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02/22/18 02:21 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Dear NPL parents,

If your daughter has any skill at all, get her to GDA or ECNL, no time to waste, next year is critical....

You’re welcome!


You'd better be much better than any current player for them to consider cutting a current player. Ain't easy to make that jump at U16.

That's a load of crap. Take a look at the top players on U16 or above GDA or ECNL teams...very few are "home grown" and more often than not, they made the jump at U15/16.
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/22/18 01:36 AM
I guess your wussy team lost to them!! Lol. Soccer is a contact sport! Teach your daughter to grow a set!!
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02/22/18 12:46 AM
Well done ref
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02/21/18 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Its official. Ward Melville will win Long Island Championships in 2108. I have seen the new 10th grade class play and they can kick it around with the best of them. Predicting it here, predicting it now.

Most of us will be dead by 2108

LOL, my bad. 2018. Too funny

Sorry...too good to pass up. LOL

ummmm They are terrible and you have no ability to judge real talent. hope your 9th grade daughter does well the rest of this year
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/21/18 09:48 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Could a player play in a club team-U11 (he is not on the premier team but rather a national 8-3ed team) as well as an academy team (it's EDP, different county but same state-NJ). My son's current club is local but the team he is on puts their focus on the premier team. He tried out for an academy team (EDP and it's an international academy) and made the team but it's not local. I'm looking to continue his development but not many opportunities are local so was wondering if he is able to play an academy and club if schedules don't conflict?

There is only one true "academy" program and that USDA run by USSF. "Academy" is a marketing term used by non USDA clubs and is tossed around as often as the term "elite"

As for doing travel and club, U11 would probably be the last year you'd possibly want to do it. Assuming the club team has better coaching, he won't get much from travel other than more touches on the ball. You'll also find there will be conflicts and it can be exhausting as well. Priority always has to go to club, so when he starts missing travel events that coach and the other players won't be too happy about it

Rational answer. Most kids are done dual rostering no later than U12. It's usefulness is usually gone or isn't worth all the conflicts, stress and exhaustion. Better to get "extra" training doing occasional clinics and, more importantly, work on one's own
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02/21/18 07:50 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
The U-17s booked their place in the finals courtesy of victories over DC United, Philadelphia Union and Red Bulls, conceding just one goal in the three matches.

A 2-1 win over DC got the weekend off to a winning start before the Boys in Blue defeated Red Bulls 4-0 and Philadelphia 3-0 to cap a perfect record through three games.

Gio Reyna top scored for City with four goals across the three games, while Sal Razizzi got two and Jon Jiminez, David Alino and Andres Jasson all netted one apiece.

That left last year's Premier Division champions with a W5-L1-D0 record through six qualification games and punched their ticket to the Champions bracket in Texas.

City's U-15s also enjoyed a strong showing in Georgia, winning on penalties twice against Philadelphia and Red Bulls, following a 3-0 defeat in the opening game to DC.

Reyna is the big star of the team, no doubt. Congrats to him!

Great players !

Hearing a rumor of a “HUGE” @ussoccer_ynt player Moving to the @Bundesliga_EN - might be a few weeks until it’s announced! Will keep you posted when I can release name. #HAVEIT bundesliga
2:03 PM - Feb 20, 2018

I think this is Gio Reyna

First off, "HUGE" in quotes is I hope ironic when it refers to YNT players. Give the kids a break and let em develop!

Second, could be Taylor Booth of RSL academy. He's been linked to Bayern Munich for a few weeks. Getting an EU passport apparently. He's an 01.
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Roll Away The Stone Soccer News
02/21/18 07:07 PM
Dr. Dev Mishra

Most teenagers don’t get enough sleep. And here’s more challenging news for the young athlete: your sleep schedule plays a big role in your athletic performance.
I came across a study published a couple of yearsback that found that when you normally get up may play a critical role in game time success. Researchers analyzed the lifestyles of young adult (average age 22) field hockey and squash players using detailed surveys and diary entries. Based on the athletes’ natural internal clocks (called “circadian rhythms”), the researchers classified those who naturally rise and sleep early as "larks," those who do the opposite as "owls," and the rest as intermediates.

