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Embrace the Summer with Spotkick: The Backyard Game that Raises Your Game!

May 24, 2024, by Jesse McDonough | Courtesy of

As summer approaches, parents, coaches, and players are gearing up for the perfect season to have fun in the sun while taking their soccer skills to the next level. Spotkick is here to revolutionize your summer soccer experience, providing an innovative and enjoyable way to play the game we all love without the need for a traditional field.


What is Spotkick?

Spotkick is a creative and exciting twist on soccer that brings the game into any open space. At face value, it looks like a wooden table with a circular hole carved in the middle– the “goal” you are aiming to volley, chest, head, or trap the ball into. Designed for two teams of two players or even one-on-one matches, Spotkick transforms your backyard, beach, park, or any open area into a soccer playground. Spotkick is also the perfect game to bring along to soccer tournaments! It is not too physically demanding, making it a great way to pass the time between games with your teammates. And if you happen to be traveling, it’s “game on” when you get back to the hotel!

How to Play Spotkick

The objective is simple: be the first team to reach 25 points using the unique Spotkick scoring system. Teams can also score an automatic win by kicking the ball directly into the designated spot. With partners positioned on opposite sides, players can practice their kicking and trapping skills.


Scoring Points:

  • 1 point: Pass the ball on the ground through the goal.

  • 3 points: Hit the crossbar or post.

  • 5 points: Redirect the ball into the spot (the hole on the top of the board) or the reverse entrance of the goal.

Spotkick’s versatility makes it perfect for all ages and skill levels, whether used in training sessions by clubs or enjoyed at home with family and friends. Since it doesn’t require much physical effort, parents are more likely to join in on the fun! It truly is a soccer family’s dream come true.

The Story Behind Spotkick

Spotkick was created by Steve Franzke, a former collegiate player at American University and a semi-professional in the USISL. Despite his professional dreams being cut short due to injuries, Franzke’s passion for soccer remained. He wanted a way to continue enjoying the game with his kids, which led to the creation of Spotkick in his backyard.


Spotkick’s Growing Impact

Since its launch in 2021, Spotkick has gained popularity, partnering with youth and college teams and even making appearances at training sessions for NWSL teams like the North Carolina Courage and the Kansas City Current.

Spotkick now offers a range of products which focus on improving passing and receiving skills in a fun, competitive way. Here’s a look at their exciting lineup:

This is the original Spotkick game that started it all. It offers a fun and challenging way to enjoy soccer, focusing on precision and skill. Perfect for any open space, The Classic is great for players of all levels to practice and compete. The best surfaces are natural grass, sand and turf making it the best game for your backyard and your next beach vacation. 


Take your tailgate parties to the next level with Spotkick Tailgate! This version of the game requires little skill to play but promises tons of fun. It’s still challenging enough for top-level players and can accommodate 2-10 players at once. Ideal playing surfaces include asphalt, concrete, turf, gym floors, futsal courts, and flat grass fields.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for casual and competitive play.

  • Suitable for large groups.

  • Easy setup and portable design.


For a fast-paced, competitive experience, Spotkick Rondo is the way to go. This version emphasizes ball mastery and includes unique challenges like practicing heading the ball down to score. It’s a fantastic test of individual skill and great for honing quick decision-making abilities. Best played on hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, turf, gym floors, futsal courts, and flat grass fields.

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced and competitive.

  • Enhances individual ball skills.

  • Fun and engaging for all ages

This summer, embrace Spotkick as your go-to game for fun and skill development. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just looking to enjoy soccer with friends and family, Spotkick offers an exciting and challenging way to elevate your game. Get yours today!

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