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BOTN Main Message Board
02/25/18 03:43 PM
Mineola Portugese another household name not. there are too many of these little guys trying to milk money from parents who dont know better...
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/25/18 03:21 PM
106 pages of nonsense parents boasting, putting down other teams and each other this is the most immature age group on BOTN by far. We get the 1st place trophy for stupidity enjoy.

March is around the corner let the games begin and let the players play and parents behave on sideline

Let's ALL have healthy season let's go Barca Susa Haup Ronk Hota Surf Galaxy HBC to all the children and parents just enjoy your son is playing a sport and not Xbox on Sunday
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/25/18 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I have zero sympathy for these whiny SUSA parents who were "lied" to. If you didn't see this coming then that is entirely your fault. SUSA burst on to the scene with a boatload of grandiose promises and, to the surprise of almost no one, delivered on none of them. Try going back to some of the threads that existed when this mess just started and you will see pages and pages of comments from parents and coaches who warned that this situation was not what it appeared to be. Phony tryouts, poaching, acquisition of unearned got soccer points, etc. The list goes on and on. They wrecked ISA and a host of other clubs and teams on the way to creating a cash focused conglomerate of mediocrity. Don't complain now because you were too stupid then to see what was right in front of your face. You were had and your kids paid the price.

Agree with this. We have an 01 son. We were leery when SUSA took over 2 years ago because we had been a part of ISA but we were assured the changes were going to be positive. Much to our chagrin, our team was dismantled time and time again under SUSA with no eye towards retaining team chemistry and accommodating existing teams. Players were shifted around. “ Tryouts” seemed pre determined and team placement was perplexing. Still, we stayed, hoping things would get better and frankly, my son did not want to leave due to friendships. Then , we , as a group, were made promises when the “A” team abruptly left to another club. That did not last. To add insult to injury, the entire 2001 group gets destroyed when this rogue “team” with a mixed bag of players come in with a sense of entitlement due to financial and ownership ties to SUSA. The existing teams and boys had literally no say as this group, headed by JS and JF, insisted on being the A team, demanded that their players stay together and not be subject to tryouts, demanded open access to players from OUR team because they needed more players to field a team and insisted on bringing on their own coach! And what did the DOC do ? Cave to each and every demand ! Of course. All the rules we abided by all along went out the window. Why ? Money and I guess job preservation. After all, where would EH be if he said no to his boss. I guess he didn’t have the guts to find out. No integrity. No regard for the existing players. None. Disgusting. We left. As did many others. And never looked back. Just found it interesting that this was never talked about. Well I guess the chickens have come home to roost and the lesson is money cant buy everything. With that, I will close this chapter. I just felt with all the back and forth , the other side was never told. People can say what they want about RA of ISA because he had his own set of rules, good and bad. But, at least he had integrity and would not have bent the rules for anyone ! Good luck to the boys as they are the ones that matter. I doubt this will be posted bc again, money talks. But we shall see

Be glad you left.
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/25/18 12:45 PM
2 NYCFC 04 players called to NT camp, good job ladies!!!
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/25/18 11:42 AM
Dude, why would you subject your daughter to more meaningless soccer? Old but true, it's about quality, not quantity, so go find a DA or ECNL team next year!
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/25/18 04:51 AM
After the Generation Adidas Cup a Red Bulls Coach was quoted as saying not one of his players are good enough to play for NYCFC. This may or may not be true but he is obviously passing the blame. NYCFC U17 did have 8-10 USY National team players compared to Red Bulls one. The Red Bulls coaching staff are the ones who ultimately selected and trained those players so who's at fault . Player selection has always been a huge problem for the Red Bulls with tremendous turnover from U13 to U19. We all know players who have made the Red Bulls and scratched our heads. There are former Red Bull players who have a hard time making an LIJ travel team. For many years the Red Bulls had a monopoly in our area and NYCFC has shown what a farce the Red Bulls really are.
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Roll Away The Stone Soccer News
02/25/18 03:13 AM
New York City Football Club is Inviting The City That Never Sleeps to a 24-Hour Soccer Match
The event kicks off on March 9 in collaboration with Rockefeller Center

New York City Football Club is doing something special — and different. The MLS club has just announced that it will host a 24-hour soccer game at Rockefeller Center.