The scientists then conducted a cardiovascular fitness test six times a day on the players. It turns out that the early risers performed best around noon, the intermediates in late afternoon and the late risers in the evening.

Interestingly, when the scientists tracked the players’ performances according to their internal biological time instead of real clock time, they found that the larks and the intermediates shared the same pattern: Both peaked about six hours after they woke up. The owls, on the other hand, hit their sweet spot 11 hours after their day started.

The researchers think the effect may have to do with when cortisol is produced, which depends on sleep patterns. They also say that peak performance time can be adjusted by switching yourself to a sleep schedule more consistent with when your race or game would be starting.

The implications from this study are pretty clear: if you need to function at your peak then you need to pay attention to timing of your natural sleep cycle. What matters most is not the specific time of day when an event takes place, but how long after your natural wake cycle you need to be at your peak.

Based on this and other studies, as well as recommendations from sleep experts, here’s what I think:

• If you have a really important event in which you’ll be traveling across time zones, know that your sleep/wake cycle will affect your performance.

• To perform at your peak, try to get to your new destination as many days in advance as possible and get your body’s natural clock used to the new time zone.

• If you’re flying to your new time zone the day before your game -- which is very common -- try to stay in your old time zone’s sleep/wake time for that first day.

• Hopefully, your game time will match with your natural body clock.

Get some sleep. It’s way more important than you might think.

Key Points:

• An athlete’s natural sleep/wake cycle has a major effect on performance.

• Early risers tend to perform at their best about 6 hours after waking; late risers tend to perform at their best about 11 hours after waking.

• If you need to perform at your peak and are traveling through different time zones, coordinating and getting your body used to a new sleep/wake cycle will have a significant effect on your performance.

• Try to get to your new destination several days in advance, or if you can’t do that try to stay as close to your normal time zone on that first day.
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/21/18 05:02 AM
Yes....two one goal losses....big spanking. Glad to see your brain has thawed out from the winter.
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/20/18 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
All of this nycfc vs barca is rediculous. As far as I know, nycfc has a majority of the top talent but definitely not all of it. I know for a fact several kids who could have played at nycfc and rb aceademy and chose Barcelona. The coaching staff is a 100% from spain and barca academy certified. They perform the exact same training methods from la masia. I will say that nycfc has a much stronger talent pool, but there coaching and training methodology is not at the level of barcelona. Many will argue that kids develop better with better players around them and i get thats why they want rhere kids to play at nycfc. However, if you watch the youtube game of nycfc vs the real Barcelona, nycfc were run ragged by barce possession. The score was not indicative of how much barce killed them. Nycfc looked tactically naive and relied on there athletecism to stay in the match. I will give all the nycfc kids tons of respect for playing there hearts out, but unfortunately using your brain is also part of the game and thats where american coaching will let you down. There is a cultural difference between an american nycfc coach and a Barcelona coach from Spain.. these coaches are hands on and interactive with every training session. Anybody who knows anything about soccer and would decide to leave this program for another club doesnt really know much about soccer and development. I actually feel bad for all the parents who are driving hours and hours for training and games to the city and upstate, when the best training is right in front of there nose. All those talented kids would be better off coming to barcelona and utilizing the same methoadoligy that developed arguably some of the best talent in the world. I am predicting that if Barce continues to attract top talent by getting DA status which they say they are going to get, you will see many players coming over from other DA teams in the near future. Hopefully they will offer a free program like they said in there pitch this past summer. Time will tell. For now nycfc kids are probably better off where they are, but dont be surprised down the road when you see some underated kids coming out of barca academy upstaging many of the kids whomthink they already made it at nycfc. Its a very long journey and everyone develops at different stages. When all the 06 and 05 kids are between 18-22 years old hopefully all you stupid parents who write all this crap will realize all of it was a waste of time because only 1 to 2 percent of all the people who post on here will have a kid playing pro ball.

