Reminder to our BOTN College Board Readers : While High School Varsity action swings into full gear during October, now is the time to get ready for your real showcasing which will start in mid-November with your club teams. Be sure to take an upcoming October weekend to be review that your student-athlete's player profile is up to date and that letters addressing college coaches inviting them to see your student-athlete play have been sent.

Check that the dates for upcoming College Board exams (SAT I/SAT II/ACT with writing) are set and you have registered as needed. Be sure that your Spring scheduling (particularly for Juniors) reserves those Saturdays where standardized tests are being issued.

Clearly, our senior class will be sending applications between now and January to the colleges of their choice. Junior class members should have their top ten academic and top ten athletic choices starting to take firm shape at this point; that list should include 30% stretch schools, 40% "expected schools", and 30% safety schools for those looking to balance college fit across those choices.

While school ball dominates the region's headlines right now, the showcasing action starts up again in November - right around the corner. Start your planning now in order to make the best use of the Fall/Spring recruiting windows.