This special soccer event will give 500+ New Yorkers the opportunity to play on the Plaza and the chance to be coached by NYCFC players and Head Coach Patrick Vieira in the middle of Manhattan.

In anticipation of the Club’s home opener on Sunday, March 11, the Team Villa vs. Team Vieira 24-hour match will kick off at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 9 and will continue until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 10.

“We want to bring together the City, the people who make it great and our soccer Club that is proud to call this place home,” said Jon Patricof, President of NYCFC. “New York is The City That Never Sleeps, so we’re inviting New Yorkers of all skills to an around-the-clock soccer game to launch the Club’s fourth season.

“To play soccer outside at Rockefeller Center, one of the most iconic places in the world will be an incredible experience for anyone who wants to play, or even just come down to watch and cheer on the teams.”

The five-on-five game* will play through a 24-hour duration, with participants on rotation and a DJ entertaining the crowd. In addition, Head Coach Patrick Vieira, Team Captain David Villa and other players from NYCFC are scheduled to lend their coaching skills to participants during the start of the event.

NYCFC’s David Villa shared his thoughts on this exciting moment for soccer in New York:

“Soccer is great because it brings people together and you can play in any space. It will be amazing to play with so many people in the middle of Manhattan that I am proud to call my new home. By the end of the game, it is going to be a very high score and I hope my team finishes on top.

“I can’t think of a more exciting way to start our new season. I can’t wait to see a soccer pitch at Rockefeller Center.”

NYCFC will be collecting donations to support City in the Community (CITC), the nonprofit foundation proudly supported by NYCFC that uses the power of soccer to promote health, education and leadership development and safe spaces throughout the five boroughs.

*Registration for time slots to play is now open at On-site registration during game time is also available. Players must be 18+ years of age, but all are invited to attend the event. Join the conversation on social using #SoccerNeverSleeps.
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/24/18 03:55 PM
Again city dominates the false Barca. Better heat up those keyboards and get those emails out to the board of directors at Barcelona. Please provide credit card information for them to accept your email. There is a stark difference in the quality of players.
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/24/18 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
[quote=Anonymous]Less expensive then alby and susa but need a new trainer

FYI. The Rebels coach is going there next year, taking his best players with him.

FYI. Stay where your at. Not needed.

Definitely not needed EM alot better than the last place record would indicate.

Alby has the better team. More talent record shows that.

Don't worry as soon as they age up to GDA that team will be split up too!

Starting up soon let’s see who makes their mark as the top team for spring.

There’s one top team on LI You should know it.
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/24/18 12:06 PM
Those are the classy Smithtown parents.
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/23/18 09:58 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Its official. Ward Melville will win Long Island Championships in 2108. I have seen the new 10th grade class play and they can kick it around with the best of them. Predicting it here, predicting it now.

Most of us will be dead by 2108

LOL, my bad. 2018. Too funny

I don't know. Massapequa just seems to find a way every year...

Its simply size (a large one HS district) and location (Nassau county lots of $$ and many travel clubs)... should be in the mix every year magic involved

Money has nothing to do with success in soccer. Some of the best players in the world come from lower socioeconomic countries you moron. Typical Nassau arrogant prick!

Oh yes.... I live in Suffolk (so must actually be an arrogant Suffolk prick)... obviously you know nothing ... take a look at the Nassau and Suffolk Girls HS soccer league tables and see where the high need schools are placed in the final standings (hint they are all at the bottom and rarely even win a game or even score a goal). Then take a look at the 2018 girls soccer commits for Long Island (Newsday posted it today) -- send me the name of a single kid from a high need school that is committed in soccer.
So you need to get your head out of your ass... the best players in the world that come from lower socioeconomic countries don't play soccer in the lower socioeconomic countries.... they leave for the $$...
$$ has everything to do with success in soccer (which I think makes you an uninformed moron). Last time I checked playing travel soccer cost a lot of $$....
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/23/18 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
70+ thats nice. i think someone said some 400+ at CASL. yeah i guess 70 is almost as many as 400

My guess is no quality GDA parent would be posting. They know what they have and dont have to prove it to anyone. Its some midlevel GDA nobody. And showing your lack of intelligence. Last thing you want for your midpack player is to have the good ECNL and NPL players coming to tryouts. She'll be headed down as they head in. Fact!

That was at our 2nd game in Florida moron, the 400 low-level coaches you mention for CASL were for the whole stupid tourney, ugh....please let us know when your kids team has that many at a game...

