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Ivy League Women’s Soccer Player Who Went Pro

May 3, 2024, by Mia Newman | Courtesy of

The Ivy League has been known for its top-tier academics since its inception. More recently, the quality of women’s soccer has been increasing throughout the years. Brown, Harvard, and Princeton currently hold the standings of Nos. 16, 17, and 18 nationally. The Ivy League has additionally produced outstanding professional players. Here is a list of a handful of Ivy League women’s players who now play professionally, or we predict they will do so.


1. Tyler Lussi

Lussi, a Princeton alumnus, is a forward for North Carolina Courage. Her professional career began in 2017 after being drafted by the Portland Thorns FC. She played for that team for four years, then was drafted to Angel City. Her most recent transfer has been to North Carolina Courage in 2023. Lussi also had an international career in 2017, playing multiple games with the U-23 squad.

2. Midge Purce

Purce is another professional forward who played for an Ivy League school. Purce attended Harvard University from 2013-2016, where she majored in psychology. She then began her club career with the Boston Breakers. A year later, she was recruited to play for the Portland Thorns. After two years with them, Purce joined Gotham FC in 2020, where she still currently plays. Purce’s national career has been consistent since she was 16. Her most recent call-up was in 2023, where she played as a forward in the SheBelieves Cup.

3. Madison Curry

Curry is a Princeton alumnus drafted in 2024 to play her first professional games with Angel City FC. Curry studied neuroscience at Princeton but also led the team to great success. She was selected to be in the U.S. Soccer Coaches Third Team All-American and was the co-captain in her 2023 season. She additionally helped the team with six shutouts as a star defender.

4. Brittany Raphino

Brown Alumni Brittany Raphino is a forward. In January 2024, she announced that she had signed her first professional contract. She is currently playing abroad for Sporting Club Portugal. She was the first Brown soccer player to be named a 2023 Division 1 All-American. Additionally, Raphino played with the U-23 women’s national team last year.


5. Jade Rose

Rose is a current junior at Harvard University, playing as a defender. In her most recent 2023 season, Rose won the Ivy League Defensive Player of the Year and was elected to the United Soccer Coaches Third Team All-American. Additionally, she is a consistent member of the Canadian National Team.


6. Pietra Tordin

Tordin is a sophomore at Princeton University. In her first year at Princeton, Tordin won the 2022 Ivy Rookie of the Year as a midfielder and forward. Additionally, she has had an impressive international career. Tordin has played with both the Brazilian and American women’s national teams. Most recently, she played with the USYNT in Colombia in February.

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