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In the journey of personal development, self-assessment is a crucial step towards growth. Evaluating your skills allows you to identify strengths and areas for improvement. To help you on this self-discovery path, here are five fundamental Skill Tests that can serve as benchmarks for assessing various aspects of your skill level as a soccer player. In the Techne App we have over 50 Skill Tests for you to score yourself and then track how your scores improve over time. Here are five tests you can start!

1. Alternating Feet Juggling

See how many total juggles you can do, alternating feet, in one minute. If the ball drops, bounces, or you catch it, keep counting where you left off.

Helps you improve: first touch, balance, coordination, being two-footed, laces striking technique

Related drills: any basic juggling drills, juggling with foot or surface restrictions

2. 2 Cone Figure 8s

Set up 2 cones 1 yard apart. Using any surface of both feet, move the ball in a figure-8 pattern.

Helps you improve: fast footwork, being light on your feet, switching between feet with the ball

Related drills: footwork patterns, tap tap roll, sole inside, sole outside, other cone drills

Check out the Training Program in the Techne App designed to help you improve this skill and learn how to improve others. You'll gain valuable ball control skills and increased creativity with your dribbling!

3. Figure 8 Dribbling

With any surface of both feet, dribbling in a figure-8 pattern. Start in line with one of the end discs and dribble through the center each time.

Helps you improve: speed and agility with the ball, changing direction, acceleration, endurance

Related drills: dribbling shuttle runs, dribbling and turning drills, other figure 8s with foot or surface restrictions

4. 1 Touch Alternating Insides Passing

With the inside of the feet only, see how many 1-touch passes you can complete against the wall, alternating feet.

Helps you improve: clean inside of the foot passing, passing accuracy, using both feet

Related drills: 1- or 2-touch passing and receiving, gate passing drills

5. Alternating Insides Volleys

Count how many consecutive volleys you can do off the wall without letting the ball drop, using the inside of the feet, alternating feet.

Helps you improve: volleying technique, general aerial ball control

Related drills: juggling, passing against the wall, volleys against the wall with our without a bounce

Regularly testing your skills is key to your development as a player. Make sure you score yourself on these tests every few weeks and also work on related drills in between to help develop all relevant skills to improve.

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