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The new MLS youth league
by Anonymous - 09/20/20 05:13 PM
Did SUSA put Money Before Safety?
by Anonymous - 09/20/20 05:10 PM
B2010:U11 Fall 2020/Spring 2021
by Anonymous - 09/20/20 04:09 PM
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Re: The new MLS youth league Anonymous 09/20/20 09:13 PM
Wait so are you saying the world is following US style of play ???
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Re: Did SUSA put Money Before Safety? Anonymous 09/20/20 09:10 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think there are any indoor leagues or tournaments that attract quality recruiters. There’s isn’t lots of showcases if any in the winter months

Try again please

Or just say that you hate Susa and that you are always going to be bitter towards them regardless of what they do or don’t.

That’s my point Einstein....those indoor tournaments and leagues are local and are not showcases and therefore DO NOT attract recruiters. Yet, SUSA teams are forced to participate and give more $$ to Susa. It’s a business...$$$ first
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Re: B2010:U11 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 09/20/20 08:09 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Person who says EM is better = EM parent

Person who says SUSA is better = SUSA parent

Person who says Kozy is a good coach = Kozy lol
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Re: Full list of member clubs in the new MLS youth academy league Falcon 09/20/20 03:37 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Falcon
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Boys teams at LISC have only been around for a few years... and Spring was a wash. Whoever is commenting on the quality has really no clue.

You have no clue. Boys and girls program started simultaneously at LISC. They had girls DA and lied tgat they were in process of boys DA. DA folded and they scrambled to join GA league to save their existence. Boys program is weak and with all of the boys programs on Long Island they have no chance. Girls aren’t very strong, just not in same league so they only play out of area teams. Join a LI tournament and let’s see how they do.

I remember when Commack and Dix Hills has very good soccer teams. That was a long time ago.

I also remember when Damianos from ISA used to beat up on both of them, LOL

The problem in this country is not enough participation! I wonder how Belgium manages.
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Re: BHS (2004:U17, 2003:U18, 2002:U19) Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 09/20/20 03:25 PM
SUSA has now added a HS division for Columbus Tournament. I could not find any other tournament on Long Island that has a u17 group. East Islip will not be adding one; I checked with them.
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Re: G2007:U14 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 09/18/20 04:37 PM
Is it the losing record, the bait and switch coaching, or the parent politics at LISC G07 that drives the best players away? They seem to have trouble keeping teams intact to make a case for development. Which clubs are these players that leave LISC going?
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SUSA Private Training Sessions Available! Larry Miller 09/17/20 09:26 PM
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SUSA High Intense Skills Clinic • Birth Years 2007-2012 Larry Miller 09/17/20 07:55 PM
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Albertson Munchkins Happy Feet & Intramurals Registration Larry Miller 09/16/20 10:29 PM
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2006 RVC Velocity Goalie Needed alyprezioso 09/16/20 09:19 PM
2006 RVC Velocity - Premier team is looking for a goalie. Please contact alyprezioso@verizon.net if you or you know anyone looking for a team.
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Re: Suffolk sports officials postpone fall sports until January 2021 Anonymous 09/16/20 07:35 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I think the vast majority believe now that we can send our kids to school, play high school sports and club sports knowing the vast majority will be fine if they contract the virus. The problem is the spreading of this virus to adults with underlying illnesses and compromised immune systems. The school teachers, administrators, workers at these places. Your child spreading the virus at home to older parents and grand parents. That is the main concern. This virus is “in the air” and can spread rapidly.

Sorry but you’re talking in circles, again if the concern is the spread of the virus then lock yourself in a closet with and never leave. Let’s use our brains here, if the concern are those with compromised immune systems then let’s focus on keeping the quarantined. The logic that delaying or canceling sports bc children can spread the virus does not hold up when they are allowing them to go to school. Sports help children mentally, physically, socially etc it’s not just about kicking or throwing a ball. Furthermore what are we delaying sports in hope of? And if whatever that hope is doesn’t come to fruition then what?


