, SUSA parents are better than EM parents. Change my mind.
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Re: ATM Soccer Club - Long Island's Newest ECNL | MLS NEXT Academy Anonymous 09/20/23 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I’m not surprised at EM for 1 minute. They are chomping at the bits in desperation. They are taking what they can get right now because registration are piss poor and all new families realize after their 3rd installment how awful a shop that place is. They were caught releasing kids and parents contact information to [****], Globall and a number of pay-for soccer services. Notice the increase in junk mail about soccer? Yea you’ve and your family has been handed over in exchange for residual $$ in a certain board member’s pocket.

Really? Why do parents like me, whose daughters play for SUSA and LISC get "junk mail" from the GA and ECNL and their vendor partners? It's all the same, wake up and stop only singling out EM.
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NYSC Ball Mastery Larry Miller 09/20/23 01:56 PM
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Re: Newsday's top 100 boys soccer players for 2023 Anonymous 09/18/23 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I believe coaches make the nomination.
Honestly, those players in small schools & lower divisions should have a separate top 100 players, stats are skewed.

Ok, Someone asked a question and i answered.
80% of these won't be playing in college, so don't worry about your skewness
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Re: G2008:U16 Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Anonymous 09/18/23 03:31 PM
You must be an East Meadow parent. The only team playing ECNL/ECRL that gets beaten by twin clubs in tournaments. These kids spend so much time at the club getting poor training and travel a couple hours away to get embarrassed.
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Re: Questioning again, SUSA ECNL DOC JR's Conduct Anonymous 09/16/23 03:09 PM
Teacher pleads guilty in student sex case
by Joie Tyrrell

A longtime Babylon High School teacher and coach pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child for engaging in sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old student in 2013, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office reported Friday.

Timothy Harrison, 48, of Oak Beach, is due back in court for sentencing Nov. 9.As part of Friday’s plea before County Court Judge Karen M. Wilutis, Harrison was also required to surrender his teaching license, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney.

The investigation and Harrison’s plea revealed that between September and November 2013, Harrison sent the victim, who was 15 at the time, flirtatious text messages, gave her alcohol and had sexual intercourse and other sexual conduct with her at his residence in Oak Beach, according to Tierney.

“This defendant abused his role as an educator and preyed on a teenaged student. Instead of being a teacher, he took advantage of her,” Tierney said. “This guilty plea ensures that Harrison will no longer be a teacher.” Harrison, a former basketball and lacrosse coach atBabylonJunior-Senior High School, did not have a criminal record. He was arrested March 3, 2022, after a months long police investigation.

He was later indicted on two counts of third-degree rape and two counts of third-degree criminal sexual act, felony charges that each carry a sentence of up to four years in prison. He had pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in March 2022.

Harrison’s attorney, Kevin Keating of Garden City, said Friday: “Mr. Harrison was charged with several felony counts which we were eagerly prepared to defend at his upcoming trial. The district attorney offered a single misdemeanor to resolve the case, a path Mr. Harrison accepted to put this matter behind him for the good of his family.”

The district had placed Harrison on leave in the fall of 2021.

“This administration is making every effort to ensure the safety of our students and earn back the trust of the community,” Schools Superintendent Carisa Manza and Board of Education President Linda Jurs said in a joint statement. “We have pursued all avenues available to us to attain justice for alleged victims of abuse in our schools, including notifying law enforcement in this particular case.”

They said confidentiality laws prevent the district from commenting in detail on individual employees. “However, we unequivocally condemn the crimes that the accused Babylon employee has pleaded guilty to,” the statement said, also stressing the employee surrendered his teaching license.

Harrison was certified as a special education teacher in 2002. According to a Newsday database of public salaries, he made $148,333 in 2021-22. While on home assignment, Harrison received $140,755 during the 2022-23 school year, according to district payroll records Newsday obtained under the Freedom of Information Law.

A spokesperson for the district attorney’s office said Friday that Harrison was suspended with pay pending the investigation, and when he pleaded guilty he surrendered his license.

In 2021, the victim came forward and reported the sexual abuse to Babylon High School officials and then to the Suffolk County Police Department’s Special Victim Section. Harrison was removed from the classroom in November 2021, according to district records obtained by Newsday.

“The courage shown by this young woman in reporting this crime even though it had occurred eight years earlier is amazing,” Tierney said.

Earlier this year, Wilutis agreed with prosecutors to allow testimony had the case gone to trial about an alleged prior sexual relationship between Harrison and another student in 2012. Prosecutors have previously said Harrison had a sexual relationship with the 18-year-old student, but no charges were filed since she was above the age of consent.

Harrison’s indictment also followed October 2021 allegations made by former students who said they were sexually harassed and abused by some of their teachers in the Babylon district.

Soon after, the district hired a former Suffolk County prosecutor, Chris Powers, to investigate the claims and placed five employees, including Harrison, on paid administrative leave.

In November 2021, state Attorney General Letitia James announced a civil investigation into the Babylon school district after multiple accusations of sexual misconduct by staff. That investigation continues, a spokesperson said Friday.

With Jim Baumbach
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Rough Riders Winter Training Clinics Larry Miller 09/15/23 07:33 PM
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Levittown GU14 dcacace9 09/15/23 03:56 PM
Levittown Thunder GU14 team is holding open tryouts throughout the year. All positions are welcome.
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Fright Night 3v3 Tournament Larry Miller 09/14/23 03:35 PM
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Make Your 2023-2024 Season Elite! Larry Miller 09/14/23 12:31 PM
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