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Club Soccer Tryout Tips To Help You Make the Team

April 23, 2024, by Garri Chaverst | Courtesy of

Is there anything more nerve-wracking for a young soccer player than trying out for a new club? Between choosing where to play, preparing for tryouts, and trying to make a good first impression, the entire experience is a lot of pressure.

As if the pressure to perform at your very best wasn’t enough, on top of all that, you have to worry about whether or not your potential new teammates will welcome you with open arms. Luckily, if this is something you’re going through right now, know that you aren’t alone. Trying out for a new club and all the pressures that go along with it is something every youth soccer player has experienced.

So, how can you get the most out of your club soccer tryout experience? You’re being thrown into a new environment very abruptly, probably with a team that’s already established or with a group of other girls trying to compete for a team’s limited spots. What can you do to stand out in that environment?


You’re not going to turn into Marta overnight. But you can make sure to show up to a tryout in the best form you can by preparing in the weeks and days leading up to it. Make sure your fitness levels are where they need to be. Focus on cardio. Fine-tune your first touch by juggling in your backyard or at the park. And practice your shots and passes as much as you can. If you’re comfortable in your abilities and well-prepared, when you show up to the tryout, it will be just like any other practice.

Be Early

When it comes to the tryout itself, though, one thing you can do to get yourself noticed is to show up a little early. Once there, you can help the coach set up and get some touches in before the rest of the team arrives to help calm any lingering nerves.

Be Vocal

Don’t be afraid to talk throughout the tryout. Call for the ball, point out defensive holes or attacking opportunities. If you show off your soccer IQ and aren’t afraid to talk on the field, the coaches and other players are bound to take notice. But being vocal is a useful tip for water breaks too, try to get to know some of the other players and immerse yourself in the conversation. The more open and friendly you are at the beginning, the better chemistry you can build with your potential future teammates.

Work Hard

Run as hard as you can, chase down every loose ball, and jog from drill to drill. The harder you work, the more you’ll stand out to the coach. Having a good work ethic is an invaluable skill that sets good players apart from great ones.

Have Fun

Perhaps the most important thing you can remember during a club soccer tryout is to have fun with it. If you’re tense and nervous, it will show in your performance. You might make more mistakes or appear closed-off and reserved, but if you just have fun with it, you’ll appear confident and capable.

Stay Late

Just as you were one of the first to arrive, be one of the last to leave. If you help the coach clean up after practice and thank them for considering you for the team, they won’t forget it.

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