Take into consideration that particular Barcelona team live and train at La Masia all year round and are a selection of the worlds best. Regardless of the play a goal off of a free kick is absolutely not what I expected from a world class team. Put 16 American kids all year round in a Soccer residential program from when they are 8 and then play them at 12, I can almost Guarantee a total annihilation in score. What the NYCFC kids showed us was that part time american players were able to keep pace with full time players from one of the most notable youth development program in the world. Imagine we throw out ego and the who is who mentality we have and all the best players showed up at NYCFC, Barcelona wouldn't stand a chance.

A colleague of mine said it best, were an exotic sports car just hanging out in neutral. We are nearing the time of putting our car into drive and totally cruising the world.

NYCFC barely touched the ball. They chased the ball around the field the whole time. Barca was far superior technically and tactically. The score could have been 5-0 very easy. Not even the same class. The NYCFC team tried really hard and worked their butts off. Just not the same caliber of players.

still the best 2005 team in the country . if they play now the game will be even. they didn't know each other by then but now they play and practice together. they won all the games in the fall.

That last comment must've been written by one of the teams players LOL
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Tryouts & Practices
02/20/18 06:21 PM
Merrick Jaguars G2005, is looking to add dedicated field players or interested GK. We are currently playing in both LIJSL (Championship) and NYCSL (NYPL Div 1). Players are expected to be registered and play in both leagues. Our team trains twice weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays) in the Spring and Fall with a professional trainer. During the winter we train indoors. One day on an indoor turf. We participate in a winter league as well as home tournaments and anticipate an away tournament this spring. Our team travels to games and tournaments with our trainer who has trained multiple girls and boys age groups in his 50+ year soccer career as a professional player and trainer. We would love to have you at our indoor training sessions to see if our team is a good fit for your daughter. All serious inquiries will be afforded confidentiality. Contact 516-510-0207 or
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/19/18 02:21 AM
At least there is no snow predicted for the weekend and it seems to be warming yon
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/17/18 11:39 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
and the teams she left are better for it as well. hop scotchers like you usually leave teams in better shape then when you were there.


2 morons here - they are attracted to one another likes magnets!
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/17/18 09:47 PM
Since they can’t contact a sophomore, I have learned from my daughter attending a clinic that the clinic emails sent immediately after tournaments are more directed, especially if it comes with name and directly from a coach as opposed to a womenssoccer type of address.
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Roll Away The Stone Soccer News
02/17/18 12:36 AM
by Lisa Lavelle

Between finals, proms and graduation ceremonies, you really want to make a smooth transition from high school to college.

High school seniors are consumed with everything from completing finals, graduation announcements to attending those “once-in-a-lifetime social events.”

Soon, you will be off to college and starting a new chapter of your life. So, in between cap and gown fittings and senior prom we have created a “To Do List” to ensure you and your family are prepared.

1. Make a final college decision: No doubt, the senior year of high school is the final stretch and it is hard for students and aspiring college-bound athletes to focus on anything more than right now, including those graduation parties and final weeks of high school.

The fact is, some high school seniors have not made a final college decision, often waiting for that “perfect” opportunity, while others are taking a “wait and see” approach -- or worse, just simply procrastinating. But the sooner a college decision is made, the sooner other details will fall into place.

If you have chosen a college or are about to, parents should know about the FERPA law.

What FERPA Means for You and Your College Student
Once a student turns 18, or attends school beyond secondary school, the rights of access to the student’s records transfer to the student. What does this mean?

The FERPA rules mean that student academic information such as grades or academic standing (GPA, academic transcript, academic warning, academic probation, or discipline records) will be given to the student and not to the parents. All academic information regarding your college student goes directly to the student unless the student has given specific, written permission to release that information to you.

The only exception to this law is when the parents document in writing that the student is still claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes. However, the college may require you to submit your most recent tax forms in order to support this claim.

Most colleges have a waiver for the student to sign allowing records to be released to parents or to college representatives to discuss the student’s progress with parents. Your student may, or may not, wish to sign this release, however if you are paying for their college education, you might want to know your money is being spent wisely.