My daughter plays for NYCFC, and we are always looking to improve our team, but a (SUSA) NPL parent could not grasp that...

Oh lawd, are you the same loser who has been on these boards po ding your chest since the girls were like U10? I remember all your boasting when you were at World Class, always yammering about the little doggies or something stupid like that.

Nobody cared then and nobody cares now...

You care, enough to write back, loser.

Are you guys still playing in state cup games? Talk about no one caring, perfect example.
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New York Professional Soccer
02/22/18 07:16 PM
Red Bulls Tonight vs Deportivo Olimpia, CONCACAF Champions League,10PM Univision Deportes

To begin the 2018 season, the New York Red Bulls will play their first competitive match against Club Deportivo Olimpia in the CONCACAF Champions League on tonight at Estadio Nacional in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Leg One will kick off at 10 p.m. ET and will be broadcast nationally on Univision Deportes alongside Red Bulls Radio in English on TuneIn.
New York Red Bulls Radio goes live at 9 p.m. ET with Countdown to Kickoff, hosted by Matt Harmon.
New York returns to competitive action after finishing the 2017 season with a 1-0 win over eventual MLS champion Toronto FC in Leg Two of the MLS Eastern Conference Semifinals.

The Red Bulls return 17 players including nine starters from last season's team that competed in the 2017 CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals, advanced to the U.S. Open Cup Final and reached the MLS Eastern Conference Semifinals.
Bradley Wright-Phillips and Daniel Royer, New York's top-two offensive weapons from 2017, return to lead the Red Bulls on the attacking end. Wright-Phillips (17) and Royer (12) combined for 29 of New York's 55 total goals in MLS regular-season play. Wright-Phillips not only hit his personal goal of at least 17 goals for the fourth-straight season, but reached the 100-goal plateau across all competitions (86 MLS regular-season, 9 MLS playoff, 4 Open Cup, 1 CCL).

The Red Bulls also acquired Alejandro Romero Gamarra from Club Atletico Huracan, Marc Rzatkowski from Red Bull Salzburg and Carlos Rivas from Orlando City SC to bolster the attack.
On the defensive end, New York retained the majority of its starting backline (Aaron Long, Kemar Lawrence, Michael Amir Murillo) that held the opposition to one goal or less 27 times including 14 shutouts across all competitions.

Along with the starting back line from 2017, eight-year MLS veteran Aurelien Collin returned to 2018 Red Bulls Preseason camp back to full strength to bolster the backline.
For the sixth-straight year, Luis Robles will open as New York's starting goalkeeper. Robles has been a true mainstay in net for the Red Bulls, compiling 49 shutouts, 509 saves and an 80-51-43 record during MLS regular-season play over 174 consecutive matches.
CD Olimpia has already played 27 competitive matches under their belt with their current roster during their 2017/18 season. Olimpia competed in the Apertura, the opening tournament of the Honduran league that goes from July to December, and finished third overall at 9-5-4 with a semifinal appearance against Motagua.

Olimpia held their opponents to 15 goals in 18 matches, which was the best mark during the Apertura. Veteran defender Johnny Palacios is one of Olimpia's top players, tallying 41 international caps with Honduras and is a mainstay for Olimpia's backline.
Following Thursday's match, New York will return to Red Bull Arena to host CD Olimpia in the second leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Round of 16 on Thursday, March One.

Leg Two is set to kick off at 8 p.m. ET and will be broadcast nationally on Univision Deportes alongside Red Bulls Radio in English and Spanish on TuneIn.
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New York Professional Soccer
02/22/18 07:08 PM
Luis Robles Named Red Bull Captain

The New York Red Bulls have named goalkeeper Luis Robles Team Captain, head coach Jesse Marsch announced today. Robles becomes the first goalkeeper since Tony Meola (1997-98) to be honored as the club's captain.

"For the last five and a half years, I have been given a great privilege to represent this organization and its supporters on the field," said Robles. "With this new duty, as Captain, I understand that I have been entrusted with an even greater responsibility to be at my best, to empower my teammates to be the best they can be, while leading the way to our shared goals of an MLS Cup and success at the highest levels."