Wrong. You selfish - - - - . You dont quarantine people because others don't want to act responsibly.
Middle aged and elders are at risk.
Are you one of the smart parents who encourage their kids to go to large parties without masks on (either with or without alcohol) or even beter the parents who host said parties.
#Let em party.
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B2004 EDP Hauppauge Hurricanes Roster Spots B2004Hurricanes 09/15/20 06:21 PM
[Hauppauge Hurricanes BU17 team is looking to complete our roster
Professionally trained 2x per week (W/F) and we play all year
We play EDP in late Fall and Spring, indoors in winter and summer practices and scrimmages and tournaments through EDP.
Call/Text coach Gennaro 516 852 9967
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Scheduled Long Island SC Boys Open Roster Spots Larry Miller 09/15/20 05:08 PM
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Re: G2006:U15 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 09/15/20 03:57 PM
Obvious person trolling EI/RVC was at tournament this weekend in lower division. Congrats on your 2nd tier finish whatever team you were with. Proud of you keep trolling.
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Re: LIJSL FINAL ALIGNMENTS Larry Miller 09/14/20 11:00 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Schedule is out

If you want to see them here is the link


You can also click on the LIJSL Fall Scores and Standings link on the left side content island of BOTN
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Bellmore United BU16 Kevdee46018 09/14/20 09:16 PM
BU16 (2005) Bellmore United looking for a players for our roster. We are a competitive team and will be playing in the division 3 of LIJSL in the fall.

We train 2x a week with trainers and continue training during the off season.
We also participate in a winter league.

If interested in coming down to a session and trying out for the team, please contact Coach Kev @ 516-233-9661.

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BU16 Bohemia Barracudas APlana 09/14/20 01:25 AM
BU16 (2005) Bohemia Barracudas is looking for a player or 2 to round out our roster. We are a competitive team playing in the Champion division of LIJSL in the fall.

We train 2 to 3 times a week in the fall and spring. We train through the winter and attend numerous tournaments a year. No trainer fees.

To join in a practice please call or text: 631-875-1510

Coach Adam
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Re: Massapequa schools sue in effort to resume fall sports in Nassau County Anonymous 09/14/20 01:05 AM
Sound health decisions? Their was huge youth tournament this weekend on Long Island involving all the town clubs and using town fields etc? What hypocrisy! Long Island Classic look it up was all over the island people wake up we have a rate of covid of 0.7 for people who were tested in state which was like 500 statewide..
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COVID-19 will impact U.S. Soccer well into 2021 Larry Miller 09/13/20 05:16 PM
by Paul Kennedy

The news from the public session of the U.S. Soccer board of directors' quarterly meeting on Saturday was just how little news there was to report.

Once again, the meeting was held virtually because of COVID-19 precautions. The public session was dominated by staff updates to the board, but one update was missing for the first time in recent memory from the agenda: a finance update.

At the June board meeting, Pinky Raina, U.S. Soccer's chief financial officer. presented to the board a look at U.S. Soccer's fiscal year 2020, which closed March 31 with was expected to be the worst deficit in the federation's history at $27.9 million.

The proposed budget for fiscal year 2021 called for an operating deficit of $27.5 million -- and that was approved a month before the pandemic hit. No updated projections for FY2021 were presented by Raina to the board in June, but changes included the shuttering of the Development Academy, which was projected to cost $12 million, and the layoff of about 50 employees.

It is not clear how the federation's financial picture has changed since then -- how most significantly it has been impacted on both the revenue and expense side by the lack of national team activity and how if at all the revenues from the two major commercial agreements with Nike and SUM have decreased.

Bur Raina said in June that, based on current projections, the federation's surplus at the end of its five-year plan, originally expected to decline from $123 million at the end of fiscal year 2020 to $50 million in 2023, was reduced to $42 million by February -- before the pandemic -- because of an unanticipated increase in 2020 losses due to rising outside legal costs and already down to $25 million as of June.

No national team activity. While all five U.S. pro leagues have resumed play and many local youth leagues are playing in some form -- U.S. Soccer president Cindy Cone said she had just come from her U-15 team's first game of the season -- there has been no national team activity since then, and there were little details offered about plans for the rest of the year. (As far as youth national teams, there was no mention at all of the four programs not previously shut down for the year.)

Kate Markgraf, the women's national team general manager, hopes to gather the women for a camp in the fall, but a majority of the 2019 U.S. Women's World Cup championship team has either moved to Europe or is skipping the NWSL Fall series. Markgraf outlined three domestic camps for 2021 in addition to the 2021 SheBelieves Cup Feb. 8-25 and a short training camp beginning at the end of June before the USA heads to Japan for the Olympics scheduled to be played July 21-Aug. 6.