Are there any exceptions to the restrictions limiting the release of student information?
There is a health and safety exception to FERPA regulations. If a student is considered a threat to himself or to others, or there is a need to protect the health and safety of the student for some reason, information may be shared with parents. A school may also disclose to parents any violation of the use or possession of drugs or alcohol by students under 21. An important note here is that the law allows, but does not require, such information to be released to parents. School policies may vary widely regarding parental notification policies.

2. High School Transcripts: Always obtain at least three [3] official copies of your final high school transcript and bring them with you. Be prepared to give this to the admissions office, financial aid and/or the athletic department.

As a reminder -- if your goal is to play NCAA Division I or II or NAIA sports, you must be registered with these respective Eligibility Centers (NCAA -- NAIA). If you have not been offered an official athletic opportunity, connect with the coach at your chosen university and ask about being a “preferred walk-on.” While you will not receive any athletic award as a “walk-on” your first year -– you just might earn athletic aid your second year.

3. Complete the FAFSA: The Free Application for Student Financial Aid the parent and student should complete and submit, because there are deadlines involved. The federal deadline for the upcoming school year is June 30, 2016. Be sure to check out local state and college deadlines since they will vary. When it comes to other scholarships, each school typically has an area on its website for students to utilize, and often these scholarships/aid is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s important to get your FAFSA turned in early.

4 . Campus Housing: Depending on the school, you may have received your residence hall and roommate information. If not, you need to get your student housing taken care ASAP. If you have been assigned a “roommate,” try to connect and see what they are planning to bring -- remember you dorm room can be quite small -- so try to plan and prepare.

Review the “Do’s and Don’ts” when getting your dorm ready -- most will not allow you to use hammers and nails to hang photographs, and when it comes to furniture -- ask what you can and can’t have in your room. Same goes for clothes -- don’t bring your entire closet. Bring the essentials you will need till you go home for winter break.

Typically the dorm has a small closet/hanging area, a dresser, chair and bed.

Things you will need: Shoes for the shower area. Bring a caddy to carry your supplies and at least 2 sets of sheets, 2 pillows, necessary blankets, bath towels and don’t forget laundry supplies. If possible, bring storage containers to store your supplies in your room. Talk with your roommate and share the load -- if you plan to bring a microwave -- your roommate might bring a compact refrigerator. Be sure to bring a first-aid kit and flashlight for emergencies.

When it comes to classes, you will most likely need a laptop and a portable printer. The school will give you access to their wireless network so plan on meeting with their IT person as soon as you can so you will be up and running. Bring HDMI cables, surge protectors, and an alarm clock if you are not using your cell phone to wake you up.

You will have meal-plan options so choose wisely. Know when the cafeteria is open and closed along with the distance from your dorm. Keep cash to a minimum and try to use a debit card when possible. It’s a good idea for parents to create a monthly budget and stick to it!

College life can be exciting so knowing where and whom you'll be living with makes it easier to picture yourself at school and can define other parts of your college life.

If you are going to bring a car … you will most likely need a parking permit and always have proof of insurance. Never loan your car to anyone for any reason. The liability remains the responsibility of you and your family.

Here are a few Health Items to remember:
MMR [Measles, Mumps, and Rubella] proof of immunization is required at all Colleges. Be sure to bring a copy of your vaccination records and always, provide a copy or letter from your doctor that outlines any medical conditions you might have along with a list of prescription drugs you are taking and your primary emergency contact name -- phone -- email etc.

When it comes to prescription drugs, you will need to disclose this information to the admissions office and advise your dorm director as well.

5. Choosing classes: While most freshman college students don’t know what they want to major in, it’s important to start thinking. The fact is you will need to select your major by year two [2] so look at all your options and explore various courses -- talk to professors and other students. The major you're considering might have perks including scholarships, and other aspects you never considered.

If you're not certain what you want to study in college, use this time to research those that sound the most interesting to you. This may save you time and money once you get to college by avoiding the numerous major switches that can plague undergrads and cost you time and money.