Robles has become the club and league's iron man, having started and played 90 minutes for an MLS-record 174 straight regular season matches. Since joining the Red Bulls midway through the 2012 season, the Fort Huachuca, Arizona, native has accrued 49 MLS regular-season shutouts, 508 saves and a record of 80-51-43. Robles's 49 shutouts place him tied for 12th with Bill Hamid all-time in MLS.

Among the franchise's best, Robles owns three club records (field players and goalkeepers combined) and every record for goalkeepers. He is the club's all-time leader in games played (174), games started (174) and minutes played (15,660), a record for field players and goalkeepers. As for all-time goalkeeper records at New York, Robles sits first in wins (80), saves (509), shutouts (49) and save percentage (67.5).

New York Red Bulls All-Time Captains
1996: Peter Vermes
1997 - 98: Tony Meola
1999 - 2002: Tab Ramos
2003 - 04: Eddie Pope
2005: Youri Djorkaeff/Amado Guevara
2006: Youri Djorkaeff/Amado Guevara/Tony Meola
2007: Claudio Reyna
2008: Claudio Reyna/Juan Pablo Angel
2009 - 10: Juan Pablo Angel
2011 - 14: Thierry Henry
2015 - 16: Dax McCarty
2017: Sacha Kljestan
2018: Luis Robles
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New York Professional Soccer
02/22/18 07:05 PM
Red Bulls Lose 4-1 To Portland Timbers

The New York Red Bulls dropped a 4-1 result to the Portland Timbers in Mobile Mini Sun Cup action at Kino Complex earlier today.

New York began the match with two quick chances coming within the first ten minutes of the match. The best of the two being a Ben Mines strike parried away by Timbers goalkeeper Jake Gleeson.

Portland responded with two goals in a span of three minutes finding gaps behind the defense to give them a 2-0 lead.

In the 18th minute, Evan Louro kept the deficit at just two stopping a clear chance in on goal for Portland's Armenteros.

After three halftime substitutions, Portland would grab their third goal of the match in the 60th minute.

Ten minutes later, U-19 Academy player Jordan Bailon crossed a ball from the left wing in front of goal causing Portland centerback centerback Vytas Andriuskevicius to knock the clearance over his own keeper's head for an own goal to make it 3-1.

Portland would tack on a fourth goal in the 90th minute shortly before the final whistle.

New York will return to Kino for their final match in Tucson on Saturday against an opponent TBD.

POR - 11' - Polo
POR - 13' - Armenteros
POR - 60' - Orbedo
NY - 70' - OG Vytas
NY - 90' - Cascante

New York: Louro (Levene, 45'); De Vera (Bailon, 69'), Ndam, Redding (Ackwei,87'), Duncan; Muprhy (Echevarria, 63'), Tinari (Cordeiro, 30') (Marin, 84') ; Stroud (Aguinaga, 69'), Mines (Kutler, 45'); Bonomo (White, 63'), Jones (Terci, 45')
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New York Professional Soccer
02/22/18 06:56 PM
U.S. Court Gives Restitution To Costa Rica Federation

CONCACAF and the Costa Rican Football Federation (FEDEFUTBOL) announced today that FEDEFUTBOL will receive US $500,000 of restitution, after a Panamanian company pleaded guilty on Wednesday, February 21, to wire fraud conspiracy before a United States federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

Panama-based Mimo International Imports and Exports, Inc., entered the guilty plea and agreed to pay restitution to FEDEFUTBOL, pay a large fine and dissolve operations. The company paid bribes to former FEDEFUTBOL President Eduardo Li, who was arrested in May, 2015, in exchange for deals related to the Federation’s apparel sponsorship. As a result of those misdeeds, the Costa Rican Federation was deprived of significant income, which the company will now pay via the restitution judgment.

“FEDEFUTBOL is grateful that the appropriate restitution has been arranged for FEDEFUTBOL, as the victim of these disgraceful and criminal actions,” said FEDEFUTBOL President Rodolfo Villalobos. “This restitution award will go directly to the further development of football in Costa Rica, and validates all the difficult work we have done to reform our federation.”

“This outcome indicates that the reform efforts of CONCACAF and its member associations, including FEDEFUTBOL, are being recognized by the authorities, and confirms that Confirms that the CONCACAF family has been victim of past corruption activities perpetrated by individuals,” said CONCACAF President Victor Montagliani. “CONCACAF stands behind FEDEFUTBOL, and the actions they have taken to recover from these misdeeds, as Costa Rican football moves past these circumstances to achieve success in strengthening their programs at all levels.”