On the men's side, the picture is even less clear. No activity has been announced for the two remaining fall windows, and men's national team general manager Brian McBride reviewed a 2021-22 calendar dominated by 2022 World Cup qualifying but whose 14 dates are all "TBC" because Concacaf has had to push back the start of the eight-team Octagonal because the preliminary round, scheduled to start in October, won't begin until March because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Part of the problem -- a major one actually -- is there aren't enough dates in the remaining FIFA windows to play the six games in the preliminary round and 14 games in the Octagonal before the end of international qualifying with the intercontinental playoffs in June 2021. Concacaf will have to negotiate additional windows with FIFA in order to secure four more playing dates. But as FIFA council member Sunil Gulati noted, Concacaf isn't the only confederation with scheduling issues.

The 2021 Annual General Meeting, originally scheduled for Atlanta Feb. 26-27, will be a largely virtual event. All council and committee meetings on Feb. 26 will held virtually. The National Council Meeting on Feb. 27 will be the only non-virtual aspect. Unless the federation gets a waiver from New York governance requirements, it plans on having the board of directors and at least one member of the four councils (pro, youth, adult and at-large) attend the meeting, likely to be held at a Chicago O'Hare Airport hotel.

The National Council Meeting will be highlighted by elections for president (to fill the remaining year of former president Carlos Cordeiro's term that began in 2018) and vice president (currently vacant). Cordeiro was elected vice president in 2016 and succeeded by Cone in 2019. Cone took over as president in March following Cordeiro's resignation.

The key date before then is Dec. 29, the deadline for candidates for president or vice president to submit their three declarations of support, member endorsements required of all candidates.

The board meeting also included, among other things, presentations on the employee-led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, a nine-person group of full-time employees formed in June, and and the launch of the Jill Ellis Scholarship Fund and SheChampions Mentorship Program, designed to encourage more women to enter coaching.

And as a reminder that there is still a pandemic, Raina presented plans to get all staff back into U.S. Soccer House in Chicago -- in January 2021.
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Re: G2008:U13 Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Anonymous 09/12/20 05:58 PM
What with all the anger on this thread, former Fury parent seems extremely bitter let it go! Not healthy! Time to move on go enjoy where you kid playing and stop already..LISC going to SUSA tournament? I’m pretty positive EM will be there.
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Re: GIRLS High School (School Ball) Fall 2020 Anonymous 09/12/20 02:33 AM
Originally Posted by Larry Miller
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
[quote=Larry Miller][quote=Anonymous]Does anyone have link's to ECNL and Girls Academy fall schedules?

No, because they have not been completed and made public yet. BOTN has the publication date and will make the ECNL link on the left column 'live' as soon as we get the word they are available

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Does anyone know when the U15 and up EDP schedules (placements) get released?

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Its up , check the link on the left.

Not up yet for U15 and up........

Registration Deadline September 3
Bracketing begins - Friday September 4
Brackets Sent to all teams - Thursday September 10
Brackets appeals done - Monday September 14
Schedule Released - Wednesday September 16
First Weekend of Games - September 26-27

There was no email sent out yet. Brackets are not set.
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Re: Athletic directors to discuss spectators at Suffolk high school sports Anonymous 09/12/20 01:05 AM
Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register - you will not REGRET it https://bit.ly/32hIGxJ
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Red Bull Arena, Home Field For NYC FC and Montreal Impact Dave Birnbaum 09/11/20 09:33 PM
Red Bull Arena, Home Field For NYC FC and Montreal Impact

Red Bull Arena is set to host upcoming matches for New York City FC and the Montreal Impact.

New York City FC will continue at Red Bull Arena, while Montreal will host one match at Red Bull Arena and train at Red Bulls Training Facility through September 27 as Major League Soccer continues to finalize travel protocols.

"We were approached by MLS to serve as a host venue during this unprecedented 2020 season, and in the interest of helping our league resume play, we agreed to host these additional matches," said Red Bulls General Manager Marc de Grandpre. "The playing surface, facilities, and broadcast operations make Red Bull Arena an ideal venue for teams and fans watching from home."

"Our Operations group has a reputation for providing world-class training and matchday services to top club and national teams from around the world, and we know that will continue in providing quality treatment and clean, safe environments for everyone involved."

New York City FC will host Toronto FC on Wednesday, September 23, and FC Cincinnati on Saturday, September 26.

Montreal will host the Philadelphia Union on Sunday, September 20. Montreal will also play one of its scheduled away matches at Red Bull Arena, as the visitors to the New York Red Bulls on Sunday, September 27.

Out of an abundance of caution, all matches at Red Bull Arena will remain closed to the public.
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Return to Interscholastic Athletics - REVISED FINAL Larry Miller 09/11/20 09:00 PM
Download your copy below.....
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CRUSA/FC Bucks Adidas Classic Larry Miller 09/11/20 08:56 PM
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