I was simply pointing out the fact that students should think carefully about the D1 college experiance because playing a D1 sport is very time consuming and results in a 'unique' college experiance and is one that is different than other kids attending the college and not playing a D1 sport. For some, the D1 experiance does indeed provide a very important disciplined backdrop that may indeed be necessary; but that is child dependent.

Many athletes that opt to go to a mid-tier D1 school opt out by their junior year for any number of reasons and decide instead to focus instead of having a broader college experiance from a social perspective. College club ball is played in a more relaxed and less competitive atmosphere and without nutty coaches and playing time issues.

I think too many folks seem to focus on the end all of scholorship money as opposed to considering the bigger picture of what one wants from their four years away from home. At the end of day, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but my view remains the best academic college experiance is found in D3 where there is more of a balance. This obviously assumes your kid goes to classes and does not spend 4 years partying their time away. Which, as an fyi, is petty impossible to do in the NESCAC schools due to their size and student body. On the other hand in large D1 schools it happens all to frequently.

With that said, I once again bid adios to the Board, subject to be risen from the grave by Boardlord.
Play soccer, live simple, die happy.