According to court filings and facts presented during the plea proceeding, Mimo provided athletic apparel and sponsorship fees to FEDEFUTBOL pursuant to a 2012 sponsorship agreement that was to run through 2018. In disreputable dealings with Li, the company sought to illegally manipulate the terms of the deal, while illicitly enriching Li in the process.

The wrongdoing took place without the knowledge of Federation officials beyond Li, or that of representatives of the current FEDEFUTBOL apparel sponsor. CONCACAF, FEDEFUTBOL and other regional Member Associations continue with their efforts in U.S. court to recover judgments from a number of the defendants in the wide-ranging case.
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New York Professional Soccer
02/22/18 06:33 PM
Red Bulls Add Adelphi's Coach To Their Scouting Dept.

The New York Red Bulls have added Carlo Acquista to their scouting department as Assistant Scout, the club announced today. Acquista will join Red Bulls Head of Scouting Ben Ehresmann.

"We are excited to continue to build upon our scouting department and extend our scouting network with the addition of Carlo," said New York Red Bulls Sporting Director Denis Hamlett. "He has a strong background of leading young, upcoming players, which will be helpful in identifying players that fit our system."

Acquista has an extensive background as a head coach in college soccer and has spent the last 11 seasons at the helm of Adelphi University's men's soccer program. He has most recently led Adelphi to three-straight NCAA tournament appearances, including a 2018 NCAA National Quarterfinal appearance in 2016. Acquista was also at the helm at St. Francis (NY) from 2002-06.

"I'm so excited to join the New York Red Bulls organization, and am so grateful for the opportunity presented to me by Benjamin Ehresmann and Denis Hamlett," Acquista said. "To serve my hometown team in this capacity while pursuing my lifelong aspiration of working in Major League Soccer is truly a dream come true."

Acquista holds a USSF National A license. He is a graduate of St. John's University (2000) where he was a four-year member of the Red Storm men's soccer team. Acquista helped St. John's capture an NCAA Division I National title in 1996 as well as two Big East Championship titles. He has a degree in sports management from St. John's and graduated from Adelphi University with a master's degree in sports management. Acquista was one of the youngest Division I coaches in the country (23 years old) when he was hired at St. Francis College in 2002.
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Roll Away The Stone Soccer News
02/21/18 07:07 PM
Dr. Dev Mishra

Most teenagers don’t get enough sleep. And here’s more challenging news for the young athlete: your sleep schedule plays a big role in your athletic performance.
I came across a study published a couple of yearsback that found that when you normally get up may play a critical role in game time success. Researchers analyzed the lifestyles of young adult (average age 22) field hockey and squash players using detailed surveys and diary entries. Based on the athletes’ natural internal clocks (called “circadian rhythms”), the researchers classified those who naturally rise and sleep early as "larks," those who do the opposite as "owls," and the rest as intermediates.

The scientists then conducted a cardiovascular fitness test six times a day on the players. It turns out that the early risers performed best around noon, the intermediates in late afternoon and the late risers in the evening.

Interestingly, when the scientists tracked the players’ performances according to their internal biological time instead of real clock time, they found that the larks and the intermediates shared the same pattern: Both peaked about six hours after they woke up. The owls, on the other hand, hit their sweet spot 11 hours after their day started.

The researchers think the effect may have to do with when cortisol is produced, which depends on sleep patterns. They also say that peak performance time can be adjusted by switching yourself to a sleep schedule more consistent with when your race or game would be starting.

The implications from this study are pretty clear: if you need to function at your peak then you need to pay attention to timing of your natural sleep cycle. What matters most is not the specific time of day when an event takes place, but how long after your natural wake cycle you need to be at your peak.

Based on this and other studies, as well as recommendations from sleep experts, here’s what I think:

• If you have a really important event in which you’ll be traveling across time zones, know that your sleep/wake cycle will affect your performance.

• To perform at your peak, try to get to your new destination as many days in advance as possible and get your body’s natural clock used to the new time zone.

• If you’re flying to your new time zone the day before your game -- which is very common -- try to stay in your old time zone’s sleep/wake time for that first day.

• Hopefully, your game time will match with your natural body clock.

Get some sleep. It’s way more important than you might think.

Key Points:

• An athlete’s natural sleep/wake cycle has a major effect on performance.