6. Sign up for new student orientation: Orientation sessions can fill up fast, and your school may have specific sessions for freshman students or your chosen major that you'll need to get into. If you're busy with sports, work, or vacation during the summer, make sure to register for orientation sooner rather than later to ensure you find a session you can attend.

New College Students:
College life can be exciting and it can also cause panic. Some students are natural at making new friends, while others not so much. Either way -- you really should check out student-social clubs and meet people. The worse thing for freshman students is feeling lonely and homesick. Let yourself become part of the college experience -- get involved -- get active and above all, remember you are not alone.
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New York Professional Soccer
02/16/18 08:36 PM
This Is Actually Funny

Can you imagine this cottage industry created because of cheating in soccer games -- and as a result, charging 595 British pounds for a pass to hear lectures -- a symposium I assume -- on soccer match fixing? That's about $834 for us Yanks to attend.

Here are the speakers:

Alfredo Lorenzo, Integrity Officer, LaLiga

Simon Barker – Assistant Chief Executive at the PFA, member of both the Sports Betting Group and Sports Betting Integrity Forum

Steven Flynn – sports/criminal barrister from St Johns Buildings, Manchester

Lorraine Pearman – Gambling Commission, Betting Integrity Programme Lead

All about Matchfixing.

Tackling match-fixing is the first conference dedicated exclusively to the phenomena of match manipulation and betting related match-fixing.

Here are the topics:

The Phenomena - Match Manipulation as a Criminal Offence/ Match Manipulation In between Criminal and Sport Discipline
Match-fixing – The criminal aspects
[****] and Match Manipulation
Match-fixing – On the institutional overlapping aspects and the co-existence in between Criminal and Sport Discipline
Detecting Match Manipulation / The Confederations’ Challenge
FIFA’s activities against Match Manipulation
What UEFA and the AFC are doing to combat Match-fixing
Legal Challenges and Legal Aspects in Tackling Match Manipulation
The Disciplinary Proceedings at UEFA in Match Manipulation cases
Match Manipulation - Legal Aspects yet to come for decision
Are we doing enough to fight Match -fixing? Can we do More?
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New York Professional Soccer
02/16/18 06:52 PM
Red Bulls Sign Kaku, Argentine Attacking Midfielder

The New York Red Bulls have completed the transfer of Argentine attacking midfielder Alejandro “Kaku” Romero Gamarra from Club Atletico Huracan pending receipt of his P-1 visa and ITC, the club announced today. Gamarra will be the first Young Designated Player in club history and occupy an international roster spot.

At 23, Gamarra is already in his fifth professional season. He signed with Club Atletico Huracan’s senior team in July of 2013, and made his professional debut in the second half of the 2014/15 season. He helped the club earn promotion to Argentina’s top division in 2015.

Kaku Wants To Bring an MLS Cup to New York

“We are very pleased to reach an agreement with all parties and complete this deal,” said Sporting Director Denis Hamlett. “When we identified Kaku, he quickly became our top off-season target. He fits the profile of the player we are looking for: highly skilled, creative, and hard-working. During our discussions, we realized that we are adding a good player and great young man to our team. We look forward to seeing him continue to grow as part of the New York Red Bulls.”

The Ciudadela, Argentina, native began his professional career with CA Huracan at age 18. Over four and a half seasons, Gamarra has appeared in 95 matches and recorded eight goals and 13 assists. In the first half of the 2017/18 season he tallied one goal and three assists in 12 matches over 822 minutes.

Family An Important Part of Kaku’s Move to Red Bulls

“Kaku is a very exciting player and a great person,” said Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch. “He is a creative, dynamic attacker who can change the game by scoring and setting up teammates. He has an excellent grasp of the game and I think he will thrive in our style of play. He is ecstatic to be joining us and we can’t wait to get to work.”

Alongside his club credentials, Gamarra has represented Argentina at youth levels through Under-20. He appeared in three matches during the 2015 U-20 World Cup, starting one.

