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How to Stay Active During Winter: Workout & Exercise Ideas

January 16, 2024, | Courtesy of

How to Stay Active During Winter: Workout & Exercise Ideas

No matter the season, staying active is crucial for your health and well-being. While the warm months offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, winter brings a unique set of challenges – especially in New York.

As the cold sets in and daylight hours shorten, it’s easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Still, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active (and out of hibernation). Our top-ranked specialists share six winter workout ideas you can try today.

6 Activities for Cold Weather Fitness

1. Join a gym

Winter is the perfect time to explore all the offerings of indoor gyms, and during the first few months of the year, there are usually membership discounts.

From cardio equipment and weight training circuits to group classes like spin, Pilates, and yoga, gyms can provide a warm, motivating environment for your winter fitness routine. Embrace the variety and find a workout that suits you.

2. Go ice skating

Ice skating is a quintessential winter activity that’s not only fun but also a fantastic workout. Gliding across the ice, whether in an indoor rink or a picturesque outdoor setting, is a delightful and effective workout with a leisurely hour-long skate burning nearly 400 calories! Plus, it can improve balance and coordination.

3. Try an indoor sport

Don’t let the cold weather stop your sports enthusiasm. Many community centers and gyms offer indoor facilities for sports like basketball, volleyball, and even indoor soccer. Participating in these sports is a great way to stay active, offering both physical exercise and social connections.

4. Explore outdoor activities

Winter presents a wonderland of outdoor fitness options that are both fun and physically engaging. Embrace the cold with activities that are sure to warm you up, like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or even a friendly snowball fight. These activities are not only excellent for winter fitness but also for enjoying the beauty of the season.

5. Walk around the mall

Mall walking is an underrated winter exercise idea. With spacious corridors and a controlled climate, malls offer an excellent venue for brisk walking. It’s a perfect way to combine light cardio with window shopping, and many local malls even have specific programs for walkers.

6. Take the stairs

Incorporate stairs into your daily routine for an easy yet effective winter workout. Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator, whether at home, work, or even in shopping centers. It’s a simple way to boost your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your lower body, and burn more calories with stair climbing, burning twice the calories of walking on flat surfaces alone.

With these six winter workout ideas, you’ll see that winter is no reason to sideline your fitness goals. Still, accidents can happen, especially in icy conditions. If you experience an injury or need orthopedic care, Orlin & Cohen is here to help with immediate, same-day appointments. Contact us to learn more, or request your appointment online now.

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