• Early risers tend to perform at their best about 6 hours after waking; late risers tend to perform at their best about 11 hours after waking.

• If you need to perform at your peak and are traveling through different time zones, coordinating and getting your body used to a new sleep/wake cycle will have a significant effect on your performance.

• Try to get to your new destination several days in advance, or if you can’t do that try to stay as close to your normal time zone on that first day.
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/20/18 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
All of this nycfc vs barca is rediculous. As far as I know, nycfc has a majority of the top talent but definitely not all of it. I know for a fact several kids who could have played at nycfc and rb aceademy and chose Barcelona. The coaching staff is a 100% from spain and barca academy certified. They perform the exact same training methods from la masia. I will say that nycfc has a much stronger talent pool, but there coaching and training methodology is not at the level of barcelona. Many will argue that kids develop better with better players around them and i get thats why they want rhere kids to play at nycfc. However, if you watch the youtube game of nycfc vs the real Barcelona, nycfc were run ragged by barce possession. The score was not indicative of how much barce killed them. Nycfc looked tactically naive and relied on there athletecism to stay in the match. I will give all the nycfc kids tons of respect for playing there hearts out, but unfortunately using your brain is also part of the game and thats where american coaching will let you down. There is a cultural difference between an american nycfc coach and a Barcelona coach from Spain.. these coaches are hands on and interactive with every training session. Anybody who knows anything about soccer and would decide to leave this program for another club doesnt really know much about soccer and development. I actually feel bad for all the parents who are driving hours and hours for training and games to the city and upstate, when the best training is right in front of there nose. All those talented kids would be better off coming to barcelona and utilizing the same methoadoligy that developed arguably some of the best talent in the world. I am predicting that if Barce continues to attract top talent by getting DA status which they say they are going to get, you will see many players coming over from other DA teams in the near future. Hopefully they will offer a free program like they said in there pitch this past summer. Time will tell. For now nycfc kids are probably better off where they are, but dont be surprised down the road when you see some underated kids coming out of barca academy upstaging many of the kids whomthink they already made it at nycfc. Its a very long journey and everyone develops at different stages. When all the 06 and 05 kids are between 18-22 years old hopefully all you stupid parents who write all this crap will realize all of it was a waste of time because only 1 to 2 percent of all the people who post on here will have a kid playing pro ball.

Take into consideration that particular Barcelona team live and train at La Masia all year round and are a selection of the worlds best. Regardless of the play a goal off of a free kick is absolutely not what I expected from a world class team. Put 16 American kids all year round in a Soccer residential program from when they are 8 and then play them at 12, I can almost Guarantee a total annihilation in score. What the NYCFC kids showed us was that part time american players were able to keep pace with full time players from one of the most notable youth development program in the world. Imagine we throw out ego and the who is who mentality we have and all the best players showed up at NYCFC, Barcelona wouldn't stand a chance.

A colleague of mine said it best, were an exotic sports car just hanging out in neutral. We are nearing the time of putting our car into drive and totally cruising the world.

NYCFC barely touched the ball. They chased the ball around the field the whole time. Barca was far superior technically and tactically. The score could have been 5-0 very easy. Not even the same class. The NYCFC team tried really hard and worked their butts off. Just not the same caliber of players.

still the best 2005 team in the country . if they play now the game will be even. they didn't know each other by then but now they play and practice together. they won all the games in the fall.

That last comment must've been written by one of the teams players LOL
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Tryouts & Practices
02/20/18 06:21 PM
Merrick Jaguars G2005, is looking to add dedicated field players or interested GK. We are currently playing in both LIJSL (Championship) and NYCSL (NYPL Div 1). Players are expected to be registered and play in both leagues. Our team trains twice weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays) in the Spring and Fall with a professional trainer. During the winter we train indoors. One day on an indoor turf. We participate in a winter league as well as home tournaments and anticipate an away tournament this spring. Our team travels to games and tournaments with our trainer who has trained multiple girls and boys age groups in his 50+ year soccer career as a professional player and trainer. We would love to have you at our indoor training sessions to see if our team is a good fit for your daughter. All serious inquiries will be afforded confidentiality. Contact 516-510-0207 or
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/19/18 02:21 AM
At least there is no snow predicted for the weekend and it seems to be warming yon
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Berkshire Video - Culture
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