Transaction: New York Red Bulls complete transfer of Alejandro Romero Gamarra from Club Atletico Huracan pending receipt of P-1 visa and ITC on February 16, 2018. Gamarra will occupy an international spot on the Red Bulls roster and count as a Young Designated Player.
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New York Professional Soccer
02/16/18 05:32 PM
Christian Pulisic 5'8" Dunking A Basketball

For real???
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New York Professional Soccer
02/16/18 01:03 PM
New Position: USMNT General Manager

A new position in the hierarchy of U.S. Soccer.

The GM will be the person selecting the U.S. MNT head coach.

And, there'll be a GM for the USWNT who will select the women's head coach.
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New York Professional Soccer
02/15/18 10:51 PM
The Delicate Balance: SUM, MLS & U.S. Soccer

Although the election to replace Sunil Gulati as president of U.S. Soccer is over, the delicate balance between SUM, MLS and U.S. Soccer remains an interesting question.
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New York Professional Soccer
02/15/18 10:28 PM
FIFA Demands From U.S. Corrupt Cash Collected

Defendants who have either entered guilty pleas, or who have been found guilty in U.S. federal courts involving FIFAGate corruption cases, have forked over to the U.S. authorities millions upon millions of dollars in fines and penalties..

FIFA is now claiming that it is entitled to its fair share of that money on the theory that FIFA was the victim of the corruption crimes and should be entitled to compensation.

You think???
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Tryouts & Practices
02/15/18 10:23 PM
BU2003 Goalie looking for team - south shore Nassau county
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/15/18 02:53 PM
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BOTN Main Message Board
02/15/18 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
[quote=Anonymous]Less expensive then alby and susa but need a new trainer

FYI. The Rebels coach is going there next year, taking his best players with him.

FYI. Stay where your at. Not needed.

Definitely not needed EM alot better than the last place record would indicate.

Alby has the better team. More talent record shows that.

Don't worry as soon as they age up to GDA that team will be split up too!

Starting up soon let’s see who makes their mark as the top team for spring.
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New York Professional Soccer
02/15/18 08:03 AM
Red Bulls 1-1 Draw vs Sporting KC In Preseason Match

The New York Red Bulls played to a 1-1 draw against Sporting Kansas City on Wednesday evening at the Kino Sports Complex in a preseason match in Tucson, Arizona behind a goal from Bradley Wright-Phillips.

With the first leg of the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League Round of 16 series against CD Olimpia just over a week away, Jesse Marsch pushed his starting group to a full 90 minutes, aside from midfielder Marc Rzatkowski, who played 75 minutes before being replaced by academy product Amando Moreno.

"The part about pushing guys for 90 minutes was really good," said Marsch. "Guys dug in. It wasn't easy, the field was heavy, but really happy with how much the guys put into it. I think from a fitness perspective we'll be closer and more ready to go for next week."

Midfield regular Felipe was not with the team on Wednesday. Felipe departed camp on Tuesday to be at home for the birth of his second child.

Rzatkowski saw his first extended game action after joining New York on loan from Red Bull Salzburg in January.

Wright-Phillips' goal came off of a broken play after a first-half corner kick. The ball fell for the Red Bulls striker and he was able to find the back of the net from outside the six-yard box.

The Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League series against CD Olimpia begins on Thursday, February 22 with a match at Costa Rica's Estadio Nacional. The return leg at Red Bull Arena is set for the following week, Thursday March 1, with an 8 p.m. ET kickoff.

Lineup: Luis Robles; Kemar Lawrence, Aurelien Collin, Aaron Long, Kemar Lawrence; Marc Rzatkowski (Amando Moreno, 75'), Tyler Adams ©, Danny Royer, Sean Davis, Derrick Etienne Jr., Bradley Wright-Phillips

Post-Game Quotes:

Jesse Marsch

On the game:
The part about pushing guys for 90 minutes was really good. Guys dug in. It wasn't easy, the field was heavy, but really happy with how much the guys put into it. I think from a fitness perspective we'll be closer and more ready to go for next week. And then yeah, there's a lot of little mistakes in there, a lot of little things that aren't perfect, but right now it's not going to be. It's going to be more about mentality, and making sure that we understand this is going to be about grinding out a result in Costa Rica, about committing to each other, about dealing with difficult moments and capitalizing on opportunities. We'll look at some things carefully, but we know that we have a lot of work to do yet and we'll make sure that we take some positives from today, look at some good things, and move forward in a good way.

