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With 40+ years as major market broadcast content programmers and promotional creators, BOTN understands communicationing with virtual audiences. BOTN is the most cost-effective venue when promoting your tournaments, tryouts, camps and clinics.

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Why does your business need BOTN?

BOTN is narrowcasted to ONLY youth soccer coaches, trainers, admins, parents & players. Our repetitive emails combined with the sizeable audience viewing backofthenet.com is the best guarantee that your event(s) will be seen and attended. There are always visitors here and they are users of your product(s) so why not take advantage of their presence?

Convert BOTN traffic into sales

Did you know that BOTN posts the number of current online users? Scroll down on the right to the "Who's Online Now" content island.

Increase Name Recognition & Trust

Keeping your name out-front and what products and services your organization provides are priceless.

Growth guaranteed

Email marketing is one of the most popular, effective, and cost-efficient strategies.

We combine marketing and thinking

Promote - Market - Advertise - Profit

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A Video is Worth a Thousand Words

BOTN allows you to easily embed a Youtube or Vimeo video directly into the Message Board, and BOTN can email your video to our comprehensive database of youth soccer families and decision makers.

Metrics & Insights

14,944 Registered Users

All registered user email addresses are verified, as well as all other additional addresses.

Who's Looking?

BOTN users generate a monthly average 0f 715,000 monthly page views

Email marketing

All our emails are generated using AWS to guarantee white listing across all ISP providers.

Banner Ads

Banner ads strategically placed on the top, side, bottom, and between the first and second post on every page of BOTN hot-linked back to your website.

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  • 1. Event posted on right side content island
  • 2. Sponsorship Logo (125x125) on the side
  • 3. Sponsorship Logo (468x60) on Top
  • 4. Sponsorship Logo (468x60) inbetween 1st & 2nd post
  • 5. Sponsorship Logo (728x90) on the bottom
  • 6. Sponsorship Logo (728x90) on Tryouts Calendar
  • 7. Sponsorship flyer (600x800) on BOTN Home Page
  • 8. All graphics linked to your website
  • 9. Weekly email blasts
  • 10. Sense of Urgency message on scroll
  • 11. Video & audio emails
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  • 1. Flyer added to Forum post
  • 2. Flyer added to Calendar post
  • 3. Weekly email blasts
  • 4. Twitter Ticker across top of BOTN
  • 5. 3 different size banners on BOTN
  • 6. Sense of Urgency scroll message
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*In addition to youth soccer, BOTN maintains contacts with youth basketball, hockey, lacrosse, & baseball families. BOTN has the new leads you're seeking

**Stand-alone Tryout Forum & Calendar posts remain FREE

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BOTN works with leagues and clubs to make sure our youth soccer database of decsion makers is as good as it gets.

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