On KC being a good match leading into CCL:
I think they gave us a really good match. It was combative at times, but there was also some good football at times. For sure when us and Kansas City play each other, we both have very aggressive tactics and it makes for a combative game. That will be good preparation for us. I think that still for the most part it was still a clean game which was good, and I think we got closer to where we want to be based on what we experienced tonight.

On the midfield tonight with Adams and Rzatkowski:
I thought [it was] pretty darn good. I thought that they were able to create a lot of turnovers through pressing and counter-pressing, and then were able to take some of those and turn them into advantages. We weren't quite sharp enough on our advantages but again that's normal this time of year, and I think it wound up being, at times, and up and down game because we were able to create those turnovers and get out on the run. You could see our guys are heavy. We had a good 75 minutes on Saturday, we turn it around and we have a really good 90 minutes today. We'll now ease off and make sure that they recover fully and make sure that when we go down to Costa Rica that in all ways we're ready to fly at them.

On roster flexibility and playing a 4-2-3-1:
I think, you know, we do have a comfort zone with different formations. We'll play another closed-door scrimmage tomorrow against Colorado and we'll play a different formation for that game. That's, I think, something that we've built into this group and they're clear on different roles and it's exciting to have a team that has a lot of tactical flexibility because you can use guys in different ways, you can look at matchups and you can really try to play to our strengths. I'm happy, you know when you have to crunch a preseason together so quickly, so many problems arise because you're not quite satisfied with the progression because you really have to speed everything but. That being said, I think what's most important is that the guys work hard every day, commit to it all the way, commit to each other, and they did that in a big way tonight, which we were very proud of.

Bradley Wright-Phillips:

On the match:
Yeah, it was good to get 90 minutes under your belt. I think we needed it. Obviously with a game coming up, we needed the 90 minutes. The guys pushed through. The first half wasn't too great, I didn't think we were too organized. We got to work in the second half and looked a bit better aside from conceding a goal.

On scoring:
I don't really look for goals in the preseason, I look for fitness. I think once you're fit, the goals will come. It's always nice to score a goal, but it's definitely not on my mind in preseason.

On formation flexibility and playing a 4-2-3-1:
Yeah I think the formation tonight, like I said first half it wasn't too... you could tell it was, we hadn't done it for a minute. It was a bit hard to get to grips with, and the personnel... after a while, we had a talk at halftime and I think we had a little more understanding. It just shows with the players we've got, and the kind of formations we can play with the players. I think all players and it showed tonight.

On Champions League:
First of all, it's recovering after today's game and then we train right. We have to get a few hard sessions in but you know we have to slow it down as we start nearing the game. I think we still need some hard sessions though, because it's going to be difficult over there and we need to be even fitter.
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New York Professional Soccer
02/14/18 10:21 PM
CONCACAF 2018 Champions League Schedule

The CONCACAF Champions League tournament winner qualifies for the 2018 FIFA Club World Cup hosted by the United Arab Emirates in December.

Below is the CONCACAF Champions League schedule for the five MLS teams in the Round of 16:
CONCACAF Champions League Schedule
Leg 1
Tuesday, Feb. 20
Colorado Rapids vs. Toronto FC, 10 p.m. ET
Wednesday, Feb. 21
Tauro FC vs. FC Dallas, 8 p.m. ET
Thursday, Feb. 22
CD Olimpia vs. New York Red Bulls, 10 p.m. ET
Santa Tecla FC vs. Seattle Sounders FC, 10 p.m. ET
Leg 2
Tuesday, Feb. 27
Toronto FC vs. Colorado Rapids, 8 p.m. ET
Wednesday, Feb. 28
FC Dallas vs. Tauro FC, 8 p.m. ET
Thursday, March 1
New York Red Bulls vs. CD Olimpia, 8 p.m. ET
Seattle Sounders FC vs. Santa Tecla FC, 10 p.m. ET
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